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  • Напрямок:
  • Тривалість: 6 дн
  • Ціна: 3,695 грн

Tour date: 09.03…

A trip to the Carpathians in winter from Lviv for 6 days

Price: 3695 UAH

6 DAYS IN THE WINTER CARPATHIANS – A trip to the Carpathians in winter from Lviv for 6 days in the region of picturesque mountain peaks and original folk crafts, untouched nature and ski resorts, medieval fortresses and good-natured people.

Trip to the Carpathians in winter 6 DAYS IN THE WINTER CARPATIES | from Lviv

Trip to the Carpathians in winter from Lviv for 6 days

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Tour price: 3695 UAH/person

Duration: 6 days

Tour date: 09.03…

Route: Lviv – Pylypets – Berehiv district – Uzhgorod – Berehove – Karpaty sanatorium – Mukachevo – Kosyno – Vynohradiv – Iza – Kraynikovo – Dilove – Verkhovyna – Kryvorivnia – Verkhniy Yaseniv – Bukovel – Yaremche – Lviv

Tour code: 30957

Manager: Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp : +380689768840, mail: etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

1 DAYTrip to the Carpathians in winter from Lviv for 6 days

– departure from Lviv (09:00)
– Pylypets (lunch, sightseeing of the Shipit waterfall, ascent by chairlift to Mount Hymba)
— Berehiv district (dinner and overnight stay in rural tourism estates, check-in at 9:30 p.m., dinner).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Uzhhorod (tour of the city, castle and lunch)
— Coastal (swimming in the thermal pool)
— Berehiv district (return to estates).

3 DAY6 DAYS IN THE WINTER CARPATIES, Shenborn Castle, a trip to the Carpathians in winter

— breakfast-lunch and check-out (08:00)
— Karpaty sanatorium (view of the Shenboron Palace)
— Mukachevo (excursion to Palanok Castle and lunch)
— Kosino (swimming in the thermal pool)
— Berehiv Volcanic Lowland (wine tasting)
— Berehiv district (return to estates).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Vynohradiv (photo with buffaloes on the farm and cheese tasting)
– Iza (deer farm and exhibition and sale of vine products)
– Kraynikovo (view of the temple and lunch)
— Business (overview of the center of Europe)
– Verkhovyna (check-in at Hutsul green tourism estates at 7:30 p.m., dinner).

5 DAYBukovel, Tour-holiday 6 DAYS IN THE WINTER CARPATIES | trip to the Carpathians in winter from Lviv for 6 days

– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Verkhovyna (excursion-concert in the museum named after Roman Kumlyk, excursion and photographing in Hutsul clothes in the museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, Hutsul master classes in the hut)
– Kryvorivnia (survey of the Hutsul church and huts)
– Verkhniy Yaseniv (lunch)
– Verkhovyna (free time and dinner, Hutsulska Zabava).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Bukovel (ascent by chairlift to the top of Bukovel Mountain and viewing the Carpathian panorama, free time)
– Yaremche (overview of the waterfall, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, souvenir shopping)
– Lviv (return until 22:00).

° Tour price: 3695 UAH/person
° Children under 12: discount from the total cost of the tour 300 UAH/person
° Children under 6 years old (inclusive): accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus and accommodation – free of charge .

The price of the tour includes:

+ travel by comfortable bus according to the program,
+ accommodation – green tourism estates – 5 nights,
+ accompanied by a tour guide,
+ excursion service at tourist sites,
+ travel insurance.

The price does not include and is paid additionally:

– entrance tickets to sightseeing facilities,
– food,
– tastings,
– personal expenses.

