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The Krasiya ski resort is famous for its significant history. During the era of the Soviet Union, a base called Lokomotiv operated here. The slopes of Krasiya were a gathering place for amateur and professional athletes not only from Uzhgorod and nearby towns and villages, but also from all over the Soviet Union. The older generation of skiers still remembers Krasiya with warmth, calling this resort Kostrino in accordance with the name of the village and railway station, located 7 km from the ski resort.

Slavske is one of the most popular ski resorts in Ukraine. It is located in the Lviv region, in a picturesque place on the slopes of Mount Trostyan. The resort offers more than 50 km of tracks of various levels of difficulty, as well as developed infrastructure. Ski resort Slavske is an ideal place for winter sports lovers. There are tracks for beginners, experienced skiers and snowboarders, as well as tracks for freeride and snow parks.

Discover the charm of a winter holiday in the heart of the Carpathians. Pylypets ski resort is a place where everyone can feel the warmth of mountain hospitality and unforgettable emotions from skiing and snowboarding. Pylypets ski resort is located in the picturesque Carpathians, Ukraine. It is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts, especially skiers and snowboarders. The resort offers a variety of skiing trails, from easy to difficult, and has good lifts and modern ski lifts. Pylypets is also known for its beautiful landscapes.

The Atlantis Cave is a unique karst cave located in Ukraine, Kamianets-Podilsky District, Khmelnytskyi Region, near the village of Zavalya. This cave is a geological natural monument of national importance. The total length of the cave is 7,493 meters, and its area is 3,120 square meters. The cave was opened in 1969 and today is under the jurisdiction of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Council for Tourism and Excursions, offering visitors unforgettable excursions to the world of underground wonders.

Not far from Przemyśl, in the village of Krasiczyn, in a picturesque park with exotic plants, there is one of the most charming castles in Poland – the Krasycki Castle, built between 1580 and 1631. This Renaissance-Baroque fortress impresses with its four exquisite towers: God’s Tower, Papal Tower, Royal Tower, Noble Tower. The castle walls are decorated with sophisticated decor in the sgraffito style. History shows that many kings and prominent personalities visited this magnificent place. We invite you to get acquainted with this unparalleled beauty

Przemyśl is one of the oldest cities of Galicia, which was the capital of a separate Russian principality. Before World War II, the city was an important center of Ukrainian cultural and church life. The history of this beautiful city on Syan has intertwined the destinies of the Polish and Ukrainian peoples, and it deserves the attention of Ukrainians to visit it and admire its beauty and history. What is worth seeing in Przemyśl: 11 interesting places.

Karpatia Water Park is the largest water park in western Ukraine. Enjoy life together with “Karpatiya” – a water park located in the heart of the Carpathians. Exciting attractions, interesting quests, a variety of entertainment for children and adults, a salt room, pools and thermal waters await you here. Experience the mythology of the Carpathians, which is waiting for you!

Prague is a city where every paving stone holds legends. Fascinating, cozy, it seems to be waiting for the traveler to plunge into its secrets. If you are looking for a fairytale destination where medieval castles and modern cafes intertwine in a harmonious dance, Prague is your ideal choice.

Ah, Paris! A city where the hearts of lovers beat in unison with the melody of street musicians, where every corner breathes history, and the cafe always smells of freshly baked croissant. Let’s go on an exciting journey to interesting places in the city on the Seine! Paris is not just a city. It’s a world in one city. It can be opened again and again, and each time it will be new, unknown, fascinating. Therefore, every trip here is a new chapter in your personal novel about Paris.

Discover Amsterdam – a city where tradition and modernity intertwine into an unforgettable dance, where every step leads to a new discovery. And soon you will feel that Amsterdam is not just a city, it is a whole universe, where every corner is special. From tranquil canals to the bustling city life at night, from ancient buildings to modern art installations, Amsterdam never ceases to amaze, entice and captivate with its secrets.

Tourist Berlin is not just a route, it is a real life path that will lead you to a treasury of memories, emotions and impressions. Berlin is a truly cosmopolitan city, attracting with its energy, friendliness and richness of cultural and historical places. Feel Berlin with your heart!

Are you looking for “tours to Warsaw from Ukraine”? Let’s immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of this magical city together! Warsaw suffered from the fascist regime during the war, but the indomitable will of the Poles led to its restoration. Today, the Old Town of Warsaw is the pride of UNESCO, because it is a striking example of restoration skills.

