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  • Новый год на Закарпатье


Celebrate the New Year 2024 in Transcarpathia!

Tour price: 4295 hryvnias

Celebrate the New Year in Transcarpathia 2024 on a festive tour from Lviv by EtnoSvit “NEW YEAR’S EXPRESS: THERMAL SPAS, CASTLES AND WINE”! New Year Transcarpathia will surprise you with its uniqueness – winter landscapes, picturesque rivers and lakes, mountain spaces of fabulous beauty, medieval castles and palaces. You will also have a cheese and wine tasting, take a ride on the cable car and attend an unforgettable New Year’s party!



° Tour price: 4295 hryvnias/person

° Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

° Tour date: 29.12.2023 – 01.01.2024

° Place of departure / return of the bus: Main railway station, paid car park (city of Lviv, Dvirtseva Square, 1).

° Route: Lviv – Mukachevo – Berehove – Vynogradovo – Khust – Velyatino – Uzhhorod – Barvinok – Mukachevo – Karpaty Sanatorium – Pylypets – Lviv

ВВ Tour code: 73746

° Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com



New Year in Transcarpathia 2023 - Термальні басейни Закарпаття

– departure from Lviv (09:00)
Mukachevo (you can join the group in Mukachevo at 12:30) – tour of the castle and lunch;
Berehove (thermal waters, swimming in a thermal pool)
– Berehiv Volcanic Lowland (wine tasting)
– Berehove (check-in at the Lark hotel, check-in at 8:30 p.m., dinner).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Vinohradovo (cheese tasting and taking pictures with buffaloes)
– Khust (ostrich farm, city walk and lunch)
– Velyatino (swimming in thermal pools)
– Berehove (return to the hotel at 18:30, dinner).


New Year in Transcarpathia

– breakfast and departure (08:00)
Karpaty sanatorium (tour of Schönborn Palace)
Uzhhorod (excursion-walk through the city)
– Periwinkle (evening swimming in the thermal pool)
– Berehove (return to the hotel, preparation for the New Year’s meeting).

New Year’s meeting!


– late breakfast and departure (10:00)
– Pylypets (review Shipit waterfall, lunch and ascent by chairlift to Mount Gimba, free time for winter fun);
— Volovets (19:00)
– Lviv (return until 23:00).

New Year in Transcarpathia – proposed options for New Year’s Eve 2024:

WARNING! Information regarding the New Year’s celebration will be clarified 2 weeks before departure.


° Tour price: 4295 hryvnias/person

° Discounts for children:
– Children up to 6 years of age (inclusive), accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus and during accommodation – free of charge;
– Children up to 12 years old (inclusive) discount from the total cost of the tour – 350 UAH/person.

Included in the price of the tour:
+ travel by Euro-class bus,
+ accommodation (3 nights),
+ accompanied by a tour guide,
+ excursion service in tourist facilities,
+ travel insurance.
It is not included in the price and is paid additionally:
– entrance tickets to tourist facilities,
– food,
– cheese and wine tastings, New Year’s feast.
– personal expenses and souvenirs.

The cost of entrance tickets for 1 person:
– Mukachevo Castle: adults – UAH 100, students, pensioners – UAH 70, children under 14 – UAH 50;
– new thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Beregov (2 hours): general, pensioner, student – UAH 220, disabled people of the 1st group – UAH 110, children from 120 to 150 cm – UAH 110, children up to 120 cm – free of charge, locker rental – UAH 30;
– wine tasting: UAH 100, excursion without wine consumption – UAH 50;
– excursion to a buffalo farm and tasting of dairy buffalo products: general – 85 hryvnias,
– ostrich farm in Khust: general, pension, student – 30 hryvnias, children under 12 years old – 20 hryvnias;
– thermal pool in Velyatino (2 hours): general, students – UAH 250, pensioners from 60 years old – UAH 160, children up to 140 cm tall. – UAH 100, children up to 3 years old and ATO participants – free of charge;
– visiting the cult restaurant “Detsa u notarya” – UAH 5;
– Uzhgorod Castle: general (adults) – 100 UAH, pensioners – 75 UAH, students – 70 UAH, students – 40 UAH;
– thermal pool “Zolota Gora” (2 hours): general – 250 UAH, children up to 150 cm tall – 125 UAH, children up to 110 cm tall – free;
– Shenborn Palace: adult, pensioner, student – 30 hryvnias, schoolchildren – 20 hryvnias;
– ascent on the chairlift to Mount Hymba: general – 200 UAH. in both directions, children under 10 years old – UAH 150. in both directions;
– Shipit waterfall: general, pension, student – 20 hryvnias, student – 10 hryvnias.
takes place in the cozy “Lark” hotel in Berehove, rooms for 2-3 people, with benefits in the room.
Breakfast on the 1st day – you can have breakfast at home or take canapés with you to snack on the bus or during stops.