Cost of entrance tickets for 1 person:

– Shipit waterfall: general – 20 hryvnias, children – 10 hryvnias;
– ascent on the chairlift to Mount Hymba: general – 250 UAH. both ways, children up to 12 years old – UAH 150. in both directions;
– a visit to the fun restaurant “Detsa u notarya”: general – 5 hryvnias, children under 120 cm – free;
– new thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Beregov: general, students, pensioners – UAH 230, children from 120 to 150 cm – UAH 100, children under 120 cm – free, locker rental – UAH 30.
– Shenborn Palace: adult, pensioner, student – 30 hryvnias, schoolchildren – 20 hryvnias;
– Uzhhorod Castle: general (adults) – 100 UAH, pensioners – 75 UAH, students – 70 UAH, students – 50 UAH;
– Mukachevo Castle: adults – UAH 100, students, pensioners – UAH 75, children under 14 – UAH 50;
– thermal pool “Kosino”: general – UAH 500, children up to 150 cm tall – free of charge;
– wine tasting: UAH 80/person, excursion without wine consumption UAH 40/person;
– deer farm: general, pensioner and student – 30 hryvnias, schoolchildren – 20 hryvnias;
– tasting of buffalo and sheep types of cheese: general, student, apprentice – 90 hryvnias;
– excursion-concert in the museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk: general, student and apprentice – UAH 50;
– “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” museum: general, pensioner and student – 40 hryvnias.
– museum “Hata-Staya”: general, pension and student – UAH 40,
– Museum “Grandfather’s Pharmacy” (general, pensioners and students – 50 hryvnias, children – 40 hryvnias).
– bathing in tanks: from UAH 190/person. in 1 hour
– ascent by chairlift to Mount Bukovel (both ways): general – 190 hryvnias; pensioners and children under 12 years old – UAH 130.



1-2-3 night: cozy manors of rural tourism in the Berehiv district, rooms: 2-bed and 3-bed with one benefit for 2-3 rooms.

4-5 nights: accommodation takes place in cozy Hutsul manors of green tourism in the city of Verkhovyna, rooms: 2- and 3-bed rooms with the same benefits for 2-3 rooms.


Breakfast on the 1st day – you can have breakfast at home or take canapés with you to have a snack while the bus is moving or during stops.

Lunch on the 1st day – takes place in the cafe “Gazdivska khizha” in the village Pylypets Menu: salad, mushroom soup, mashed potatoes with chicken chop, bread, tea. The cost is UAH 150/person.

Dinner on the 1st day – takes place in rural tourism estates after settlement and consists of dishes of Hungarian national cuisine, dinner is extremely hearty and tasty, the housewives cook it from their own natural products. Suggested menu: bograch-goulash, Hungarian cabbage rolls, sweets, wine/wormwood, compote. The cost is UAH 150/person.

Breakfast on the 2nd day – takes place in rural tourism estates, the proposed menu: sausage, cheese, langosh with jam (similar to pancakes), butter, bread, coffee/tea. The cost is UAH 100/person.

Lunch on the 2nd day – takes place in the restaurant of the sports hotel “Zanadin”. Menu: Ukrainian borscht with sour cream, rice with vegetables, chicken in sour cream sauce, Korean carrot salad, birch juice, bread. The price is UAH 150/person.

Dinner on the 2nd day – takes place in the estates. Menu: tashkotlefesh, torgonya with gravy, sweets, wine/wormwood, compote. The cost is UAH 150/person.

Breakfast on the 3rd day – takes place in the estates. Menu: omelette, flatbreads with jam, sandwiches with cheese, tea/coffee. The cost is UAH 100/person.

Lunch on the 3rd day – in the city of Mukachevo at the “Weekend” cafe and consists of dishes from the Lemki-Mukachevo cuisine, menu: salad, “soup-levesh”, torgonya (specially prepared home-made pasta) with cones in mushroom sauce, compote, bread . The cost is UAH 150/person.

Dinner on the 3rd day – takes place in rural tourism estates. Suggested menu: chicken broth with chiga, hosulei krumpli (potatoes with meat), Hungarian sweets and wine. The cost is UAH 150/person.

Breakfast on the 4th day – takes place in rural tourism estates, the usual European. The cost is UAH 100/person.

Lunch on the 4th day takes place in Khust at the restaurant “Under the Castle”. Menu: vegetable salad, for starters: pickle, boiled potatoes with meat in the Hungarian style, bread, tea. The price is UAH 150/person.

Dinner on the 4th day will be held in Hutsul homes. Menu: kulesh with mushrooms, dumplings with sour cream, cheese, tea from Carpathian herbs. The price is UAH 150/person.

Breakfast on the 5th day – omelette, flatbreads, sandwiches with cheese, tea/coffee. The cost is UAH 100/person.

