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Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv

Departure dates: 19.05, 02.06, 09.06, 16.06, 23.06, 30.06, 07.07, 14.07, 21.07, 28.07, 04.08, 11.08, 18.08, 25.08, 01.09, 08.09, 15.09, 22.09, 29.09, 06.10…

26 excursions in 7 days!

Price:  from UAH4300

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Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv

One-week tour to the Carpathians: You will visit the most interesting places of rest in the Carpathians – Hoverlu and Hymbu mountains, Dovbusha rocks, Synevyr lake, Bukovel resort, and taste local beer and cheese. And all this – among the incredible beauty of mountain peaks, castles, lakes, waterfalls! A popular and favorite tour to the Carpathians for a week from the travel company EtnoSvit!


Cost: Price of a tour without meals: UAH 4300
Price of a tour with meals: UAH 6400
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Departure dates: 19.05, 02.06, 09.06, 16.06, 23.06, 30.06, 07.07, 14.07, 21.07, 28.07, 04.08, 11.08, 18.08, 25.08, 01.09, 08.09, 15.09, 22.09, 29.09, 06.10…
Departure: Lviv, square Dvirtseva, 1, Railway station
Residence: 1-3 nights – in hotels in the village Pylypets;
4-6 nights – in hotels in the village Yasinya
Food: Choice of: with 2 meals a day or without meals.
Transport: A comfortable Euro-class tourist bus with 50 seats
МТ Tour code: 81771
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

The tour program shows approximate times. The company reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent ones. The company is not responsible for possible road delays and weather conditions.


Departure from Lviv (09:00) – sq. Dvirtseva, 1, Railway station.


The rocks of Dovbush in the Ukrainian Carpathians are the largest rock massif. They lie at an altitude of 668 meters above sea level. The height of the rocks reaches from 20 to 60 meters. Three caves are hollowed out in the rocks, there are remains of a stone vault, there are traces of a well, a shaft and a ditch. It is known that these caves were previously used as a rock monastery, and later had defensive significance. Today, Dovbusha rocks are a well-promoted brand. Thousands of tourists come here. These places are declared protected and hunting is prohibited here.

Free time, lunch

Excursion to Tustan fortress

The Tustan reserve includes: a complex of Kamin rocks (Ostry Kamin, Mala Skelya, Zholob) and rocks territorially adjacent to the Voronovo ridge, the area adjacent to these rocks with cultural layers from the earliest times to the Middle Ages, a defense system (multi-row ditches and ramparts ) of the Tustan rock complex, hydrostructure (dam) in the “Ponds” tract, land on which natural monuments are located.
Tustan is a unique monument of history and architecture of the 9th-13th centuries, which has no analogues in Europe. This is a place where history can be turned back and become part of the culture of the Ukrainian Middle Ages.

Check-in at the hotel, dinner.

Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv


“Soym” mineral waters

It is believed that the Soimiv Spring is endowed with healing powers, and its uniqueness has no equal. The mineral waters of this place were successfully used not only for pleasant bathing, but also as an effective treatment for various ailments. Water contains numerous minerals, including iron and calcium. Despite its exotic taste, “Soymy” does not lose its value and attractiveness.

Excursion to Lake Synevyr

Located almost a kilometer above the sea, Lake Synevyr attracts with its mystery. This Carpathian diamond is rightfully considered the crown of the Carpathians, and is also known as the Carpathian Sea Eye. Approximately 10 thousand years ago, as a result of an earthquake, this natural wonder was formed, into which three mountain streams merge, thus maintaining a stable water balance. The lake is deep – up to 24 meters, and its area reaches almost 5 hectares.
Lake Synevyr is home to several species of trout, but fishing is prohibited. Swimming in the lake is also not allowed, and in summer the water does not exceed 10-12°C.
Expressive mahogany sculptures decorating the lake repeat the story of two lovers: Vira and Xin. According to legend, their names became the basis for the name of the lake. The height of this monument of love reaches 13 meters.
Visiting Synevir once will leave you wanting to come back again, especially if you are a hiking enthusiast. Discover the incredible beauty of this place, create your own legend, as many generations before you did, who left a piece of their heart here forever.

Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv

Rehabilitation Center for Brown Bears “Synevyr”

Synevyr is a rehabilitation center for brown bears, which occupies 12 hectares of picturesque forest with mountain rivers and waterfalls. The main mission of this place is to help brown bears that have become victims of cruel treatment or were kept in captivity without proper conditions.
At the beginning of their new life, the bears spend time in enclosures, but after providing the necessary treatment, they are released into a specially equipped natural environment. For those who do not feel the desire to furnish their own housing, the center provides 28 ready-made dens. These “houses” are covered with wooden logs and insulated with dry leaves and hay below. At the moment, there are 18 bears in the rehabilitation center.

