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Luxurious duo: Italy and Switzerland | from Lviv

Tour dates: 14.09 / 21.09 / 29.09 / 05.10 / 19.10 / 09.11 / 23.11 / 07.12 / 28.12

Trip to Europe for 5 days: Italy and Switzerland

Price: from  225 €

Excursion bus trip to Europe – bus tour for 5 days, 2 night transfers. Morning departure from Lviv and evening arrival in Lviv (depending on the border). We will visit the countries: Poland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy and their wonderful cities: Krakow, Vienna, Vaduz, Lugano, Bellinzona, Locarno, Milan, etc. The tour price includes 4 excursions around the cities: Krakow, Vienna, Lugano and Milan.

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Bus trip to Europe for 5 days from Lviv: Italy and Switzerland


Cost:Tour price: from 225 €/person
Duration:5 days / 2 nights transfer
Countries visited:Poland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy
Route:Lviv – Krakow – Vienna – Liechtenstein – Lugano – Bellinzona – Locarno – Milan – Lviv (→ map)
Departure:Lviv, central railway station. (Morning departure from Lviv and evening arrival in Lviv (depending on the border))
Included in the tour cost:4 city tours: Krakow, Vienna, Lugano and Milan.
Accommodation:in 3* hotels with breakfasts along the route
Tour code:83529
Manager:+380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

Attention! The cost of the tour may vary, check the price with the manager on the day of purchasing the tour!



07:00 – group gathering at the Lviv railway station (paid parking on the right side of the main entrance to the station).
07:30 – departure from Lviv. Border crossing.

Upon arrival in Krakow, a sightseeing tour of the city (included in the tour price)

Krakow — is the pearl of Poland, a city where the history of Europe lives on every step. This is the place where the heart of Poland beats to the rhythms of ancient architecture, preserving the country’s most magical treasures. Krakow’s historic quarter is proud of its status as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our journey will take you to the majestic Wawel Fortress, the picturesque Old Town, where time seems to stand still in the epic Middle Ages, and the legendary Jagiellonian University, a sanctuary of knowledge since 1364. And the streets of Krakow seem to all lead to its heart – the Market Square, surrounded by architectural masterpieces and ancient Dresses. And also… listen carefully: from the tower of St. Mary’s Church, an architectural miracle of the 14th century, a melody sounds every hour – the soul and voice of Krakow.

Transfer and check-in to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Vienna.

Sightseeing tour in Vienna (included in the tour price)

Vienna panorama: from the Town Hall to the Belvedere. Vienna fascinates with its architectural luxury, green alleys and attractions. Traveling along the Ring, which seems to be embraced by a canal, we will feel the spirit of the old city. Our route will take you past the magnificent premises of the Town Hall, the stock exchange, the university, the vibrant State Opera, the majestic Burgtheater and the parliament. This city will also surprise you with its most eccentric building creation – the Hundertwasser House. And we will end our tour in the majestic palace halls of the Belvedere – a real pearl of Viennese architecture.

In our free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

«Vienna – the capital of luxury» (29€)

Charming Vienna: history, music and architectural masterpieces. The heart of a formerly powerful empire, Vienna is a city where every alley resounds with the melodies of great composers: from Mozart to Strauss. This is a place where the waltz is not just a dance, but the soul of the nation, uniting generation after generation. Vienna, as a living open-air museum, attracts with its luxury, grandeur of squares and intimacy of narrow streets.
While walking around the city, a number of exciting discoveries are expected: Maria Theresa Square, beckoning with its majesty; the Hofburg Palace, which tells about the life and reign of the Habsburg dynasty; museum pearls and Heroes Square. And the heart of religious Vienna is St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which keeps the secrets of the Middle Ages. But, of course, one of the main calling cards is the Vienna Opera – the world center of musical art. Vienna not only welcomes, but also enchants, making every moment unforgettable.

«Legends of Vienna» (19€)

Join a fascinating walk through the narrow streets of the old town, where every stone and paving stone is full of legends and stories. We will begin our trip from the majestic pulpit of St. Stephen, whose walls carefully preserve the secrets of past centuries.
During our walk we will visit the house where the unrivaled Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived. Did you believe that a cow could play chess? See for yourself when you see the magical 16th century fresco!
On Scheunlaternegasse we will plunge into the mysterious world of the legend of the Basilisk. After this we will visit the picturesque courtyard of the monastery of St. Cross, we will stop in the Greek quarter, where we will hear stories about the musician Augustine, and explore the Greek Church. The Jewish Quarter with its unique atmosphere will also not leave you indifferent.
Our adventure will end at a wonderful watch that not only shows the time, but also dances – this is ANKER UHR. Join us to feel the spirit of the past and enter the world of legends of the ancient city!

