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  • Новорічний Львів / Новогодний Львов


  • Напрямок:
  • Тривалість: 4 дн
  • Початок: 30/12/2022
  • Закінчення: 02/01/2023
  • Ціна: 3,700 грн

• New Years Lviv
• Tour code: MT74358
NEW YEAR’S Lviv + CASTLES – This is an intriguing trip to the New Year’s tale of Lviv and the castles of the Lviv region

New Year’s tour in Lviv. The most interesting and vivid New Year’s route – excursions, New Year’s party, festive atmosphere, unforgettable rest, comfortable prices, best service. NEW YEARS Lviv – This is an intriguing trip to the New Year’s tale of the city of Lviv and the castles of the Lviv region! We invite you to welcome the New Year 2023 with us!

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Tour route: Lviv – Olesko – Pidhirtsi – Zolochiv – Novorichni Lviv excursions

Tour price:
3700 hryvnias/person.
4 days/ 3 nights
Tour date:
30.12.2022 – 02.01.2023
Bus from Lviv
In the program of the tour:

New Year’s Lviv is a real adventure. This is a trip to the city of elegance and history. To the city of coffee and chocolate. To the city of patriotism. We will see the most interesting architectural monuments. We visit colorful thematic restaurants. Let’s get acquainted with elite, historical and modern Lviv. And we will also go on an exciting journey through the Castles of the Lviv region. It will be New Year’s fabulous and definitely unforgettable!

NEW YEARS Lviv + CASTLES OF Lviv Oblast in a festive tour from EtnoSvit


– Olesko (view of the castle)

NEW YEARS Lviv / Olesky Castle Lviv region

Every Ukrainian should visit the museum-reserve of the XIV-XVIII centuries. “Olesky Castle”. The fortress on the hill is one of the oldest in the Ukrainian lands (1390), its exhibition reproduces the atmosphere of the cultural and artistic life of past centuries, the castle is famous for one of the largest collections of wooden sculptures in Europe, including Ioanna Georgiy Pinzel. According to legend, the souls of lovers Adam Zholkivskyi and the daughter of the castle owner Marciana walk through the castle at night.

Pidigrytsi (castle overview)

Podhoretsky castle Konetspolskyi with a park (1635) was once considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and is one of the best examples of the combination of a Renaissance palace with bastion fortifications. Near the castle are the richly decorated church of St. Joseph (1763), an inn and a brewery of the 18th century.

– Zolochiv (viewing the castle, lunch)

The city of Western Ukraine is extremely rich in sights, the decoration of which is the Zolochiv Castle (1634) with a Chinese palace (one of three in Europe). Tourists are very interested in the mysterious stones of the Templars with two crowns, which make the most cherished dreams come true.


– breakfast

Bus excursion NEW YEARS LVIV

  • Duration of the excursion: 9:00-14:00

Lviv is so rich in interesting sights and colorful places that you can have time to see the maximum only during a bus excursion. We will travel through Lviv, admire its architecture, and listen to its legends. You will also have the opportunity to see several sights during the stops. It is about exits near the majestic church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth, near the cathedral of St. Jura, on Rynok Square, as well as on the Lychakiv Cemetery and the High Castle.

Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth

NEW YEARS LVIV + CASTLE / Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth

The Church of Saints Olga and Elizaveta is the tallest building in Lviv. Its height reaches 88 meters. The church is made in the neo-Gothic style, and the first stone under construction was laid by the emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I. The church is interesting for its external grandeur and internal decoration. And also history. You can see the majestic temple and take a look inside during our excursion with a stop near the church.

Monument to Stepan Bandera

The seven-meter Stepan Bandera is one of the most impressive monuments in Lviv. He stands guard over harmony and peace in the city. And every element of the monument is a real symbol of patriotism. The monument to Stepan Bandera is a 30-meter triumphal arch, which symbolizes with its columns 4 historical periods in the life of Ukraine: princely times, the period of the Cossacks, the period of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the People’s Republic of Ukraine, and the modern history of Ukraine.

Archcathedral of St. George


A tour of Lviv is impossible without stopping at one of the most beautiful churches – the St. George’s Cathedral. This is the main shrine of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and an outstanding architectural monument. The cathedral together with the Ensemble of the historical center of Lviv belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. And on the belfry is the oldest bell in Ukraine, which was cast back in 1341.

Rynok square

The historical center of Lviv is one of the most interesting locations of our New Year’s excursion. Rynok Square always attracts tourists with its interesting architecture, colorful establishments and unusual museums, and on the eve of the New Year, it also fascinates with real Christmas decorations and a festive atmosphere. Over the years, Rynok Square has been the center of the economic and cultural life of Lviv. It remains so today.

Lviv Town Hall

Lviv Town Hall is the heart of Rynok Square and the historical part of the city. The building in which the city government sits today is already the fourth City Hall in the history of Lviv. The previous three were destroyed. The modern Lviv Town Hall is an architectural monument of national importance, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. It is the highest in Ukraine and anyone who wants to can climb to its top in order to see the city of Leva from a bird’s eye view.