Lunch on the 5th day – in the restaurant “Zgarda” village. Verkhniy Yaseniv (Verkhovynsky district). Menu: “Vegetable” salad (tomato, cucumber, onion), Hutsul borsch, Hutsul kulesha with meat, bread, herbal tea. The cost is UAH 150/person.

Dinner on the 5th day – takes place in Verkhovyna at the “Magurka” hut restaurant in the form of the “Hutsul zaava” holiday. The cost is UAH 150.

Breakfast on the 6th day – takes place in Hutsul homes. Menu: flatbreads with cheese, sliced ​​sausage, cheese, eggs, tea/coffee, bread. The cost is UAH 100/person.

Lunch on the 6th day – will be held in the “Hrazdha” hut in the city of Yaremcha. Offered menu: salad, mushroom soup, mashed potatoes with chicken chop, bread, tea from Carpathian herbs. The price is UAH 140/person.

Trip to the Carpathians in winter from Lviv for 6 days /

WARNING! There is no entertainment during the war.

To fully get to know the Hutsuls, their character, customs, cuisine, we invite you to visit the Hutsul fun. During the fun, you can expect:
– Menu: porcini mushroom soup, potatoes baked in a jacket with meat, beet salad, sour cream, lard, fun Carpathian water, uzvar. The cost is UAH 85/person.
– singing and dancing by the Hutsul chapel “Dovbushova Taistra”;
– master classes on Hutsul dances: kolomyika, hutsulka, golubka;
– Hutsul chants, kolomyikas, songs about the Carpathians;
– consecration to the Hutsuls;
– and dancing, dancing, dancing to fiery Hutsul music.
The cost of the Hutsul dinner and participation in the fun is UAH 225/person.
The cost of participation in the fun without dinner is UAH 105/person.

6 DAYS IN THE WINTER CARPATIES | Trip to the Carpathians in winter from Lviv for 6 days



Yaremche is a well-known climatic and ski resort in the Carpathian region. This town can be called a green paradise. Rest in Yaremche will give you peace of mind and strengthen your body. Come to this beautiful region, you will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of nature and the inhabitants of the Carpathians.

Probij waterfall

On the southern outskirts of the city of Yaremche, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, there is one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls of the Carpathians – the Probiy waterfall. The Probiy waterfall is small, its height is only about five meters, but due to its good location, not far from the tourist center, this monument of hydrology of Ukraine attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Mount Gemba

Impressive, popular among skiers, the Carpathian mountain Gemba, or as it is also called Gimba, is one of the highest peaks of the Poloniny Borzhava mountain range, which belongs to the large Carpathian mountain system. Mount Gemba is located in the southwestern part of the Polonyna Borzhava mountain massif in the Zakarpattia region.


Berehovo thermal springs are popular places of rest in autumn and winter. They are visited by thousands of tourists from different parts of Ukraine. In general, the thermal waters of Berehovo are known outside the country, and tourists come here from Europe, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

Uzhgorod Castle

One of the most impregnable buildings in Transcarpathia is the Uzhgorod Castle. The mysterious and gloomy fortification structure attracts the attention of tourists with its mystical history and interesting exhibits. The heart of the ancient city of Uzhgorod, Uzhgorod Castle is one of the most well-preserved defense structures in Ukraine, which has been carrying out its long and glorious military history since the 10th century. An honorable fact from the history of the Uzhhorod castle: after being strengthened by the Drugets, it was never taken by storm, despite numerous attempts.

Buffalo farm

The largest Transcarpathian buffalo farm “Carpathian Buffalo” is located in the vicinity of the town of Vynohradiv. They started keeping and restoring the population of such animals 9 years ago. When the number of the herd increased, they decided to create a farm, which now has more than 50 buffaloes. Well, in order to better acquaint tourists with another Transcarpathian producer of dairy and meat products, tastings were soon started.

Shipit waterfall

Shipit waterfall is located in a fabulously beautiful place. It is surrounded by a fragrant coniferous forest, silence and coolness. While walking in this beautiful place, you will hear the magical singing of birds, immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of the forest kingdom and suddenly hear the growing hum. This is the noise of Shipit waterfall. Its water jets burst from a 14-meter height, forming several magnificent cascades and dispersing the spray with a cloud of transparent drops. The views of tourists are truly fascinated by this unusual natural wonder.