Lunch on the 1st day – takes place in the “Zakarpatskyi Credens” restaurant. Menu: salad, “Podbivanie spatka” (asparagus soup topped with sour cream), torgonya (specially prepared homemade pasta) with cones in mushroom sauce, compote, bread. The cost is UAH 120/person.

Dinner on the 1st day takes place in the hotel restaurant. Menu: torgonya (specially prepared pasta) with chicken beef strogan, salad (beet with horseradish), pancake with jam, custard tea, bread. The price is UAH 140.

Breakfast on the 2nd day takes place in the hotel restaurant. Menu: 2-egg omelette, cheese, ham, butter, bread, tea. The price is UAH 90.

Lunch on the 2nd day takes place in the restaurant of the Karpaty hotel in Khust. Menu: green borscht, rokot fries with sausage, fresh vegetable salad, compote, bread. The cost is UAH 140.

Dinner on the 2nd day takes place in Mukachevo, at the restaurant “Poryadny Gazda”. Menu: Transcarpathian djama, chirke-poprigash, home-made bread, elderberry juice. The cost is UAH 140/person.

Breakfast on the 3rd day takes place in the hotel restaurant. Menu: pancakes with meat, bread, tea. The price is UAH 90.

Lunch on the 3rd day takes place in Uzhgorod, at the “Chester” cafe. Menu: Levesh soup, rice with vegetables, baked loci, “Poloninsky” salad (tomato, cucumber, cabbage), compote, bread. The price is UAH 120/person.

Dinner on the 3rd day takes place in the form of a “New Year’s party” holiday (details and menu later).

Breakfast on the 4th day takes place in the hotel restaurant. Menu: omelet from 2 eggs with ham, tea. The price is UAH 90.

Lunch on the 4th day takes place at the “Gimba” cafe in the village. Pylypets Menu: mushroom soup, vegetable salad, mashed potatoes with meat, compote, bread. The cost is UAH 130/person.

New Year in Transcarpathia 2023


No matter from which direction we approach Mukachevo, we will certainly notice the legendary Palanok castle, shrouded in glory, proudly rising on a lonely hill. Without a doubt, it is a pearl among the military-historical monuments of Transcarpathia and Ukraine. Built by Prince Fyodor Koryatovych, the castle served as a defensive fortification. How many stories and legends are connected with this castle is impossible to list. What is the story about the legendary Ilona Zrini – the brave and heroic defender of Palanok castle – worth?


Beregsas, that’s how the locals call their city – it is the capital of Hungarian Ukraine and is known throughout the world for its unique thermal waters, the healing properties of which you can feel for yourself after visiting the Beregovo thermal pools. And this region is famous for grapes and a large number of ancient cellars for storing these grapes. Berehovo can also boast of historical heritage – famous architectural monuments, such as the Gothic church of All Saints, the Golden Peacock casino, the Church of the Reformers, the Count’s Court, etc.

Berehiv Volcanic Lowland

Thanks to the highest number of sunny days in Transcarpathia and the fertile volcanic rocks on which the town of Berehove is located, this region is famous for its viticulture. The wonderful microclimate, the protection of the Carpathians from the cold eastern winds and human industriousness have made Bereghiu Oblast a wine-growing region known throughout Europe. The city even has a registered knightly order of winemakers of St. Wenceslas.