Ecopark “Valley of Wolves”

During your trip to Lake Synevyr, you will come across a sign that will show you the way to the ecopark where the wolf cubs live. This park is home to wolves of all ages and breeds, including the black Canadian wolf, the white arctic wolf, and the Carpathian gray wolf. According to the latest estimates, eight adult wolves and six young wolf cubs live in the ecopark.

Time for lunch

Excursion to Kolochava

One must have a deep love and pride for one’s native land in order to place as many as 10 museums in a small village. You will not find such a feature in any corner of Ukraine, except for Kolochava, which is picturesquely spread among wide meadows and majestic lush forests. Don’t be surprised when, around the next turn of the narrow path, a monument, or a memorial sign, or even a church catches your eye. Because there are really many of them here. And do not be surprised that the village has absorbed the traditions and history of the Hutsuls, Boiks and Lemks, and gladly opens these riches to everyone who seeks knowledge.




Hike to Shipit waterfall

The Shipit waterfall is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, it stands proudly on the northern slopes of the Borzhavsky Polony massif, near the foot of Mount Hymba, in the village of Pylypets. Its beauty fascinates every visitor. It captivates with its water spectacle throughout the year, even in winter, when the overhanging rocks are covered with snow. The name “Whisper” comes from the word “whisper” because, regardless of the distance, you can hear the echo of falling water, and this sound resembles a whisper. In this place, one feels a special isolation from the outside world. Here you forget about all your troubles, under the influence of the roar of water, which seems to wash away all anxiety from you, leaving you face to face with the power of nature and a round dance of cascades that whisper: “Hissip… Hissip…”.

Ascent on the lift to Mount Gimba

In Polish, the word “gemba” means “lip”. And indeed, the mountain resembles the shape of a lip. From it, you can observe countless panoramas of Borzhavska poloniny, which includes Gimba itself. Routes for tourists and skiers run through this mountain. Eight ski lifts operate on its slopes, allowing even the most leisurely traveler to easily reach the top.

Tasting of local liqueurs

Get ready for a hot immersion in the world of flavors and aromas during your visit to Pylypts in Transcarpathia. Homemade liqueurs prepared by creative local owners await us in this picturesque village. Blueberry liqueur has a special place among them, due to the abundance of this forest berry in the region, it is considered one of the most refined and recognized.

Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv

Free time, recreation options in the Carpathians:

If you have energy left after the main program of our tour, you will have the opportunity to try additional activities that we recommend:

– Adrenaline quad biking in Pylypka. I am sure you will enjoy this exciting adventure pastime.

– A paragliding flight from Mount Hymba is an impressive opportunity to observe the beauty of the Carpathians from a bird’s-eye view.

– An active hike to the top of Vysoky Verkh mountain, the height of which exceeds 1.2 km above sea level.

– Relaxation bathing in the vats in Pylypka for maximum pleasure and health.

– Visiting the bathhouse in Pylypka is another great opportunity to get complete rest and recharge your batteries.


Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv


Deer farm in Iza

A unique and one-of-a-kind farm in Ukraine where deer and roe deer live. More than one hundred and fifty of these cute animals attract many tourists every year. Indeed, it is impossible not to admire these graceful and sociable creatures, which often become the stars of photo sessions. It would be wrong to deny them their favorite delicacy – crackers or just a piece of bread.

Thermal pool in Velyatino “Warm Waters”

The thermal complex in Velyatin is one of the most visited places for relaxation in the Carpathians, known for its healing properties. Its baths are filled with water rich in bromine and iodine, which help to calm the body. The mineral composition of this water exceeds 100 grams per liter, which is much more than in sea water. People come here for rest, relaxation and health, even from other countries to enjoy these warm waters that are taken from deep wells in Velyatin.

Time for lunch

Geographical center of Europe

There are many centers of Europe in Ukraine and outside of it, this ever-young Europe is quite changeable, restless… But it is this heartland near the village of Dilove, measured (I want to say “dreamed”) by a special and ultra-precise Austro-Hungarian device in the pre-war year 1887… Therefore, there is no need to doubt, after all, you don’t want to… Here, right here!

Check-in. Dinner.

