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Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days with 1 night transfer


Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days with 1 night transfer. On the tour we will visit such fabulous European cities: Krakow, Bochnia (Poland), Salzburg, Salzkammergut (Austria), Zurich, Lucerne (Switzerland), Munich (Germany). The price of the tour includes 3 excursions: In Salzburg, Munich and Zurich. Morning departure on Thursday from Lviv, return on Monday evening to Lviv (depending on the border crossing). Tour without tests and vaccinations.

Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days


Tours abroadTours to EuropeTours from Lviv to EuropeTours to Switzerland › Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days
Cost: Tour price: 240 € /person.
Duration: 5 days / 1 overnight trip
Visiting countries: Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic
Route: Lviv – Przemysl – Yaroslav – Tarnow – Krakow – Katowice – Ostrava – Olomouc – Brno – Vienna region – Linz region – Salzburg – Lviv
Possibility to join the tour: Lviv, Przemyśl, Yaroslavl, Tarnów, Krakow, Katowice, Ostrava, Olomouc, Brno, Vienna district, Linz district, Salzburg
Place of departure: Lviv, central railway station
The cost of the tour includes: 3 excursions: in Salzburg, Munich and Zurich
Accommodation: in 3* hotels in Poland, Austria, Switzerland
Meals: In the cost of the tour – breakfast in hotels
AD Tour code: 77866
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

Attention! The cost of the tour may vary depending on the exchange rate. Check the price with the manager on the day of the purchase of the tour!

On this journey, we will hear the magical stories and legends of fabulous Krakow, see the magical city located at the foot of the Alpine mountains, the birthplace of Mozart himself – Salzburg. We will visit the Swiss metropolis, the city of Zurich, and will be able to see the real treasure of the Alps – Neuschwanstein Castle. We will have the opportunity to visit the Salzkammergut lakes and the natural pearl of Switzerland – the Rhine Falls.

The program of the bus tour to Switzerland “IF THERE IS PARADISE ON EARTH, THEN THIS IS SWITZERLAND!”:


07:00 – gathering of the group at the railway station in Lviv.
07:30 – departure from Lviv. Border crossing.

We offer a sightseeing tour of the city of Krakow (guided tour – 18€, only transfer to the city center – 8€)

During the tour you will visit the medieval Old Town, the Market Square, see the building of the Jagiellonian University, the former shopping arcade (Sukennice), St. Mary’s Church.

Краків - місто колролів / Краков / Krakow

Krakow is a royal city

Krakow is one of the oldest cities and a pearl of the national cultural heritage not only of Poland, but of the whole of Europe. It is a city of Polish kings with an interesting centuries-old history and ancient architecture. This city is over a thousand years old. For many centuries, Krakow was the place of coronation of the kings of Poland. The royal road has been preserved to this day, and it begins at the Florian Gate and leads to Wawel Castle. The oldest part of Krakow – the Old Town – was surrounded by fortress walls, on the site of which now Planty is an original park.

We offer lunch with beer tasting (25€).

Transfer and accommodation in a hotel.
Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Salzburg.

Sightseeing tour of Salzburg (in the cost of the tour)

We will visit the entire old town, you will see the Mirabell Palace and Park, the Mozart Museums, the houses of Christian Doppler and Herbert von Karajan, the central Getreidegasse street, the Festspielhäuse concert halls, St. Peter’s Monastery, the Cathedral and much more. While walking around the center of Salzburg, you are not left with a feeling of unreality of what is happening – as if you were in a fairy tale. Here everything breathes history, the spirit of Mozart is felt here. Endless churches amaze with their grandeur and beauty. Indeed, Salzburg is considered a stronghold of Christianity. The historic part of Salzburg is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Salzburg is considered the most famous city built in the Baroque style, located at the northern foot of the Alps.

In our free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

“Paradise on earth – an excursion to the lakes of the Salzkammergut” (45€)

Salzkammergut in translation means “Pantry of salt”, is located in the very center of the country. This part of Austria is the most beautiful and sparkles with surprisingly unusual panoramas. Imagine a landscape where small villages on the slopes of the Alps are reflected in the mirror-like surface of bottomless lakes. We are waiting for an acquaintance with Gelstatt, a small village in the Austrian Alps. Since ancient times, it has been famous for its salt mines, and now for toy houses and elegant views, and there is also a special feeling of unprecedented isolation from civilization and peace. Gelstatt is a heavenly town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Salzburg in the palm of your hand” (18€ + entry ticket)

The majestic fortress of Hohensalzburg, towering over the whole of Salzburg and having a glorious history dating back to the 11th century, from the walls of which a beautiful view of the city opens.