“Golden Treasury of the Habsburgs” (19€ + entrance tickets paid extra)

A true gem of the Habsburgs, this museum is rightfully considered one of the largest collections of Christian relics in the world. It is located right in the Hofburg Palace, the former residence center of the Austrian imperial family.

Night transfer to Switzerland.


Moving to Switzerland.

«Tiny Liechtenstein» (20€)

On the way to Switzerland, we suggest visiting Liechtenstein, a cozy country that proudly feels between Austria and Switzerland. This tiny principality, full of castles, churches and other architectural wonders, will capture your heart from the first minutes of meeting this magical place.

Arrival to Lugano – a magical city located on the shores of Lake Lugano, between the peaks of the mountains Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bre. Its unique location and favorable climate make staying here pleasant at any time of the year.

Sightseeing tour to Lugano (included in the tour price)

During our guided tour of Lugano we will visit the impressive Cathedral of St. Lorenzo, stop at Piazza della Riforma, enjoy a walk through the picturesque Civico Ciani park and relax on the Lido di Lugano promenade.

In our free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

We suggest visiting the fabulous Locarno (38€)

Locarno is a magical city, proudly located on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore. During our excursion we will immerse ourselves in the tranquil atmosphere of this corner, enjoying the natural scenery of Lake Maggiore and the picturesque promenade of the city. We will visit the ancient churches of San Francesco and San Antonio, and also visit the castle of the Visconti dynasty, which once ruled Milan. And the highlight of our walk will be the ascent by funicular to the shrine of Madonna del Sasso, where, according to legend, the Virgin Mary herself once appeared to a monk. From this mountain a fascinating panorama of the city and its surroundings unfolds in front of us.

Excursion to Bellinzona (35€)

Bellinzona is the heart of the canton of Ticino and a city where the traditions of German, Swiss and Italian cultures are intertwined. Its grandeur is reflected in its three majestic castles: Montebello, Castelgrande and Sasso Corbado, each with its own unique history. During our walk through the picturesque streets of the city, we will visit the Church of St. Peter and Stephen, which bears witness to the centuries-old religious traditions of this region. We will not ignore the local theater, built in an elegant neoclassical style, which is a reflection of the cultural development of the city. Bellinzona is a true cultural treasure among the Swiss mountains.

Moving and settling in Italy. Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Milan.

We invite you to an exciting journey to Milan – a city that is a symbol of greatness and culture. The heart of Italy, where the ancient past meets the modern, where the path of outstanding artists such as Da Vinci, Bramante and Verdi passes through the century. Walking along its streets, you will certainly want to stop to admire its architectural masterpieces and feel the atmosphere of an ancient city that pulsates with modern life. Numerous galleries, museums and theaters will tell you stories about the great past of this city and its contribution to world culture. Milan is not just a city, it is a legend that continues to live in the hearts of millions of people. Don’t miss the opportunity to touch its unsurpassed beauty!

Sightseeing tour of Milan (included in the tour price)

Your steps will certainly lead you to the Duomo – this majestic Gothic cathedral stands as an unbending symbol of Milan. Its construction began under Gianni Galiazzo Visconti in 1386, but was completed only during the Napoleonic era.

La Scala Square and the theater located on it will immerse you in the world of high art. The theater, which saw the light of day thanks to the contributions of Milanese music lovers in 1778, has been delighting opera fans with its performances for many years.

You won’t be able to avoid visiting the Sforzesco Castle, a majestic medieval building. It is interesting that its forms influenced the architecture of the Moscow Kremlin, because the Italian masters who worked on the Sforzesco also took part in construction in Russia.

But this is just part of what Milan has to offer. Every street, every corner contains a special story that is waiting to be discovered.

In our free time we offer:

«Excursion to Lake Como» (31€/26€)

Lake Como has always been a special place, attracting both locals and tourists from all over the world with its unsurpassed nature, crystal water and atmosphere of luxury.

The eponymous city of Como, located on the southwestern shore of this magical lake, offers many exciting adventures. A walk through the historical center of the city will absorb you in a whirlpool of architectural masterpieces and picturesque streets. By visiting the funicular, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the lake, looking at it from a great height, like a bird’s eye view.

What could be better than a boat ride on the lake, when the tops of the mountains twinkle on the horizon and the water plays with all shades of blue? After such emotions, you can relax in a restaurant located on the shore of the lake, where every bite of food will be accompanied by a magical view of the water surface of Como.

Excursion to the Duomo (18€)

We visit with a tour one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Europe, and one of the largest in the world. Duomo or Cathedral of the Birth of the Virgin Mary.

