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  • Автобусна поїздка на море в Іспанію зі Львова


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The Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar (6 days at sea)

Price: from €  550

Excursion bus trip to the sea in Spain from Lviv, where, in addition to exciting excursions, the Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar awaits you. You will have the opportunity to spend 6 days at sea. The whole tour takes 13 days, we will visit incredible cities: Venice, Genoa and Verona (Italy), Nice, Monaco, Marseille (France), the Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar (6 days at sea), Barcelona, Girona, Figueres and we will have the opportunity to visit the Port Aventura theme park (Spain). The price of the tour includes 4 city tours: Nice, Marseille, Genoa and Verona, as well as accommodation in 3* category hotels in Italy, France, Spain (6 nights). A trip to the sea in Spain from Lviv can be the trip of your dreams!

Bus trip to the sea in Spain from Lviv


Cost: Tour price: from € 550 /person
Duration: 13 days / 2 night transfers
Visiting countries: Spain, Italy, France, Monaco
Route: Lviv – Budapest – Lido di Esolo – Venice – Nice – Monaco – Lloret de Mar – Barcelona – Girona – Marseille – Genoa – Budapest – Lviv (→ map)
Departure: Lviv, central railway station. Morning departure from Lviv and night arrival in Lviv (depending on crossing the border)
Possibility to join the tour: Budapest (Hungary)
The price of the tour includes: Sightseeing tours of Nice, Marseille, Genoa and Verona
Residence: in 3-4* hotels
Food: breakfasts (transit hotels), breakfasts and dinners (hotel in Spain)
Tour code: 81942
Менеджер: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

WARNING! The price of the tour may change, check the price with the manager on the day of purchasing the tour!



07:00 – gathering of the group at the train station in Lviv.
07:30 – departure of the group from Lviv.
Border crossing.
Overnight transfer to Italy.


Arrival at Lido di Esolo resort.
Free time for recreation at sea.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

For all those interested, a sightseeing tour of Venice (€41 / €36)

Venice, a pearl floating on the waters, is one of the most charming cities in Europe. Elegant canals where you can enjoy the beauty of the city while floating on gondolas, picturesque bridges, palaces, churches and cozy houses – each of which can be considered a work of architectural art, an exciting carnival and exquisitely carved masks – all these elements make up the fascinating image of this Italian fairy tale called ” Venice”. Perhaps that is why local residents became so sensitive to beauty that every artistic direction in their hands turned into the apogee of decorative art. This love of beauty embodied in art made Venice a real “Queen of the Adriatic”.

A romantic ride on a gondola (adults – 26€, children under 11.99 years – 21€)

In order to fully experience all the magic of Venice, we recommend that you go on a gondola ride through the city. This traditional Venetian boat, with a history dating back hundreds of years, still maintains its incredible popularity. It is believed that the best views of the architectural masterpieces of Venice can be seen from the gondola, and this is how the “city on the water” can be known in its entirety.

The islands of the lagoon are colorful Venice! (adults – €39, children under 11.99 years – €29; boat ride + guided tour)

Murano is a world-renowned center for the production of art products made of multi-colored glass. We invite you to visit the workshop, where, as if by a wave of a magic wand, a master glassblower (absolutely free) will transform a piece of red-hot glass into an incredibly beautiful object right before your eyes. This procedure will amaze and delight not only children, but also adults. The bravest will even have the opportunity to demonstrate their glassblowing skills and create their own product. Emotional charging and unparalleled impressions are guaranteed! After such a demonstration performance, you will have the opportunity (completely free) to visit the glass museum, look at the exhibition halls of famous master glassblowers and go around many shops in search of a unique souvenir. Murano will give you unforgettable experiences and exclusive gifts.

Burano has been known to the world since ancient times for its luxurious laces and joyfully colorful houses. The contrast and brightness of the colors is stunning, but their choice is not just random – it has its reasons. Already interested? We will gladly reveal these secrets to you. In some shops, you will be able to watch senior craftsmen create delicate laces, work on which requires enormous patience and high skill. Taste the famous local Buranello cookies, and try freshly caught fish in the town’s restaurants. Here you will be surprised not only by the colorful facades of the buildings, but also by the fact that not only private fishing boats but also graceful swans and cheerful wild ducks float along the narrow canals.