Climbing Hoverla / Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv


Hiking in the Carpathians. Climbing Hoverla (snack at the top)

Who does not know what is the highest mountain of Ukraine? The answer is obvious to everyone, it is Mount Hoverla! The journey to the top, which exceeds two thousand meters, passes through crystal clear mountain deposits, monolithic high firs, low-growing mountain pines, a variety of berries and mushrooms, as well as numerous rare plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book. This journey becomes an impressive and unforgettable adventure. If you’re lucky, you’ll not only encounter diverse flora, but also amazing fauna, and you might even be able to capture it on camera. And the views that open from the top – lakes, villages, forest areas… and those that belong not only to Ukraine, but also to Romania! I am sure that this trip will remain in your memory forever, it will help you feel a second wind.




Excursion to Hutsul region

Tour to the Carpathians for a week from LvivHutsul region and Hutsuls are a colorful phenomenon of our country. They have long been famous for their bright clothes and unique folk customs, which people from all over the world come to see. The mountains left their mark on the subethnos in character and habits. Hutsuls are extremely hospitable and cheerful people, come and see for yourself!

House-museum of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”

Founded at the turn of the ages, the museum serves as a unique tribute to the Ukrainian poetic cinema of the last century. The workers of this museum, like the Carpathian gold seekers, extracted from the world’s memory a piece of the history of the great film adventure. Simple people, unsurpassed talents and real geniuses are merged here. Folk antiques and advanced methods of expression of that time. Having received numerous international awards, the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” continues to fascinate the audience.

Polonynska House-stay

Stepping on the beautiful meadows in late summer, you will discover the world of shepherd life. In ancient times, sheep grazing was the main occupation for the Hutsuls, instead, over time, cheese making and wool shearing turned into a less profitable business, but traditions are still tightly intertwined with their daily life… In a miner’s hut under the very roof, large cheese heads – brinza – rest. If you ask the local craftsmen, they will tell you about such things as: gleeg, butz, vurda… We are waiting for you in the Poloninsk hut-staia!

Roman Kumlyk Museum of Musical Instruments

Roman Kumlyk, the founder of the personal manor museum, created in the early 2000s, is not a fan of routine excursions. Something fresh and interesting is always waiting for you here. He traveled all over the Carpathians to collect his unique collection: everyday items, clothes, money, women’s jewelry… But his collection of musical instruments, which is regularly replenished, is of particular value. Mr. Roman will not only tell you about each of them, but also demonstrate how they sound, and maybe even sing. Thus, an ordinary excursion turns into a concert of authentic music, melodies of the hills and valleys.

Or… Optional!

Rafting on Black Cheremosh

Rafting on Black Cheremosh is an incendiary form of active recreation in the mountains, which, having a small degree of difficulty, is at the same time safe for beginners. Here are ideal conditions for getting to know the water element and enjoying the beauty of the Carpathians. The swollen streams of the river, the wild rhythm of the mountain rapids, such as Dzembronya, Didiv Likot, Bila Kobyla, Guchki, Guk – such impressions you will not be able to forget. Excitement of emotions and sensations, breathtaking Carpathian landscapes, pristine air – such a vacation in the Carpathians will remain in your memory forever.




Excursion to Bukovel

Tour to the Carpathians for a week from Lviv Excursion to BukovelBukovel, the largest ski resort in Ukraine, offers opportunities for recreation throughout the year. The winter season invites you to mountain skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, dog sledding… In the summer you can enjoy hiking, diving in the lake and various tours. And of course, regardless of the season, you will be able to enjoy clean mountain air, impressive panoramas and an incredible positive attitude.

Excursion to Yaremche

The most popular Carpathian resort on the banks of the picturesque Prut River, surrounded by green mountains welcomes you! Offered: Probiy waterfall, a famous souvenir market, hiking in the mountains, excursions in the Carpathians, etc…

Time for lunch

Dovbush Trail | in the footsteps of the chieftain of the opryshks

“Dovbush Trail” is a short route along wooded mountain slopes, a great option for entertainment for the first half of the day, or even the whole day if you want to deviate from the main route. The trail begins in the protected tract of Drybka, climbs up to the rocky massifs and descends, forming a ring.

22:00 Approximate return to Lviv: (1 Dvirtseva Square, Railway Station)

Price of a tour without meals: UAH 4300
Price of a tour with meals: UAH 6400
The price of the tour includes:
– 2 single meals (6 breakfasts and 6 dinners) (according to the chosen option);
– accommodation;
– travel by a comfortable Euro-class bus;
– escort of a tour guide;
– group insurance;
– excursion service in museums.
Additionally paid:
– entrance tickets to tourist facilities;
– additional food;
– tastings, rafting, hiking;
– personal expenses and souvenirs;
– Surcharge for single accommodation: UAH 1,500.

