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Tired of the black and white winter and looking forward to the first spring colors? Do you want to gain positivity and regain strength? Then our flower tours are for you! Flower tours from TC “EtnoSvit” are a unique opportunity to see how spring comes!


автобусний тур в Нідерланди
6 дн

Bus tour to the Netherlands from Lviv for 6 days without overnight transfers
Price: from  315 €

Why should you go on flower tours?

Only once a year you can observe incredible landscapes: a carpet of primroses in the spring forest, a snow-white valley of daffodils in the Carpathians, a colorful steppe in the south of the country, apple blossoms in Krolevka and delicate cherry blossoms in Uzhhorod. It’s worth seeing! And that’s why we developed the best excursion programs and called them FLOWER TOURS IN UKRAINE.

Flowering of crocuses / Flower tours in Ukraine

Everyone dreams of visiting the famous Narcissus Valley in Transcarpathia. With our bus tours, you will make your trip to the Carpathians truly unforgettable. After all, you will not only be able to admire the first spring flowers, but also visit an ancient castle, a palace, Lake Synevyr and experience the thermal waters of Transcarpathia.

Our flower tours in Ukraine will take you to the valley of tulips and white snowdrops. You will see the Valley of crocuses – saffron, visit a field of garden tulips near Chernivtsi and more!

The flowering of saffron in the Carpathians is a fantastically beautiful natural phenomenon that tourists from Ukraine and many countries of the world go to see. Unfortunately, Ukrainians themselves still know little about this miracle. And in vain – it is worth coming to Transcarpathia for the short-lived flowering of crocus. Our flower tours are designed for this.

cherry blossoms in Transcarpathia / FLOWER TOURS IN UKRAINE

Cherry blossom tours in Uzhgorod are a bestseller among tour operators working in this direction. Every year, more and more people go to Uzhhorod for a beautiful spring.

Flower tours in Ukraine

Often we pay attention to the beauty of nature and landscapes of other countries, not paying attention to unique places in Ukraine. Unfortunately, few people know about the natural wealth of our country. But there is good news: we have pristine meadows covered with rare plants, with graceful forms and delicate beauty. Spring is the time of flowering. Therefore, we invite you to our flower tours in Western Ukraine. You will have an incredible opportunity to see April’s beauty in its natural environment. Such events happen only once a year and last for several weeks. Although a bouquet of flowers will “live” only a few days in a vase, the emotions and memories of this unforgettable experience will remain with you forever. Join our flower tours and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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