Excursion along the Grand Canal – the main street of Venice (€36)

You will be satisfied by choosing this walking route – it is a great opportunity to see the most romantic corners of Italy and enjoy the most picturesque waterway in the world! You need to sit comfortably in the vaporetto and immerse yourself in the historical spirit of Venice, admiring the breathtaking panoramas of the city and its unparalleled architecture. This entire waterway is decorated with incredible examples of Baroque and Renaissance architectural styles. The most charming and luxurious palaces of Venice are concentrated right here, on the banks of the Grand Canal, where the wealthiest representatives of the city once lived. Here you will find such famous houses as Desdemona’s house, the Palazzo where Byron shot his poems, or the place where Giordano Bruno lived, as well as the place where Richard Wagner spent his last days. You will see these luxurious palaces, which gradually emerge before your eyes from aboard a private taxi boat (it is impossible to see on foot), and you will understand why Venice is called the most incredible city on the planet. During this walk, you will have an excellent opportunity to take numerous charming photos.

Guided visit to the Doge’s Palace (€19 + entrance ticket)

The living myth and emblem of Venice is the Doge’s Palace, an eternal symbol of the past Easter and the power of the Venetian Republic. It is the Doge’s Palace – the residence of the leaders of Venice, the location for the meetings of the Grand Council, the Senate and the Supreme Court – that for centuries welcomed all those who arrived by sea.

Return to the resort.
Moving to a transit hotel in Italy.
Night at the hotel.


Breakfast. Moving to Nice.

Sightseeing tour in the old part of the city (in the price of the tour)

Nice is a paradise lost and rediscovered, an endless celebration, a symbol of abundance. Among its visitors were Dumas, Nietzsche, Apollinaire, Flaubert, Victor Hugo, George Sand, Stendhal. You will see the Promenade des Anglais – the Promenade of England, a wide avenue leading to the bay, stretched for 7 km along the entire city. Also, the Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, which was built in 1912 in the park of Villa Bermont, the former estate of the Romanov family, which spent several winters in Nice, cannot be ignored.

We recommend a trip to Monaco (€45 / €31)

The Principality of Monaco is straight out of a movie about the life of the very rich… Here sophistication harmoniously merges with restraint, older people in diamonds ride city buses, and next to Zara stores you can see chic Ferraris parked. Everything is fine here. In Monaco, the world’s elite enjoy passions, spend huge sums in casinos and look for other pleasures of life… Here on the streets you can meet famous pop stars, top models and sports heroes. The sea, sunshine, casinos, luxury hotels and restaurants attract the highest levels of society to Monaco.

Moving to a transit hotel in France. Night at the hotel.



Moving to the resort of Lloret de Mar

Free time for recreation at sea.
Dinner. Night at the hotel.


Free time for recreation at sea.

We recommend an excursion to Barcelona (41€ / 36€)

Welcome to the heart of magical Catalonia – Barcelona, ​​one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. There are so many sights of this city that Barcelona is like a living open-air museum. During a tour of Barcelona, ​​we will definitely visit the Montjuic mountain.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

Tour of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona (21€ / 11€)

This place was home to the Catalan royal dynasty for five centuries. The heart of the Gothic district is the Plaza de la Coruña, a true Gothic treasure and the place where Barcelona’s life is staged. Legend has it that it was here that the Royal couple Fernando and Isabella greeted Christopher Columbus when he was returning from his first voyage to the Americas…

Excursion “Gaudi and his creations” (36€ / 26€)

Indeed, genius is often inextricably linked with madness. We are waiting for incredible peaks of creativity and high attention to the smallest details in the Cathedral of the Holy Family. Park Güell resembles a fairy-tale symphony of charms, the House of Mil with its unusual architecture seems to be carved out of the rock, and the futuristic Palace Güell amazes with its fantasy…

Return to the hotel.
Dinner. Night at the hotel.


