The ski resort Krasiya is located in a quiet, picturesque gorge, in the village of Vyshka, Velykobereznyansky district in Transcarpathia, 65 km from the city of Uzhgorod. Ski slopes stretch on the northern slope of Mount Krasiya, rising 1036 meters above sea level. The Krasiya ski resort is famous for its significant history.

During the era of the Soviet Union, a base called Lokomotiv operated here. The slopes of Krasiya were a gathering place for amateur and professional athletes not only from Uzhgorod and nearby towns and villages, but also from all over the Soviet Union. The older generation of skiers still remembers Krasiya with warmth, calling this resort Kostrino in accordance with the name of the village and railway station, located 7 km from the ski base.

Ski resort Krasiya is a little Switzerland in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians!

The Krasiya ski resort usually begins its work from the first days of winter and continues to receive visitors until mid-spring, it all depends on weather conditions. When there is not enough natural snow on the slopes for comfortable skiing, a modern artificial snowmaking system comes to the rescue. Snow cannons located along the slopes cover the slopes with loose artificial snow, which is then leveled by special machines.

The wide slopes of the Krasiya resort provide enough space for everyone to enjoy extreme winter activities, and the optimal number of vacationers allows you to avoid long queues at the ski lifts and rental points.

Ski resort Krasiya: slopes and lifts

The slopes of the Krasiya ski resort offer a variety that will satisfy both beginners and experienced amateurs and professional athletes. High-level competitions are regularly held on these slopes, in particular the Ukrainian Alpine Ski Championships, and the slopes themselves are certified in accordance with FIS world standards. During the Soviet Union, Krasiya was famous for hosting downhill competitions.

In addition, on the territory of the Krasiya ski resort there is one of the longest slopes in Ukraine, 3500 meters long and with a height difference of 600 meters. For freeride lovers, Krasiya offers charming forest glades where dense emerald fir trees are a delight to the eye.

Ski resort Krasiya map of slopes and lifts

The Krasiya ski resort is equipped with two chairlifts and one Doppelmaer drag lift. Lift No. 1 is a two-seater chairlift, next to which is the blue run No. 1, ideal for beginners. Above lift No. 1 there is a modern four-seater lift No. 2, next to which there is an amateur track No. 2. Lift No. 2 rises almost to the top of Mount Krasiya, where you can see the old single chairlift, a remnant of the Lokomotiv tourist base.

This old chairlift is not included in the ski pass payment system of the Krasiya ski resort. At the top of the mountain there are several tracks, including “Slalom”, “Giant” and “Lyubitelskaya”, serviced by the “plate” drag lift from the Doppelmaer company.

Resort infrastructure

At the lower station of the Krasiya ski resort there is an equipment rental office, a ticket office for purchasing tickets and a restaurant for recreation and meals. There is also a ski school here, where anyone can use the services of a qualified instructor. Cafes and food stations are also available at the transfer between the first and second lifts, where guests can have a snack and relax.

The Krasiya ski resort is equipped with a modern artificial snowmaking system that ensures stable snow cover on the slopes. Snow cannons and rifles are used on the slopes, and the slopes are carefully prepared with the help of snowcats – special machines that care for the snow cover.

Around the Krasiya ski resort there are many hotels offering comfortable accommodation and high-level hospitality.

Ski resort Krasiya

Ski and snowboard equipment rental

If you don’t have your own ski or snowboard equipment, don’t worry – you can always rent it. Ski and snowboard equipment rental at the Krasiya resort is located to the left of the ticket office. Qualified rental staff will provide you with all the necessary advice to select the ideal equipment, taking into account your level of training and personal advantages, so that your holiday will be as enjoyable as possible.

There are different categories of equipment available for rental: for professionals, amateurs and beginners. The ski equipment set includes skis with bindings, ski boots and poles. For snowboarders, boards with fasteners and snowboard boots are offered.

To rent equipment, you must pay the rental price and leave a deposit – cash, in the amount of the cost of a set of equipment, or an important document (conditions are discussed with rental employees). The deposit is returned to the client upon return of undamaged equipment. In the event of a complete or partial breakdown of the equipment, the client is obliged to reimburse losses for repairs or for the purchase of new equipment.

