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One-day tours from Kyiv are specially developed excursion programs for those who want to visit interesting places of Ukraine within one day. One-day excursions from Kyiv allow you to spend your free time as effectively as possible, learning more about various sights of the country.

One-day tours from Kyiv to Ukraine | One-day excursions from Kyiv

One-day excursions from Kyiv

We invite you to one-day excursions from Kyiv. This is a great opportunity to change the environment, recharge with energy and impressions, without going far. Our one-day programs include walking tours, bus trips, and rail tours.

Excursion itineraries also differ by theme: gastronomic and industrial, ecological and historical, for adults and children – you can find a one-day program for any taste.

You can do a lot in one day – the excursion program in such one-day tours is usually full and very exciting!

Tickets can be purchased on the website any day while there are places on the tour. This makes it possible to plan for a long time ahead, as well as for spontaneous trips.

One-day tours from Kyiv to Ukraine

One-day tours from Kyiv occupy one of the leading places in the list of tours in Ukraine, which are organized by the ETNOSWIT travel company. As a rule, departures take place on weekends. Therefore, you can also use the WEEKEND TOURS category to search for tours.

One-day tours from Kyiv to Ukraine | One-day excursions from Kyiv

One-day excursions from Kyiv

What are the advantages of one-day excursions from Kyiv ? Of course, it is a low price, saving time and a short distance to tourist attractions. In addition, one-day excursions have a specific purpose. For example, several of our excursions from Kyiv are aimed at introducing you to the parks and nature reserves of Ukraine.

When organizing one-day tours from Kyiv, travel agencies and managers take into account the following aspects:

  • Development of the optimal route, which involves visiting key attractions and ensuring a comfortable transfer between them.
  • Providing information about visited attractions, including their historical context, architectural features and cultural significance.
  • Provision of transportation, meals and other services that may be required during the trip.

Day tours from Kyiv can include visits to popular places such as Chernihiv, Uman, Mezhihirya, as well as various castles, monasteries, national parks and nature reserves. They are usually planned to take into account the interests of different age groups and tastes, which allows every tourist to find something to his taste.

Despite the difficult economic and political situation in the country, we believe that tourism is the promising link in the economy that can “pull” the country out of a difficult situation. Therefore, we are working hard to develop new tourist routes, including for one-day tours and excursions in Ukraine.

A one-day excursion to Chernobyl is in high demand . Another category, namely, tours of Kyiv , mostly refers to one-day tours. We are conducting planned work on excursions in Kyiv, and in the near future you will see many new offers on the website.

By contacting our professional tourism managers, you get a guarantee of quality rest, excellent service and unforgettable impressions from unique places of Ukraine. We are waiting for you in our best one-day tours in Ukraine!

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