Free time for recreation at sea.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

Excursion “Sanctuary of Spain – Mount Montserrat” (46€ / 36€)

The ancient monastery, like a castle, stands magnificently against the background of a capricious mountain with amazing forms. An icon of the Holy Virgin, known as the “Black Madonna” is stored here… According to legend, this statue was discovered on the mountainside back in the 9th century. The further it was dragged down, the more it weighed. Therefore, they decided to leave it at the very top, next to which a monastery was later founded… Mount Montserrat, which seems to have been sawn by angels, and which is under the protection of the “Black Madonna”, impresses with its unexpected beauty!… It seems to be alive, it changes its appearance when you you approach it, constantly overflowing with color, and the fog-covered mountain tops, heading towards the sky, awaken doubts in the sense of reality. Incredible rock formations in a green lake! The mystical contours of Montserrat give it uniqueness and lead to thoughts about the intervention of the creative power of genius…

Excursion to the Spanish village (31€ / 26€)

The Spanish Village in Barcelona is a unique space that offers an incredible opportunity to visit almost all regions of Spain without leaving the city limits. This is an open-air museum of architecture, where replicas of the most beautiful and famous buildings of Spain are collected in the original or slightly reduced scale. Each building here represents a separate iconic or simply characteristic object from the Spanish peninsula. Scale of architectural samples 1:1. Buildings from cities and villages, which in real life are separated by hundreds of kilometers, are gathered together here – from Andalusian courtyards to Castilian squares. The Spanish Village is a collection of 116 buildings, churches and palaces representing different eras of Spanish history.

Return to the hotel.
Dinner. Night at the hotel.


Free time for recreation at sea.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

“Treasury of Catalonia” – Girona (36€ / 31€)

Girona, the largest city in the north of Catalonia, is a veritable collection of pieces of the millennial history of the Pyrenees region. In the Middle Ages, it was famous as the capital of the county under the same name. It seems that its medieval districts still carry echoes of past events that unfolded here over the centuries. It is not without reason that this city received the name “fairy tale”: the three-headed monster Gerio, Saint Narcissus, who saved the city thanks to flies, Rabbi Bonastruk Sa Porta – the founder of the mystical Jewish Kabbalah, as well as a frozen witch that still scares the local youth…

Excursion “The Last Masterpiece of Salvador Dali” (26€ / 21€)

The town of Figueres is famous for its Dalí Theater Museum. The concept of this unusual museum arose in the imagination of the outstanding artist even before its actual opening, and Dali devoted himself to its realization. This living temple of art leaves the imagination of its guests free. The visitor should feel for himself the extraordinary and originality of the creative work of this great surrealist. Next to Dali’s famous and less popular paintings, in the museum you can see furniture, jewelry, costumes, perfume bottles, created on the basis of his sketches, as well as the famous “Rain Taxi”.

Return to the hotel.
Dinner. Night at the hotel.


Free time for recreation at sea.

We recommend a trip to “Spanish Disneyland” (81€ / 76€)

Port Aventura is a unique theme park on the European continent that has gathered all the magical places of our planet in one space. The park offers its visitors an incredible opportunity to dive into a fantastic journey that covers almost all corners of the world. Here you can feel the mysticism of Imperial China, earn the respect of the abodes of the Wild West, explore the jungles of Polynesia and the Mayan era in Mexico. Port Aventura offers you the opportunity to experience exciting attractions, including the largest in Europe, many restaurants, gift shops and entertaining shows. Forward to the fascinating world of magic, unbearable impressions and adventures…

Return to the resort.
Dinner. Night at the hotel.


Free time for recreation at sea.