If you don’t know how to ski or snowboard, you can always contact the instructors of the Krasiya ski school – they will teach you the basics and help you use the equipment correctly.

Please note that if the client wishes to return the equipment before the specified rental period, the rental price will not be refunded.

Holidays at the Krasiya resort

The Krasiya ski resort not only charms visitors with its varied gentle slopes, but also offers a wide range of active recreation. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the resort offers hiking excursions into the mountains, ATV and snowmobile trips, as well as paragliding and hot air ballooning, which will offer you a different perspective on the beauty of the Carpathians.

Winter holidays at the ski resort Krasiya

Krasiya is not just a place for lovers of active recreation and extreme sports. It is also an oasis of silence, peace and inspiration. Here you can find inner harmony while relaxing in the lap of nature. If you come with your family, then at the ski resort you can ride horses and have fun going down the mountains on a sleigh or cheesecake.

In addition to active recreation, Krasiya also offers more relaxing options for spending time. For your attention – baths, saunas, vats, which will help you relax and recuperate after a busy day. If you prefer games, you can rent a billiard table or play table tennis at the New Season hotel complex.

To truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Carpathians, we recommend choosing accommodation at the resort, be it a hotel or a private house. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunset in the Carpathians by going out onto your balcony in the evening. The online camera service is also convenient, allowing you to check the weather conditions on Krasiya and the size of the queues for the ski lifts from home.

Accommodation at the ski resort Krasiya

The Krasiya ski resort has a wide variety of housing offers. Here you can find private hotels, cozy houses and picturesque mountain houses. Some of the most popular places to stay are Teremok Krasiya, Krasiya New Season, Pearl of Krasiya, Alpen House Krasiya, Zolotoy Klyuchik Krasiya, Ertash Estate and Zolotaya Modrina.

When booking accommodation at the Krasiya ski resort, you should pay attention to the location of the chosen place. Most hotels and estates are located in the village of Vyshka. However, there are many accommodation options directly on the mountain, next to ski lift No. 2. If you plan to arrive in the evening, remember that Lift 2 is open until 16:30, so you may be transported to your accommodation by SUV. We recommend contacting the owner of your chosen property in advance.

Ski resort Krasiya accommodation

Accommodation prices at the Krasiya ski resort vary. There are both more budget-friendly and more convenient options at a higher price. Choose what best suits your needs and budget. Regardless of your choice, a vacation on Krasiya promises to be no less high-quality, but at the same time more affordable compared to resorts such as Bukovel, Pylypets, Slavske or Dragobrat.

Advantages of the Krasiya ski resort

In a quiet, picturesque gorge, in the village of Vyshka, Velikobereznyansky district in Transcarpathia, 65 km from the city of Uzhgorod, the Krasiya ski resort is located. This resort has many advantages that make it an ideal place for a winter holiday.

The longest route in Ukraine

One of the main advantages of the resort is its longest track in Ukraine, which is 3.5 km long. This piste is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders. The track is well lit, so you can ride even in the evening.

Snowmaking system

Krasiya has a modern artificial snowmaking system, which allows skiing even with insufficient natural snow. This makes the resort accessible to visit at any time of winter.

Developed infrastructure

The resort has everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are 2 chairlifts, a drag lift, ski equipment rental, a kindergarten, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other facilities.

Magical nature

The resort is located in a picturesque area among mountains, forests and rivers. Here you can enjoy clean air, beautiful views and wonderful ecology.

Krasiya is an ideal place for those who want to spend an unforgettable winter holiday in Ukraine. Here you can not only ski and snowboard, but also enjoy the beauty of nature and developed infrastructure.

Here are some additional arguments that can be used to market the Krasiya resort:

  • The resort Krasiya is located near the border with Hungary, making it an attractive destination for tourists from Europe.
  • The resort offers a wide range of services and entertainment, making it attractive for families with children.
  • Ski resort Krasiya is environmentally friendly, which meets current trends in tourism.

Thanks to these advantages, the Krasiya resort has every chance of becoming one of the most popular ski resorts in Ukraine.

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