Cost of entrance tickets:

– Rocks of Dovbush: access by additional transport: general – 120 UAH, entrance to the territory – 10 UAH.
– Tustan Fortress: general/children’s, student – UAH 90/45.
– Lake Synevyr: general/children’s, student – 60/30 UAH, UBD – free.
– Bear rehabilitation center: general/children’s, student – UAH 60/30, UBD – free.
– Ecopark with wolves: public/children – UAH 80/50.
– Kolochava: Stare selo – adult/discounted (stud, pence)/ children, schoolchildren – UAH 120/80/60
– Jeeping up the mountain in Pylypka: UAH 250.
– Shipit waterfall: general/children (ages 7-16) – UAH 20/10.
– Tasting of 7 liqueurs and an appetizer: UAH 150.
– Deer farm: general / children’s, schoolchildren – 40 / 20 UAH.
– Thermal pools in Velyatino: general / children (up to 140 cm) / children (up to 3 years) – 250 / 110 / free UAH, locker for changing clothes – 20 UAH.
– Hut-museum of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”: general / students, schoolchildren – 50 / 40 UAH.
– Poloninsk hut-stay: general and pensioners general / students, schoolchildren – 40 / 30 hryvnias.
– Museum of musical instruments of Roman Kumlyk: general – 50 hryvnias.
– Cheese tasting in Verkhovyna – UAH 100.
– Rafting on Black Cheremosh: UAH 550.
– transfer to Hoverla (beginning of the route) – 250 UAH/person, recreation fee 80/40 UAH/person/child.
– Dovbush trail in Yaremche: general/schoolchildren – UAH 80/40.
– Lift in Bukovel: general/children (up to 12 years old) – 250/190 UAH.
– Surcharge for single accommodation: UAH 1,500.


Tour options: with 2 meals a day or without meals.
We recommend choosing an option that includes meals, as our excursions run from dawn to dusk and finding alternatives to eat (such as shops or cafes) can be a challenge.
And don’t worry about the quality of the food – we will taste only the best. In Pylypka we will taste homemade dishes, and in Yasin we will enjoy traditional Ukrainian delicacies in a cafe with local cuisine.


During this week (6 nights), two villages will be our residence: we will spend 3 nights in each.
These will be manor-type hotels in the village of Pylypets and a hotel either in Yablunytsia or Yasin. We guarantee comfortable conditions.

In particular, in Pylypka, when accommodating a group of 45 people, 90% of the rooms will have their own bathrooms. In Yasin/Yablunytsia, all rooms will have benefits.

In addition, these areas are not only impressive with their beauty, but also extremely interesting. Here you can explore the traditions and peculiarities of life of the Transcarpathian ethnic group, as well as visit every corner of these settlements.

What to take with you on a week-long tour to the Carpathians?

– Comfortable hiking shoes, waterproof
– Jacket, preferably with a windproof function and a hood
– Warm sweater
– Headgear
– Raincoat
– Swimming suit
– Shoes for water treatments
– Small backpack for conquering Hoverla (to accommodate drinking water and sandwiches).

Options for additional rest:

If you feel that our plans are not enough for you and you have enough energy and time for more fun activities, you can realize your needs by choosing additional services:
– Quad bike rentals in Pylypka. It’s guaranteed to be emotional, epic and adrenaline-pumping.

– Paragliding from Mount Hymba is a unique opportunity to see the breathtaking views of the Carpathians, which take your breath away.

– A trip to Vysoky Verkh mountain, which has a height of more than 1.2 km above the sea.

– Bathing in Pylypka vats for complete rest and recovery.

– The sauna in Pylypka is another great opportunity to completely relax.

A one-week tour to the Carpathians and Transcarpathia

After spending a week in the Carpathians and Transcarpathia, you will get an excellent rest and a dose of vigor for the whole next year. Exciting excursions, impressive Carpathian landscapes, thermal pools, fresh mountain air, tastings, wonderful experiences and much more await you… A trip to Transcarpathia is a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation, for which the tour program includes many visits to thermal pools and vats. Try excellent wines and cheeses, taste the delicacies of Transcarpathian cuisine and chat with warm locals who always sincerely and hospitably welcome their guests. All this will become a reality only when you give yourself this little vacation and spend unforgettable days in Transcarpathia in our company.

  • I really liked the tour IN THE CARPATHIANS FOR A WEEK. It was a very rich and interesting tour, I will soon go on a tour from this company and I want to personally thank the tour guide Andrii. It was very interesting with him, I really want to go on a tour with him again. I advise everyone to go on a tour, it’s worth it.

    Valentina → TO THE CARPATHIANS FOR A WEEK | from Lviv on October 1, 2022

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