The Carpathian Buffalo farm is located near Black Mountain in Vyrodiv, where local enthusiasts are trying to save the northernmost buffalo population in the world. Currently, there are more than 30 Carpathian buffaloes on the farm, which you can observe, as well as taste and buy different varieties of buffalo and sheep cheese.


At the place where the River flows into the Tisza is the capital of Carpathian Ukraine – the city of Khust, and the beginning of it was the Khust Castle, which began to be built in 1090 and, according to some data, belonged to the family of Count Drago (Dracula). From the observation deck of the castle hill, you can admire the charming Carpathian landscapes and the panorama of the city. Not far from the center of Khust is an ostrich farm, where these largest modern birds of the world live. Adults of this species can reach a height of 2.7 m and weigh up to 130 kg. All fashionistas always dream of visiting the Khust factory of felt hats “Khust-felts”, because it has one of the largest assortments of hats in Europe. The hats of this factory are worn by famous politicians and stars of show business. We believe that you will find your hat that will emphasize your charm and beauty.


Here, among the picturesque volcanic mountains, springs of thermal water have been beating for a long time, on the basis of which the modern and comfortable tourist complex “Warm Waters” operates year-round. The local water rises from a depth of 1,000 meters, has a temperature of over 36 degrees, 33 times higher mineralization than seawater and is famous for its high content of iodine and bromine. 3 thermal, 2 mineral and 5 freshwater pools are waiting for you, where you can get a great charge of positivity and pleasure in addition to health.


Today, Uzhhorod is the westernmost and smallest regional center of Ukraine. And also, the only city in our country that has a direct exit to the foreign country. Uzhgorod is clearly divided into two parts: old and new, and has a very interesting foothills location. A very rich microclimate, a lot of sun. There are enough sights in Uzhhorod. Uzhhorod is attractive in many ways due to its rich history, due to its Europeanness, which is different from other parts of Ukraine. Nowadays, Uzhhorod is increasingly called the door to Europe. It is enough to spend at least a day in Uzhhorod to fall head over heels in love with this western, small, cozy corner of Ukraine.


Near Uzhhorod, surrounded by the Carpathians, thermal waters rise from the heart of the earth and bring health and joy to the guests of the Golden Mountain recreation complex. Modern thermal pools with water temperatures of 29 and 39 degrees in the open space await you. The water is extremely useful and its composition is similar to the thermal waters of the best resorts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Sanatorium “Karpaty”

Among the proud and picturesque Carpathian mountains, one of the most beautiful and romantic castles of Ukraine has found its place – the hunting castle of the Counts of Shenborn (1890). In addition, it is perfectly preserved. You can study the calendar by the architecture of the castle. After all, it has 365 windows, 12 entrances, and 52 rooms. There is a handsome park near the castle, in which various exotic plants grow. Not far from the castle is the defensive castle of Baron Pereni (XIV century). Although it is not as well-kept as Schönborn Castle, thanks to its respectable age, it is not offended by tourists either.


Pylypets is currently one of the most beautiful and cozy villages of the Mizhhirsky district of Ukrainian Transcarpathia, especially known to lovers of winter recreation in Transcarpathia. But the extremely beautiful panoramas of the Carpathians attract tourists to this wonderful village at any time of the year. Mount Hymba is a special place for tourism. Here you will find a ski resort and one of the best views of the Carpathian mountains. Climbing the chairlift will not leave a single tourist indifferent.

Shipit waterfall

The mystical Whisper fascinates with its beauty. You can admire the waterfall at any time of the year, even in winter, when the steep rocks are covered with snow. However, the best time to meet Shipot is in the spring, when the snow melts on the slopes of Gemba, filling the stream. Not far from the waterfall, if you go to it past the village of Pylypets, you will find souvenir shops and numerous sellers of hot wine – in winter, or soft drinks – in summer.

NEW YEAR’S EXPRESS: THERMAL SPAS, CASTLES AND WINE | New Year in Transcarpathia | tour from Lviv by EtnoSvit

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