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Discover Ukraine and the world with us – we are sure that our sightseeing tours from Uzhhorod will be an unforgettable experience for you, full of discoveries and adventures. Start your journey with the travel company “EtnoSvit” and enjoy all these amazing discoveries! Each of our excursions from Uzhgorod is a textbook of history and culture, an overview of fantastic natural landscapes and exquisite gastronomic tastes. Immerse yourself in this unforgettable journey with us, and you will see how the world opens before you in all its unparalleled beauty. We are waiting for you!

Tours from Uzhhorod

автобусний тур в Рим зі Львова
6 дн

Bus tour to Rome from Lviv for 6 days without night crossings
Price:  327 €

Похід до водоспаду Воєводин
1 день

Departure dateson Saturdays

Does not require skills and physical training
Price: 600 UAH

автобусна екскурсія на Синевир
1 день

Departure datesevery saturday

One-day excursion from Uzhhorod
Price: 750 UAH

Take an unforgettable trip to Ukraine from Uzhhorod: discover the magical world of Transcarpathia! Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, historical discoveries, or gastronomic tours, our tours from Uzhhorod offer you an unforgettable immersion in the unique world of Transcarpathia. Join us and discover the unexplored charms of this incredible region.

Excursions from Uzhgorod to Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia is a region that will delight you not only with the sparkling mountains of the Carpathians, but also with the wealth of cultural heritage, rich gastronomic tastes and mysterious mystical castles. Start your journey with “EthnoSvit” and enjoy our tours from Uzhgorod to Transcarpathia and all the amazing discoveries!

Our sightseeing tours from Uzhgorod start from the city of Uzhgorod itself. Ancient streets, an open-air historical museum, an influential synagogue, and an unforgettable cathedral are just the beginning. Uzhhorod welcomes you with the warm atmosphere of an old European city and prepares you for the magic of Transcarpathia from the very beginning.

Tours from Uzhhorod

Next, our tours will take you to the intoxicating vineyards of Berehova, where you will taste real Transcarpathian wine, experience the hospitality of local winemakers and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient winemaking traditions.

But you will not be able to feel the true spirit of Transcarpathia without visiting its castles. Whether it is the Nevitsky Castle, which stands proudly on a height, or the mysterious castle in Uzhhorod, they will surely enchant you with their history and legends.

Our excursions from Uzhhorod include a visit to the Chornohirsky Range, the highest point in Ukraine. Climb to the top of Hoverla and feel the breath of the mighty Carpathians! Here you will be able to feel an unforgettable union with nature, which will allow you to escape from the noise of the city and immerse yourself in a world of peace.

An equally interesting point of our excursion programs from Uzhgorod is a visit to the ecologically clean Lake Synevyr. It is considered the largest mountain lake in Ukraine. Here you can take a break from the road noise, feel the harmony and peace, admiring the crystal clear water and the picturesque mountains that surround it.

We are heading to the Shipitsky waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Ukraine. Feel the power of nature while listening to the rushing sound of water falling from a height.

We travel to the village of Iza, where you will visit a unique exhibition of vine products. This amazing place demonstrates the richness of the traditional art of Transcarpathia, where wickerwork has turned from a craft into a real art.

And by visiting the Karpaty sanatorium, which is located in the heart of the picturesque mountains, you can feel the healing power of mineral waters, visit health-improving procedures, or simply enjoy rest in the environment of pure nature.

Mukachevo is famous for its medieval Palanok castle. Its walls offer a wonderful view of the city and its surroundings. After the historical tour, you can enjoy authentic dishes in local cafes and restaurants.

Also visit the “Stuzhitsa” nature reserve in the Uzhan National Park. This unique place with impressive panoramas is a refuge for rare species of animals and plants.

Excursions from Uzhgorod to Transcarpathia

Our excursion from Uzhhorod invites you to the village of Kolochava, where you will visit the open-air museum “Stare Selo”. Here you can immerse yourself in the life of Transcarpathian Hutsuls of past centuries, get to know their customs and everyday life.

On our tours from Uzhhorod, we often visit Vynohradovo. This town is famous not only for its vineyards, but also for its castle from the 14th century, an impressive Gothic church, and cozy streets that go on eternal journeys to the horizon.

In the village of Zhdenievo, you can learn more about Hutsul traditions, folk music, handicrafts and even try real Hutsul borscht.

On our trip, we cannot pass by the village of Solotvino. The salt lakes of this region have healing properties, and you can enjoy healing treatments here while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Finally, our journey from Uzhhorod will take us to Rakhiv, the capital of the Carpathians. Known for its mountain scenery, this city is also famous for its gastronomy. Try real Carpathian borscht, banosh or delicious Carpathian cheeses right here.

The mountain river Tisza offers you many opportunities for outdoor activities, including fishing, canoeing or simply relaxing on the bank overlooking the rushing river.

Visit the village of Lumshory, famous for its unique vats. Here you can relax and recharge your batteries by immersing yourself in hot mineral waters.

Yes, with us you will experience all the beauty and diversity of Transcarpathia. You will experience all shades of its unique color: from mountain peaks to vineyards, from ancient castles to modern gastronomic finds. Our excursion tours from Uzhgorod give you the opportunity to discover this unique corner of the world in all its grandeur and beauty. The experience you will get will definitely be unforgettable! Transcarpathia is waiting for you!

Bus tours from Uzhhorod abroad

Travel experience is always something special. And if you live in Uzhhorod or are here on vacation, you have a unique opportunity to go on an exciting trip abroad on a bus tour. Our tours from Uzhhorod will offer you interesting countries, exciting adventures and new experiences.

Our geographical location on the western edge of Ukraine makes it possible to easily and quickly reach many European countries. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania – all this can be visited as part of our “excursions from Uzhhorod”.

Bus tours from Uzhhorod abroad

Traveling by bus is not only comfortable and convenient, but also allows you to see more incredible scenery. Our buses are equipped with everything you need for comfortable travel, so you can relax and enjoy the trip.

Fascinating ancient castles of Poland, picturesque mountains of Slovakia, exotic thermal springs of Hungary, colorful Romanian villages – you can visit all this by choosing our “tours from Uzhhorod”.

This is a great opportunity to discover new places, get to know different cultures, try unusual dishes and, of course, take incredible photos.

So, don’t waste time, discover new horizons in our sightseeing tours from Uzhhorod to Europe! Such bus trips will open you to new cultures, show you new places and give you many unforgettable experiences.