Night transfer to Ukraine.


Border crossing.
Evening arrival in Lviv.


Tour price: from 225 €/person.

Attention! The cost of the tour may vary, check the price with the manager on the day of purchase of the tour.

The tour price includes:

+ travel by Euroclass bus;
+ support by the group leader;
+ Accommodation along the route: 3* hotel;
+ Meals – breakfasts in hotels;
+ Sightseeing tours of the cities: Krakow, Vienna, Lugano and Milan;
+ Insurance

The price does not include and is paid additionally:

– Travel by public transport
– Optional excursions
– Entrance tickets to excursion sites
– Personal expenses (lunches, dinners, etc.)
– City tax – from 3 € to 7 € (local tax, paid on the bus to the group leader according to hotel requirements)
– Mandatory surcharge for renting a radio with headphones for excursions – 2 €/day (payable on the bus to the group leader).

Seats on the bus are allocated as applications are received and are indicated in the information sheet.
The tour operator reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or replace them with equivalent ones.
The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the program without changing the total number of services.
The tour program may change for New Year, Christmas, May holidays and other holidays.
The cost of electives may vary depending on the number of tourists in the group. The minimum number for optional excursions is 20 people.
Service Non-departure insurance – 6% of the tour cost (This service can only be ordered if the tour is booked no later than 14 days before the departure date) Service Comfortable seat – 15 € / person (Ordered when booking the tour. A seat with 1 is
selected for 12)
Service Single occupancy – 80 € (addition to the cost of the tour)
Service Last row – 10 € discount from the cost of the tour when choosing a seat in the last row of the bus.
Service “For Bridal Couples” – 5% discount on the tour price for those who have recently gotten engaged (book the tour no later than 30 days from the date of signing).
“Additional free space near you” service – 75% of the tour cost.
Service Excursion around Lviv – Do you have time before departure? Take a walk around Lviv with interesting stories from your guide. Order the service Tour of Lviv.
Service “For organized groups” from 5 to 35 people. For detailed conditions for receiving discounts for organized groups, see the section: organized groups.
When booking a group of up to 30 people, 1 additional optional excursion offered by the tour operator is required.
For a group of 30 people or more, 2 additional optional excursions offered by the tour operator are required.
Attention! For groups of more than 35 people, you must write an individual request – detailed conditions
– if a tourist is diagnosed with COVID-19 or another disease before departure that makes it impossible to travel with us, you have the right to use one replacement tour for free.
Please note that only the tour participant who has documented proof of illness can change the tour date. Other family members or friends who are going on the tour change the tour date according to the terms of the contract for tourist services.
– you can additionally order the “Let’s go later” service so that all tour participants have the opportunity to reschedule the departure date, and not just those with documented proof of illness. The cost of the service is 25 €/person.
This service must be registered for each tour participant.
“Family Travel” service – discounts for children* (this service does not apply to booking travel services for organized groups): (this service does not apply
to booking travel services for organized groups):
For detailed conditions on discounts for children, see the section:
promotions! The commission amount for each child is reduced in accordance with the discount (by 50% for the first child and by 10% for the second and third child)!
When booking a tour, we ask you to enter into a travel service agreement.
Booking a tour is a confirmation that the tourist is familiar with the tour program, terms of purchase, cancellation of the tour and payment for the tour.
Tour cancellation. If you cancel the tour, the cancellation conditions and penalties are specified in the contract.
Information sheet and insurance. After full payment for the tour, each tourist must receive an information letter from the travel company with more detailed information on the tour program and an insurance policy. These documents can be downloaded 2-3 days before departure, in the order view above the online search, under the customer’s company login and password.
Hotel accommodation. When booking tourists in the amount of 1 person, please be warned that it is possible to share a DBL/TRPL/QUAD room. If there is no accommodation for the tour, please warn tourists about the mandatory additional payment for the SNGL room. The cost is indicated above.
“It’s my birthday”. If a tourist’s birthday falls while on tour, the company gives the opportunity to choose a gift. This could be: 1 free optional excursion on a tour or a service on a tour, such as transfer or others. The gift can be chosen only from the company’s services offered, and not any excursion or service on the tour of the tourist’s choice. A list of excursions or services that can be chosen as a gift is provided by the group leader. A gift excursion or service is not counted when ordering optional excursions for organized groups. You cannot choose a gift from the “It’s my birthday” service if you used the “10% birthday” discount when booking the tour.
Terms of payment! 50% after confirmation of the tour and 50% no later than 14 days before departure.
When booking a tour less than 14 days before the departure date, full payment for the tour is made on the 2nd day after confirmation of the tour.