Moving through the territory of Austria.
Accommodation in a hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Zurich.

On the way, if there is time, we suggest visiting the “Tiny Principality of Liechtenstein” (20€)

An absolutely fabulous place, somehow miraculously fit between Switzerland and Austria. There is still a strong monarchy here, namely the principality is named after the ruling dynasty: only the rulers of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Saudi Arabia are immortalized with such an honor. The local architecture is, as it were, an illustration of a romantic medieval ballad: castles, chapels and other ancient sights are all over the place.

Arrival in Zurich, Sightseeing tour of the city of Zurich (in the cost of the tour)

This is not only the Swiss metropolis, known for its numerous banks and funds (even its name “Zu Reich” – “too rich”, as if to say so). This is a picturesque city, washed by the clear waters of the river and lake (the water in which is drinkable!), Very frisky and with a rich cultural heritage. Zurich is able to conquer and subdue any tourist, from the traditionalist, who will take his breath away from the landscapes of the Old Town against the backdrop of hills and mountains, to the modern traveler, who will find thousands of stylish cafes, bars, restaurants and plenty of entertainment here.

In our free time we offer optional excursions:

“Lucerne – Switzerland in miniature” (36€)

One of the 10 most visited cities in the world by tourists is located on the shores of the magical lake of the 4 forest powers (Vierwaldstättersee), where the Reuss flows out. The famous covered wooden bridges, decorated with paintings, the magnificent interior decoration of Catholic churches with amazing acoustics and ancient organs, preserved from the 16th century, the fortress wall and the monument carved into the rock of a dying lion, all this leaves up to 1 billion francs a year in a city with a population of 67 thousand.

“Rhine Falls – a natural pearl of Switzerland” (36€)

The Rhine Falls is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Water falls from a height of 25 meters, and the width of the waterfall reaches 150 meters. At any time of the year, in sunny weather, an amazing rainbow hovers over the waterfall in a fog of water breezes. The German romantic poet, at the sight of the Rhine Falls, described his feelings as follows: “Oh, traveler, be careful and keep your heart firmly in your hands! I almost lost my contemplation of the powerful play of huge masses of water with joy!”

Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Munich.

On the way, we suggest visiting the legendary “Swan Castle Neuschwanstein” (25€, external review)

At first glance at this castle, it seems that someone has forgotten their toy here – its ivory towers flying against the background of dark green fir trees seem so unreal. Although if you get closer, the feeling of fabulousness is unlikely to disappear, because hundreds of little things will become visible that do not fit into the reality of the Alpine slopes that give the backdrop to this German fairy tale … The castle is the most frequently photographed and most visited by tourists in Bavaria. After the tour, you can safely say: “We have been in a real Bavarian fairy tale!”

Arrival in Munich, Sightseeing tour “Munich – the pearl of Germany” (in the cost of the tour)

Inhabitants of Germany call Munich, German Rome. Munich is a multifaceted, compact and distinctive German city. This is the third city in Germany in terms of the number of inhabitants after Berlin and Hamburg, but in popularity it is second only to the capital of Germany, Berlin. It annually attracts up to 10 million tourists, businessmen, art and culture lovers. Munich is a city with a rich past, historical and cultural heritage, full of modern life.

In our free time, we offer optional excursions of your choice:

“At the reception to the king” (18€ + entrance ticket)

Visit to the Munich residence. The colossal architectural ensemble consists of eight beautiful buildings turned into a huge museum complex. Here, as in a precious box, masterpieces that were collected by the monarchs, dukes and electors of Germany are kept. 130 halls, 10 courtyards, galleries and palace complexes – here you can spend the whole day enjoying unearthly beauty.

Treasury of the Wittelsbach dynasty (18€ + entrance ticket)

The riches collected by the Bavarian rulers since the Middle Ages are stored here.

Bus grand tour of Munich (23€)

We are going to the right bank of the Isar, to the most beautiful quarter where Roentgen, Diesel, the physicist Ohm lived, the parliament building, the Bavarian National Museum, the government, then the annual Nymphenburg palace and park ensemble, where the last direct descendant of the Wittelsbachs lives, photo pause, then. and to the territory of the BMW, photopause, then the bohemian quarter of Schwabing, where Lenin, Trotsky, Kandinsky, etc. lived.