The Bukovel tourist complex is a unique place that is interesting and attractive not only for skiing and snowboarding, but also for an incredible amount of various entertainment. Thanks to the possibility of creating a resort “from scratch” in Bukovel, it was possible to create the most comfortable conditions for recreation, taking into account all the needs of tourists. Literary entertainment for adults and children!

Palanok Castle

Palanok Castle of Mukachevo occupies an area of almost 14 thousand square meters. It is located on a mountain of volcanic origin, the height of which is 68 meters. The view is simply gorgeous – the mountains are nearby, and the castle is simply mesmerizing with its impregnability. The castle seems to consist of three parts: the Upper Castle, the Middle Castle, and the Lower Castle.


Uzhhorod is the westernmost and smallest regional center of Ukraine. Uzhgorod has a very interesting foothills location. A very rich microclimate, a lot of sun. And in addition, Uzhhorod is cozy in its structure, as there are low buildings here. The city attracts to itself in many ways due to its rich history, due to its Europeanness, which differs from other parts of Ukraine. Layering and layering of cultures and ethnic groups makes it very attractive and interesting for people who come here.


The village of Koson is located 18 kilometers from the district center of Beregovo, near the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. The village is known, first of all, for thermal mineral waters extracted on the territory of the health and tourist complex “Kosino”, where everyone can give rest to their body and mind, and at the same time have a pleasant and useful time. The complex itself is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by a two-hundred-year-old oak wall.

Berehiv Volcanic Lowland

The surroundings of Berehova have long been famous throughout the world for their wines, which have a wonderful aroma and a great wealth of taste properties. This is thanks to the volcanic rocks on which the grapes grow and the energy of the sun, because this is where the most sunny days in Transcarpathia are.


Iza – the capital of wickerwork of Ukraine, passing through the village you can buy various souvenirs made of vines, from simple practical items to real works of art.


Surrounded by winged old oaks of the same age, the church of St. Mykhailo (1666-1668) is the oldest of all the wooden churches of Khustshchyna and is an excellent example of Maramoros Gothic.


We welcome you to the business center of Europe. Business, because business people live here, and the center, because a stone sign has been installed here, which reads: “Permanent, exact, eternal place. Very precisely, with a special device made in Austria-Hungary, the center of Europe was established according to the scale of meridians and parallels. Year 1887”.


The ethno-geographical center of the Hutsul Region, the former Zhabye, spread out on the banks of the glorious Black Cheremosh River, besides the picturesque Carpathian panoramas, has many other charms for discerning tourists. Here you are hospitably invited to a concert-excursion to the private Hutsul museum of life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk. You can learn about the great Hutsul love of Ivan and Marichka, as well as take a photo in Hutsul clothes in the house-museum of the movie “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. You can experience the taste of Hutsul cheese in the Khata-Staya museum of Polonist life. And beer lovers will especially enjoy the live beer “Verkhovyna”, which is brewed from high-quality Bavarian malt and hops on crystal Carpathian water.


The legendary village of “Ukrainian Athens” has preserved for us the classic Hutsul church of the Holy Mother of God (1719) and the hut-museum “Hutsul Township”. Picturesque Kryvorivnia was liked by I. Frank, M. Hrushevskyi, H. Hotkevich, M. Kotsyubynskyi, I. Trush and dozens of other prominent figures, and obviously you will like it too.

  • 30.01 – 05.02.21. Дуже насичена програма туру: і природа, і церкви, і музеї, і дегустації, і ферми буйволина та оленяча, і термальні купальні, і купання в чанах, і навіть гуцульська забава з піснями-танцями. Все продумано до дрібниць. Автобус комфортабельний, група була велика, 50 людей, тож кожен знайшов собі компанію до душі. А з гідом нам взагалі пощастило неймовірно, пані Марина просто чарівна! Всі питання вирішувалися миттєво, дисципліна в групі була залізною, і настрій пречудовий пані Марина підтримувала протягом всієї мандрівки. Карпати взимку – неймовірно красиві!!! Дуже раджу.

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Trip to the Carpathians in winter / 6 days in the winter Carpathians / 09.22

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