Milan is not just a city of fashion and design. This is also a city where history merges with modernity, where architectural masterpieces stand next to avant-garde buildings. The city is bursting with diversity and charming atmosphere, making it worth visiting to experience its unique spirit for yourself.

The city of Khust is a city in the Transcarpathian region in the west of Ukraine, on the border with Hungary and Romania. It is located at the foot of the Borzhava mountain range and has a rich history, culture and natural beauty that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. There are many interesting historical monuments here, among them: Hust castle (XIV century), synagogue (XIX century), St. Joseph’s church (XIX century), Museum of railway technology, Tegethof monument and others.

Krakow is one of the oldest cities and a pearl of the national cultural heritage not only of Poland, but of the whole of Europe. It is a city of Polish kings with an interesting centuries-old history and ancient architecture. This city is over a thousand years old. For many centuries, Krakow was the place of coronation of the kings of Poland. The royal road has been preserved to this day, and it begins at the Florian Gate and leads to Wawel Castle. The oldest part of Krakow – the Old Town – was surrounded by fortress walls, on the site of which now Planty is an original park.

Ancient, authentic, honorable and beautiful Verkhovyna. There are dozens of museums, beautiful manors and cottages, ancient churches… And all in the middle of the mighty Carpathians, mystical forests and streams and rivers as clean as a tear. And this is where the real Hutsuls live. Verkhovyna is undoubtedly the epicenter of museums. There are dozens of them here. But all of them are not the ones we are used to, but with a twist. If you are ever asked for advice on where to go on vacation, feel free to recommend Verkhovyna. Because here there is something to see, something to taste, feel and experience. As the residents of the Hutsul capital say, Verkhovyna is YO!

Polonyna Borzhava is a heavenly place that should be seen with your own eyes. Polonyna Borzhava is vast sunny expanses that provide magical reliefs and fabulous landscapes. Polonyna has an unusual landscape – many peaks with different vegetation and steep slopes compete with each other for supremacy in the mountain composition. It is impossible not to notice the top of Gemba, the famous Plai and Velikiy Verkh, on which a trigonometric geodetic center with a coordinate system is installed.

Rest in Ukraine will be of interest to absolutely everyone who takes advantage of their vacation to get to know it better. And you will not be disappointed at all with such an acquaintance. Just get ready for the fact that you will want to come here often, because tourist Ukraine is not a concept, but such an informative and fascinating world where you can enjoy mountains, lakes, seas, health resorts, historical and cultural monuments, beautiful and unique cities and even 21 reserves.

Chervonogorodsky castle | The place for the foundation of the fortification was chosen in the picturesque area of the Podilsk Mezhyhirya. Here the Juryn River flows in a valley surrounded by wooded hills. Flowing in the valley, the river forms an almost closed loop. In the center of this “loop” rises a high hill, and on it – Chervonogorod Castle. The river served as a good natural defense for the castle hill, as the channel, encircling the hill on three sides, created a serious obstacle in the way of the enemy.

Dzhurynsky waterfall is not only the highest (16m) plain waterfall in Ukraine, but also one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places in the Ternopil region. Dzhurynsky waterfall is a miracle that a mere mortal cannot describe in words. Several cascades and rushing water flows. The water rushes at great speed, creating a sea of foam, splash and incredible noise.

Yaremche is a well-known climatic and ski resort of Prykarpattia. This town can be called a green paradise. Rest in Yaremche will give you peace of mind and strengthen your body. Come to this beautiful region, you will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of nature and the inhabitants of the Carpathians.

Lake Synevyr (another name is Morske Oko) is the largest and most beautiful lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is spread between the mountains, among the spruce forest at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. It is located in the Mizhhirsky district of the Transcarpathian region, in the mountain massif of the Inner Gorgans. Synevyr Lake is considered the pearl of the Carpathians and is the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Park. Its water surface has an area of 4-5 hectares, the average depth ranges from 8 to 10 meters, and the maximum reaches 24 meters.

Shipit waterfall is located in a fabulously beautiful place. It is surrounded by a fragrant coniferous forest, silence and coolness. While walking in this beautiful place, you will hear the magical singing of birds, immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of the forest kingdom and suddenly hear the growing hum. This is the noise of Shipit waterfall. Its water jets burst from a 14-meter height, forming several magnificent cascades and dispersing the spray with a cloud of transparent drops. The views of tourists are truly fascinated by this unusual natural wonder.

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