Excursion to the “Principality of Andorra” (adults – 49€, children under 13.99 years – 45€)

We invite you on an exciting excursion to the “Principality of Andorra”, where we will meet the dawn and immerse ourselves in the pleasure of spending a whole day in the arms of the Pyrenees mountains. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the impressive mountain landscapes, historical treasures and cultural traditions of Andorra, as well as to taste the wonderful gastronomic cuisine. After an enriching tour, we will visit the leading shopping centers of the Principality, starting with an introduction to Salvador Dali’s gift to the people of Andorra. Note that many items sold in Andorra are affordable and up to 40% cheaper than elsewhere in Europe. In addition, you will receive a Tax Free tax refund of up to 21%.

Figueres + excursion to the Dalí Museum (€27 + entrance ticket paid additionally)

It is a small city with a population of just over 45,000, but Figueras can be proud of a very active cultural life. It hosts a famous acoustic festival, book, craft and food fairs, a toy festival and many other exciting events.
Today, the Dali museum in Figueras has become one of the most famous places due to its popularity and attendance. Inside the museum, you will be surprised by the incredible variety of styles. A walk through the Salvador Dali Museum will definitely leave you with a strong impression, especially considering that this museum is the world’s largest exhibit of surrealist art. Here you can see an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and jewelry.

«Hot Flamenco» (39€)

Flamenco is the rhythm of hot dungeons, small rooms and hidden corners. Locals know exactly where to look for such places. And we will gladly open one of them for you! In a short time, you will learn a lot of new things that you cannot find on the Internet. And the exciting flamenco dance will conquer you!

Dinner. Night at the hotel.

10 DAY

Breakfast. Release of numbers.
Moving to Marseille.

Sightseeing tour in the old part of the city (in the price of the tour)

Marseille is the second largest city in France, one of the largest and oldest ports of the Mediterranean Sea, which received the honorable name “Gateway to the East”. An irreplaceable element of Marseille is its fairs and markets. Fruity, floral and, of course, fishy – they form the color of a bright, bustling, friendly Mediterranean port. From the morning in the old port, fishermen put their catch of the day on sale at the fish port. Here, in the restaurants adjacent to the old port, the famous bouillabaisse – a soup made from several types of fish – is prepared. The gastronomic culture of Marseille is influenced by Provençal cuisine and seafood.

Marseille is a city pulsating with life. The greatest activity is observed on La Canbiere Street and the streets adjacent to it. The Opera district is particularly cozy. Marseille is also famous as the hometown of the actor Fernandel and the place where the cult films “Taxi” and “Taxi-2” were filmed.

Moving to a transit hotel in France.
Night at the hotel.

11 DAY

Breakfast. Release of numbers.
Moving to Genoa.

Excursion in the old part of the city (in the price of the tour)

Genoa is not only beauty and charm, but also a dynamic commercial port. The ancient district of Genoa covers an area of ​​almost four square kilometers, making it one of the largest in Europe. Genoa is recognized as one of the most important ports in Italy, and it is also the hometown of the great navigator Christopher Columbus. In addition to its fascinating architecture, Genoa is also famous for its unsurpassed cuisine. In cozy restaurants of the city, you can enjoy the flavors of pesto, focaccia, a wealth of fish dishes and seafood, as well as sweet desserts.

In your free time, we invite you to an excursion with a visit to the Royal Palace, as well as to Garibaldi Street (21€ / 16€)

This excursion will give you a unique opportunity to look into the life of the Italian nobility of the 17th century. The palace, which has remained unchanged since then, impresses with its authentic interiors, where every detail — from the luxurious stucco to the furniture — is a real masterpiece. The magnificent ceilings and walls of the palace, decorated in Baroque and Rococo by the most outstanding artists of the time, and the spectacular views of the courtyard, garden and Genoese port from the spacious terrace will be remembered for a long time. You will also visit Via Garibaldi, home to 14 beautiful palaces of the Genoese aristocracy, as well as charming churches.

“Glamourous Portofino + Santa Margherita” (transfer cost €35, guided tour cost – 46€)

Portofino, the most prestigious and exclusive bay in Europe, is the personification of history and modernity, the embodiment of refined culture and glamour. Not far from the architectural masterpieces, in the shadow of the colonnades, you will find elite boutiques of the most prestigious brands, souvenir shops and premium restaurants. Known for its high price point and exclusivity, Portofino is the chosen location for villas owned by celebrities such as Silvio Berlusconi, Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the Pirelli families and many more! You will enjoy a walk along the promenade, admiring the luxurious yachts and breathtaking scenery, as if from the pages of magazines.