“Munich – the beer capital” (26€/21€)

During the tour you will learn about the six main breweries of the city: Löwenbräu, Spaten, Augustiner, Hackerpschorr, hear about their history and modern activities. We will also stop at the most pleasant and interesting pub in terms of surroundings and try several beers and have a delicious dinner.

Late departure from Munich towards Ukraine. Night move.


Moving through the territory of the Czech Republic and Poland.
We invite you to visit to choose from:

“Little Vienna – Brno” (guided tour – 19€, only transfer to the city center – 11€)

Brno, the second largest city in the country, was called “the Czech Manchester” and “the little Vienna”. One building of the city, the villa of the Tugenhat family from 1930, is recorded in UNESCO. Its architecture and technical support were half a century ahead of modern architectural trends. The church of Peter and Paul and the Špilberk fortress dominate the panorama of the city.

“Luxury Vienna” (€25/€15)

the capital of a brilliant empire, a city of palaces and grand squares, picturesque streets and numerous squares. Vienna is an ancient city with a famous name that awakens dreams. Great composers worked here: Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Strauss. There is always a waltz here, and the famous Viennese balls have shaken more than one generation of people. Vienna… Magnificent and pompous, frivolous and fun… And all these epithets absolutely rightly fit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Vienna is multifaceted and multifaceted, and every face and every facet is beautiful. During the walking tour, you will see the amazing Maria Theresa Square, museums, Heroes’ Square, the winter residence of the Habsburgs – the Hofburg Palace, the Royal Stables, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the wonder of medieval architecture – St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Vienna Opera.

Moving to Ukraine. Border crossing.
Evening arrival in Lviv (depending on the border).


Basic price: 240 €/person
Attention! The cost of the tour may vary depending on the exchange rate. Check the price with the manager on the day of the purchase of the tour.

The tour price includes:

+ travel by Euroclass bus;
+ accompaniment by the team leader;
+ Accommodation along the route: 3* hotel;
+ Meals – breakfasts;
+ Sightseeing tours of Salzburg, Munich and Zurich;
+ Insurance

The price does not include and is additionally paid:

– travel by public transport
– Optional excursions
– entrance tickets to excursion objects
– personal expenses (lunches, dinners, etc.)
– City tax – from 82 hryvnia to 205 hryvnia per night at the hotel (local tax, paid on the bus to the group leader at the request of the hotel)
– Mandatory surcharge for renting a radio with headphones for excursions – 82 UAH / day (paid on the bus to the group leader).

Additional services:

The service “Insurance against non-departure” – 6% of the cost of the tour (this service can only be ordered if the tour is booked no later than 14 days before the date of departure)
Service “Comfortable place” – 410 hryvnia / person. (To be ordered when booking a tour. A place is selected from 1 to 12)
Service “Single accommodation” – 3690 hryvnia (surcharge to the cost of the tour)
“Last row” service – 410 hryvnia discount from the cost of the tour when choosing a seat in the last row of the bus.
Service “For brides couples” – 5% discount from the cost of the tour for those who recently got engaged (book the tour no later than 30 days from the date of painting).
The service “Additional free space next to you” – 75% of the cost of the tour.
Service “Excursion around Lviv” – Is there time before departure? Walk around Lviv with interesting stories from your guide. Order the service Excursion around Lviv.
Service “Discounts for organized groups” from 5 to 35 people: request by mail: etnosvitmanager@gmail.com
“Let’s go later…” service (valid only for pre-booked services)

– if a tourist is diagnosed with COVID-19 before departure, or another disease that makes it impossible to travel with us, you have the right to use one replacement tour for free.
Please note that only the tour participant who has documented evidence of morbidity can change the date of the tour. Other family members or friends who are traveling on the tour will change the tour date in accordance with the terms of the travel service agreement.
– you can additionally order the “Let’s go later” service so that all participants of the tour have the opportunity to postpone the departure date, and not only those who have documented evidence of morbidity. The cost of the service is 738 UAH/person.
This service must be issued for each participant of the tour.

