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SKI TOURS. We offer bus ski tours to the Carpathians from Kyiv and Lviv to the winter resorts of Bukovel and Dragobrat. Cheap and profitable from EthnoSvit! Regular weekly guaranteed departures.

SKI TOURS 2023-2024 from Kyiv and Lvov

Ski tours in the Carpathians – Bukovel, Dragobrat from Kyiv and Lvov | Winter holidays 2023-2024 in the ski resorts of Ukraine

Ski tours

Fans of enjoying winter holidays are invited to visit the ski resorts of Ukraine. Experts spoke about the main advantages of winter holidays in ski resorts. According to them, active winter recreation has a positive effect not only on the general well-being of a person, but also on his emotional state. Playing sports in the fresh frosty air gives a good mood, and also strengthens the immune system and promotes weight loss.

We invite everyone to visit ski tours in Ukraine from Kyiv, Lvov and other cities from the company EtnoSvit!

Great deals on ski tours! Rest in the ski resorts of Ukraine and Europe, the best pricing policy. Rich and pre-planned trips to the most popular ski resorts.

Тури на Драгобрат з Києва / ДРАГОБРАТ НА ВИХІДНІ
5 дн

Departure dates 2024 22.02 / 29.02 / 07.03 / 14.03 / 21.03 / 28.03...

Regular bus ski tour to the Carpathians for 3 days of skiing
Price: from 6470 UAH

Буковель на вихідні / Буковель на выходные
BUKOVEL FOR THE WEEKEND from Kyiv (3 days of skiing)
5 дн

Departure dates 22.02 / 29.02 / 07.03* / 14.03 / 21.03 / 28.03

Regular ski tour to Bukovel for the weekend, departure from Kyiv on Thursdays
Price: from 4850 UAH

тур в Буковель на будние дни / Тур в Буковель на будні дні
Tour to Bukovel for 4 days from Kyiv
6 дн

Departure dates: 25.02 / 03.03 / 10.03 / 17.03 / 24.03 / 31.03

Tour to Bukovel
Tour price5550 UAH

Горнолыжный тур на Драгобрат из Харькова поездом
Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv + Hutsul fun
4 дн

Tour dates: 22.02 / 14.03

Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv
Price:  UAH 2595

Екскурсійно-лижний тур на Буковель зі Львова / Экскурсионно-лыжный тур на Буковель из Львова
Bukovel: skiing, sledding and Hutsul fun | from Lviv
4 дн

Departures: 22.02 / 14.03

Trip to Bukovel and Hutsul region for 4 days
Price:  UAH 2595

ski tours from Kyiv and Lvov

Winter tours to the ski resorts of the Carpathians

Fans of enjoying winter holidays are invited to visit the ski resorts of Ukraine. For connoisseurs of domestic Ukrainian tourism, we offer tours to the Carpathians to the ski resorts of Ukraine. Tourist trips around Ukraine in winter time organized by us are mainly ski tours in Bukovel, on Dragobrat and other ski resorts of the Carpathians. The advantage of such tours is a relatively inexpensive vacation. For the convenience of tourists, our tours are divided into: weekend skiing, weekday skiing, and a weekly tour.

We organize ski tours to the Carpathians from Kyiv and Lvov,

as well as from cities located along the route – Zhytomyr, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, etc. Tourists are offered a wide choice of accommodation: from the economy option in private cottages to deluxe rooms in the best hotels. The tour programs include a wide variety of thematic excursions, in them you will find answers to many questions: tours to the Carpathians for the New Year, children’s holidays in the Carpathians, holidays in the Carpathians, cottages, spa holidays in the Carpathians, holidays in the Carpathians for the weekend, vip holidays in the Carpathians, hot tours, tours to Bukovel from Kyiv, tours and holidays in Transcarpathia, etc.

Pricing policy of our company

– one of the most democratic in the domestic tourism market. We invite you to see for yourself by visiting one of our ski tours.

Ski tours in the CarpathiansSki tours in Bukovel (Carpathians)

Conducting regular ski tours in Bukovel is our long-standing tradition. For many years we have “dashed off” the scheme of bus tours from Kyiv and Lvov to Bukovel. This ski season, we did not change traditions and continue to conduct cyclical ski tours to the famous Ukrainian winter resort Bukovel.

What does cyclical ski tours mean?

This means that our tours are divided by the number of days of skiing into three-day, four-day and seven-day tours. Three-day ski tours – departure from Kyiv on Thursdays, skiing days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Four-day ski tours to Bukovel – departure from Kyiv on Sundays, skiing days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. A seven-day tour is, in fact, a total check-in for a three-day plus four-day tour. In this case, you go on tour with one group (3-day tour) and return with the next (4-day tour) group. Thus, a closed cycle is obtained, which, by the way, allows the tourist to rest for a greater number of days, corresponding to the 3 + 4 cycle. For example, 3+4+3+4+3=17 days of skiing.

In the same way, we organize bus ski tours to Dragobrat from Kyiv and Lvov.

Ski tours to Dragobrat are:

› the highest mountain resort in Ukraine;
› the most extreme ski resort in Ukraine;
› Presence of stable snow cover from November to May;
› it is a real paradise for skiers and snowboarders;
› rest for people in love with mountains;
› a place where you can meet a real winter fairy tale.

Winter tours in the Carpathians

We decided to check for ourselves what it is – a real active winter holiday in the Carpathians. Having gone to Bukovel, a well-known, as it is now fashionable to say, already promoted ski resort in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. But experienced tourists advised: believe me, good people, fortunately, not only Bukovel now lives, this blessed land. There are many equally interesting places on the map of the Carpathian region where you can have a good rest. In addition, at anti-crisis prices … Read the article “Winter holidays in the Carpathians” in full →

Ski tours to the Carpathians from KyivBenefits of ski tours:

Ski tours in the Carpathians in winter

As fitness instructors say, playing any sport or active game in the fresh air activates brown fat in the body, which burns calories. Thus, a person loses weight much faster compared to exercising in the gym.
Despite the fact that solar activity is lower in winter than in summer, when exposed to direct rays, a person receives a full dose of vitamin D, which is useful for maintaining immunity.
According to experts, it is not often possible to meet with friends at work and household chores, so spending a joint vacation will be a good way out of the situation. Moreover, on trips, new acquaintances are often made, which can also be useful.
A person has the opportunity to learn to ski, snowboard or do other winter sports. This will bring not only pleasure, but will also help burn fat.
In winter, people rarely have the opportunity to make a real fire and warm themselves by an open fire. At the end of a long frosty day, this will be a great way to relax.
As experts say, people rarely get out into nature for work and household chores. Therefore, they recommend taking a walk in the snowy forest or other favorite places to enjoy the beauty of winter. Moreover, the cold stimulates the body to produce more heat, resulting in an active production of endorphins.

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