Moving to a transit hotel in Italy.
Night at the hotel.

12 DAY

Breakfast. Release of numbers.
Moving to Verona.

Tour of Verona (in the price of the tour)

Verona is a picturesque and ancient jewel of Italy. Located just off the shores of the Adige and not far from the enchanting Lake Garda, this city continues to beckon visitors with its fascinating medieval and renaissance style, despite the spread of industry and urban life. Verona is home to the Ostrogothic king Theodoric and the unforgettable lovers Romeo and Juliet.

In your free time, we invite you to visit the castle “Castel Vecchio” (31€ / 26€)

This 14th-century building and its bridge seem to transport us to the Moscow Kremlin. Once home to the city’s rulers, the Scaligers, this site has now become Verona’s main museum, housing an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures. Here you have the opportunity to see the masterpieces of such famous Italian masters as Pisanello, Andrea Mantegna, Paolo Veronese, Tintoretto and Tiepolo. And when you visit the tower, you can feel like a soldier on guard watching over the city!

We recommend a trip to Lake Garda (€19, public transport included in the price)

Lake Garda is a pearl of incomparable beauty. It ranks first among the lakes of Italy not only in terms of its scale, but also in the variety of landscapes. Here, mountain rocky landscapes harmoniously intertwine with sandy shores and exotic vegetation. The lake has the reputation of being one of the cleanest lakes in Europe. And of course, in addition to natural beauties, numerous picturesque towns are located on its shores, in particular, Pesquera del Garda, which is rightly considered a real fairy-tale resort.

Overnight transfer to Lviv.

13 DAY

Border crossing.
Evening arrival to Lviv (depends on crossing the border).


Tour price: from € 550 /person

Early booking – 30 days before departure: discounts: adults – 10%, children up to 30%
Booking from 7 to 29 days before departure: discounts: adults – 5%
Booking from 1 to 29 days before departure: discounts: children up to 10%

WARNING! The price of the tour may change, check the price with the manager on the day of purchasing the tour.

The price of the tour includes:

+ Travel by Euro-class bus;
+ Support by the group leader;
+ Accommodation along the route: 3-4* hotels;
+ Meals – breakfasts (transit hotels); breakfasts and dinners (hotel in Spain);
+ Sightseeing tours of Nice, Marseille, Genoa and Verona;
+ Insurance

The price does not include and is paid additionally:

– Travel in public transport
– Optional excursions
– Entrance tickets to sightseeing facilities
– Personal expenses (lunch, dinner, etc.)
– City tax – 1.5 €/day/person (local tax, paid on the bus to the group leader upon request hotel)
– Mandatory surcharge for renting a radio receiver with headphones for excursions – 2€/day (paid on the bus to the group leader).

“No-departure insurance” service – 6% of the tour cost (This service can be ordered only when booking a tour no later than 14 days before the departure date) “
Comfortable seat” service – 20€/person (Order when booking a tour. Seat selection from 1 to 12)
Service “Single accommodation” – 250€ (surcharge to the cost of the tour)
Service “Last row in the bus” – a discount of 10€ from the cost of the tour when choosing a seat in the last row of the bus.
Service “For newlyweds” – a 5% discount on the cost of the tour for those who have recently married (book the tour no later than 30 days after the marriage registration).
“Additional empty seat nearby” service – 75% surcharge to the cost of the tour.
“Excursion in Lviv” service – Do you have free time before departure? Explore Lviv with fascinating stories from the guide. Order the “Excursion in Lviv” service.
Service “Discounts for group orders” from 5 to 35 participants
Service “Travel for the family” – discounts for children* (this service does not apply to booking tour packages for organized groups).


