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  • Dzhurynsky waterfall Zalishchyki | Ternopil region


Departure dates: 04.05 / 18.05 / 01.06 / 15.06 / 29.06 / 13.07 / 27.07 / 10.08 / 24.08 / 07.09…

Dzhurynsky waterfall, Zalishchyki, panorama of the Dniester canyon, picturesque ruins of the palace, etc.

Price: 745 UAH

One-day bus excursion tour to Podillia. The program of the tour includes: Dzhurynsky waterfall Zalishchyky, a panorama of the Dniester canyon, picturesque ruins of the palace of the 18th century, and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of the 15th century. And for the brave, there will be an opportunity to swim under the waterfall!

DZHURYNSKY WATERFALL ZALISHYKY | one-day bus tour from Lviv / from Ternopil


° Tour price: 745 UAH/person

° Duration: 1 day

° Departure dates: 04.05 / 18.05 / 01.06 / 15.06 / 29.06 / 13.07 / 27.07 / 10.08 / 24.08 / 07.09…

° Place of departure / return of the bus: Lviv, Chornovola Ave., 7, Hotel “Lviv” (near the main entrance).

° Route: Lviv – Ternopil – Nyrkiv-Chervonhorod – Zalishchyky – Khreshchatyk – Ternopil – Lviv

ВВ Tour code: 73444

° Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com


– Departure from Lviv (07:00) / from Ternopil (09:30)

– Nyrkiv-Chervonhorod (overview of the panorama, pedestrian crossing to the palace and waterfall)

– Leftovers (lunch)

– Khreschatyk (overview of the panorama of the Dniester Canyon)

– Ternopil (return at 19:30) / Lviv (return by 22:00).


° Tour price: 745 UAH/person

The price of the tour includes:
+ travel by comfortable bus according to the program,
+ accompanied by a tour guide,
+ excursion service at tourist sites,
+ travel insurance.
The price does not include and is paid additionally:
– entrance tickets to sightseeing objects,
– food,
– personal expenses and souvenirs.
Cost of entrance tickets for 1 person:
– Entrance tickets: UAH 0. (all tourist attractions – entry is free).
Breakfast – cult cafe “Slava” village Ozerna (everyone orders meals independently, like at “Puzata Khata”);

Lunch takes place in the “Stare misto” cafe in Zalishchyki. Menu: tomato soup, peasant-style derun with meat and mushroom gravy, salad, bread, compote. The cost is UAH 140/person.

Dinner – cult cafe “Slava” village Ozerna (everyone orders food independently, as in “Puzata Khata”).

Technical information about the pedestrian crossing to Dzhurynsky Waterfall:
1. The pedestrian crossing is 2.5 km (one way) and lasts 40 minutes (one way); the road goes sharply down, and back – sharply up; the transition path is under direct sunlight.
2. The route is designed for an average group of physically healthy people.
3. Participation does not require prior training or experience.
4. For the pedestrian crossing, we recommend taking a headgear (hat or bandana), sunglasses and comfortable shoes (we do not recommend taking white shoes, because the rocks of the Red Tract contain iron compounds and in case of rain, acquire a reddish color and can tint the shoes).
Червоногородский замок | Тернопольская область

Chervonogorodsky castle | Ternopil region

Chervonogorodsky castle | The place for the foundation of the fortification was chosen in the picturesque area of the Podilsk Mezhyhirya. Here the Juryn River flows in a valley surrounded by wooded hills. Flowing in the valley, the river forms an almost closed loop. In the center of this “loop” rises a high hill, and on it – Chervonogorod Castle. The river served as a good natural defense for the castle hill, as the channel, encircling the hill on three sides, created a serious obstacle in the way of the enemy.

Dzhurynsky waterfall Zalishchyki | Ternopil region

Dzhurynsky waterfall, Ternopil region

Dzhurynsky waterfall is not only the highest (16m) plain waterfall in Ukraine, but also one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places in the Ternopil region. Dzhurynsky waterfall is a miracle that a mere mortal cannot describe in words. Several cascades and rushing water flows. The water rushes at great speed, creating a sea of foam, splash and incredible noise.


It is here that one of the most famous and most beautiful panoramas of the Dniester meander and a view of the picturesque town of Zalishchyki can be found. The beauty of the Dniester Canyon takes your breath away, but not everyone knows that Khreshchatyk is the only settlement in Ukraine where residents drink, water livestock, wash and wash in mineral water enriched with silver ions, which comes from a miraculous monastery spring. The village is located 200 meters above the Dniester and has no well.

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