Service “Family trip” – discounts for children* (this service does not apply to booking travel services for organized groups):

This service is valid only for the autumn-winter period (until 02/28/2023)
Discounts for children when booking a bus tour for a family * consisting of:
– 2 adults + 1 child (up to 13.99 years old) – a child is entitled to a discount of 50% of the tour price indicated on the website on the selected date of departure;
– 2 adults + 2 children (up to 13.99 years old) – the first child is subject to a 50% discount, the second child is subject to a 10% discount on the tour price indicated on the website on the selected date of departure;
– 2 adults + 3 children (up to 13.99 years old) – the first child is subject to a 50% discount, the second and third child is subject to a 10% discount (per child) of the tour price indicated on the website for the selected date.
Discounts for children on optional excursions when booked services for the family * consisting of:
– 2 adults + 1 child (up to 13.99 years old) – the child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions that will be on the tour;
– 2 adults + 2 children (up to 13.99 years old) – one child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions. The second child receives a 50% discount on optional excursions indicated in the tour program;
– 2 adults + 3 children (up to 13.99 years old) – one child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions. Other children receive a 50% discount (per child) on optional excursions indicated in the tour program.
Draw your attention to! The discount does not apply to the mandatory excursion and excursion deposit provided for in the tour conditions, as well as transfers and entrance fees to tourist sites visited on the tour.
In the case of visiting children’s amusement parks, the cost of entrance tickets for children and the cost of visiting attractions are paid at full cost according to the amusement park rates!
*The concept of a family (family) refers to people with any degree of kinship (mother, father, grandparents, aunts and other relatives) – for the period of martial law.

Attention! The amount of the commission for each child is reduced in accordance with the discount (by 50% for the first child and 10% for the second and third child)!


Mandatory deposit or mandatory excursion in promotional tours!
A deposit (or excursion) is required when booking a tour at a promotional price. If the tour is purchased at the standard price, the deposit (or mandatory tour) is not paid.
If the tourist did not use the deposit during the tour or did not use it in full, the rest of the funds will not be returned.

Seats on the bus are distributed as applications are received and are indicated in the information sheet.

The tour operator reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or replace them with equivalent ones.

The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the program without changing the total number of services.

The tour program may change for New Year, Christmas, May holidays and other holidays.

The cost of electives may vary depending on the number of tourists in the group. The minimum number for optional excursions is 20 people.



Additional Information:

Hotel accommodation. When booking tourists, in the amount of 1 person, please warn that it is possible to move into a DBL/TRPL/QUAD room. If there is no accommodation on the tour, please warn tourists about the mandatory surcharge for the SNGL number. The cost is listed above.

“It’s my birthday”. If a tourist’s birthday falls on the tour, the company gives the opportunity to choose a gift. This can be: 1 free optional excursion on the tour or a service on the tour, such as transfers or others. The gift can be chosen only from the offered services of the company, and not any excursion or service on the tour at the choice of the tourist. The list of excursions or services that can be selected as a gift is provided by the group leader. A gift tour or service does not count towards the booking of mandatory optional excursions for organized groups. You cannot choose a gift from the “It’s my birthday” service if you used the “10% birthday” discount when booking the tour.

Terms of payment! 50% after tour confirmation and 50% no later than 14 days before departure. When booking a tour less than 14 days before the date of departure – full payment for the tour on the 2nd day after the confirmation of the tour.

For individual groups. It is possible to calculate the tour for your group individually. Send a request by e-mail: etnosvitmanager@gmail.com It is possible to order a tour for your group on the desired departure date for you.

Optional excursions for children:

Children under 5.99 years of age do not pay for optional excursions on regular bus tours (with the exception of entrance fees to facilities). Children from 6 to 11.99 years old pay the cost of electives, as for children (this cost is indicated in the tour program after the standard cost). If there is no cost for children, then children pay the standard cost as for adults.
Important: not valid when choosing the service “Family trip – discount for children”.

Route: Lviv – Przemysl – Yaroslav – Tarnow – Krakow – Katowice – Ostrava – Olomouc – Brno – Vienna region – Linz region – Salzburg – Lviv


Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days – Frequently asked questions:

Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days with a night crossing / Tours to Switzerland from Ukraine

Where can you join the tour?

You can join the tour along the route:

– Poland (Przemysl, Yaroslav, Tarnow, Krakow, Katowice)
– Czech Republic (Islands, Olomouc, Brno)
– Austria (Vienna district, Linz district, Salzburg).

What cities will we visit on the tour “IF THERE IS PARADISE ON EARTH, THIS IS SWITZERLAND”?

The program of the bus tour to Switzerland includes visiting the cities: Lviv, Przemysl, Yaroslav, Tarnow, Krakow, Katowice, Ostrava, Olomouc, Brno, Vienna region, Linz region, Salzburg.

From what other cities of Ukraine can you go on a tour “If there is heaven on earth, then this is Switzerland”?

You can also go to the bus tour “IF THERE IS PARADISE ON EARTH, IT IS SWITZERLAND” from Kyiv: → see HERE

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