A deposit is required or a mandatory excursion in promotional tours!
A deposit (or excursion) is required when booking a tour at a promotional price. In the case of buying a tour at a standard price, a deposit (or a mandatory excursion) is not paid.
If the tourist did not use the deposit during the tour or did not use it in full, the remaining funds are NOT returned.
Seats on the bus are allocated in the order of receipt of orders and are indicated in the information letter.
The tour operator reserves the right to change the number, sequence and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent ones.
The tour operator has the right to make changes to the tour program without changing the total scope of services.
The tour schedule may change for the New Year, Christmas, May holidays and other festive periods.
The cost of additional excursions may vary depending on the number of tourists in the group. The minimum number for optional excursions is 20 people.

• Additional Information:

When booking a tour, we ask you to sign a contract for tourist services. Booking a tour indicates that the tourist is familiar with the tour program, conditions of purchase, cancellation and payment of the tour.

Cancellation of the tour: Cancellation conditions and penalties are specified in the contract.

Information sheet and insurance: After full payment of the tour, each tourist should receive an information sheet from the travel company with detailed information about the tour program and insurance policy. Documents can be downloaded 2-3 days before departure in the orders section of the customer’s company website using a login and password.

Hotel accommodation: When booking for one person, inform about possible accommodation in a DBL/TRPL/QUAD room. If the extension is not possible, inform the tourist about the mandatory additional payment for the SNGL number. The price is indicated above.

“It’s my birthday”: If the tourist’s birthday falls during the tour period, the company offers to choose a gift: a free optional excursion on the tour or another service, for example, a transfer. The gift is selected from the list of company offers. The group leader provides a list of excursions or services for choosing a gift. A gift excursion or service is not taken into account when ordering mandatory optional excursions for organized groups. The “10% birthday” discount cannot be combined with the “It’s my birthday” gift.

Terms of payment: 50% payment after confirming the tour and 50% no later than 14 days before departure. If the tour is booked less than 14 days before the departure date, full payment for the tour must be made on the 2nd day after the tour is confirmed.

For individual groups: We offer a tour calculation for your group individually. Requests can be sent to our e-mail.

It is possible to order a tour for your group on the desired departure date. To do this, you need to contact the tour operator with an appropriate request, specifying the required date and number of group members.

Do not forget that the tour operator has the right to make changes to the tour program without changing the total number of services, as well as change the number, order and time of excursions or replace them with equivalent ones. The tour operator is not responsible for the work of customs and border services, traffic jams and road repairs, and weather conditions.

Excursion bus trip to the sea in Spain “Golden sands of Spain”

Today we invite you to an unforgettable trip to the “Golden Sands of Spain” – a unique tour that will take you to the world of calm waves and sand dunes.

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation that combines the magical beauty of nature and luxury? Then this tour is just for you! We offer you to immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled landscapes, where the turquoise sea and endless golden beaches meet. This is a place where time stops and your problems fade into the background.

During this tour, you will visit the most beautiful corners of Spain, where the atmosphere of peace and relaxation prevails. You will enjoy elegant evenings on the beach, walks in picturesque cities and visits to ancient monuments. You will be able to immerse yourself in the authentic Spanish culture, taste the most delicious dishes and be warmed by the warmth of the sun.

Our team of experienced guides will provide you with a comfortable and exciting trip, tell you about the most interesting places and tell interesting stories related to each object. You will get unforgettable impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The “Golden Sands of Spain” tour is an opportunity to escape from routine, enjoy the beauty of nature and find inner peace. Join our journey and discover the magic of the “Golden Sands of Spain”. You will be overwhelmed by the majesty of the seemingly endless sand dunes and disappointed when the time comes to say goodbye to this beautiful place.

Also, our tour offers you the opportunity to enjoy comfort. We will do our best to make your stay unforgettable. You will be offered a wonderful hotel with breakfast and dinner. You can relax by the sea, visit local cuisine in restaurants with unparalleled service.

Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of luxury and beauty. Sign up for our “Golden Sands of Spain” tour right now and allow yourself to enjoy a carefree vacation on one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

Order your dream today and help yourself find true happiness among the “Golden Sands of Spain”.