Rynok Square has four unique fountains in each corner. All of them are octagonal with figures from ancient mythology. What is interesting is that none of the so-called fountains are such in the literal sense of the word. These are wells into which water flows in two streams. Once upon a time in these “fountains” bargain hunters washed the greens and vegetables that were sold on Rynok Square.

Black tenement house

NEW YEARS LVIV + CASTLE | Black tenement house

The black tenement house is one of the most colorful buildings in the central part of Lviv. Its facade and pilasters are really black, covered with hewn stone and decorated with carvings. Today, the walls of this building house the expositions of the Lviv Historical Museum. And the tenement house was the central location of the plot of one of the mystical films about the life of spirits.

High castle

The high castle today is not quite a castle anymore, but rather its ruin. However, the majestic walls, along which you can climb to the top of Zamkova Gora and look at Lviv in all its beauty, remain almost the most favorite place not only for tourists, but also for local residents. Newlyweds take photo sessions here. Chosen women are brought here for their first dates. Here they walk with children and simply celebrate important events. We will also climb to the top.

Lychakiv cemetery

NEW YEARS LVIV + CASTLE | Lychakiv cemetery

Lychakiv cemetery is a memorial cemetery that covers 40 hectares and is divided into 86 fields. Once upon a time, only wealthy or famous people were buried here, regardless of nationality. That is why today in Lychakov you can see more than half a thousand sculptures and tombstones with inscriptions in different languages. There are also 24 chapels in the cemetery, the oldest of which was built back in 1812. Today, interesting excursions are being organized at the Lychakiv cemetery, which you and I will be able to attend.

NEW YEAR Lviv – Meeting and celebration of the New Year in Lviv 2023 (independently)


Excursion “Streets of the ancient city” / NEW YEARS LVIV

  • Duration of the tour: 12:00-2:00 p.m.
  • start: 12:00 Opera House, ave. Freedom

Lviv can be seen from the bus window. You can read about him in books. But it is better to see it during a walk. Streets Near the monuments. Along the sights. Through the stained glass windows of cathedrals. We will see more than 150 sights. And it will forever remain in everyone’s memory. Because Lviv is truly unforgettable.

Latin Cathedral

NEW YEARS LVIV + CASTLE | Latin Cathedral

The Latin Cathedral is a landmark in the Gothic style, which makes it unique for Lviv. Once upon the site of the Cathedral there was another church – the Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today it is a majestic building, which, in addition to Gothic, surprises with features of Baroque, Renaissance and Secession.

Armenian Cathedral

The Armenian Cathedral is an architectural monument included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is the only temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Western Ukraine and a unique monument of Eastern culture in Europe. Not only the architectural feature of the temple, but also its courtyard deserve special attention. It is lined with tombstones of the Armenian cemetery. And this has its own philosophy, which we will learn during visits to the temple.

Dominican Cathedral

It is simply impossible not to notice this cathedral in Lviv. It is one of the grandest buildings in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its architecture harmoniously combined the late Baroque style with rich sculpture decoration. At the end of the 20th century, the Dominican Cathedral was transferred to the UGCC and consecrated in honor of the Holy Eucharist.

City arsenal

NEW YEARS LVIV + CASTLE | City arsenal

A monument of defensive architecture of the Renaissance era, unique for Lviv. In the basements of the arsenal, you can find torture chambers and even the residence of the Lviv executioner. Prisoners were also kept here: Haydamaks and Cossacks. Today, the building of the city arsenal is also not empty. It houses a rich collection of weapons of the Museum of Arms. The exhibition is so diverse and fascinating that it is interesting not only for courageous men, but also for inquisitive women and children.

Lokal chain restaurants

Lviv always knows how to surprise. And the Lokal network of establishments is a big credit for this. There are more than a dozen of them in Lviv, and each establishment has its own special story that you want to get to know and taste. Fragrant “Chocolate Workshop”, colorful “Mazoh”, fabulous “House of Legends”, luxurious “Masons” and others – these establishments beckon with delicious aromas and themed interiors. And we will definitely visit them.

Souvenir market “Vernisage”

There is no need to wander through the streets of Lviv in search of original souvenirs from Lviv. The Vernissage market near the Opera House already has everything you need. Local craftsmen and craftswomen will be able to offer you the exclusive you are looking for. And you will always remember that you bought this particular embroidery, this particular painting or stained glass window in Lviv during an unforgettable trip.

Lviv chocolate workshop

And at the end of our journey, we offer you a sweet excursion to the Lviv Chocolate Workshop. There is so much chocolate and products made from it that you simply cannot leave the store empty-handed. In addition, you will be able to watch how delicious chocolate is prepared and drink a cup of this hot drink to warm up in the winter frost.

Tour of the Lviv Dungeon

  • Tour duration: 14:00-16:00

After inhaling the intoxicating aroma of Lviv and appreciating the luxury of its elite buildings, we will continue our journey underground. They say that 100 kilometers of tunnels have been laid near Lviv. How many of them can we master?

Underground of the Dominican monastery

According to scientists, the dungeons of the Dominican monastery are probably the remains of Prince Leo’s palace. And therefore, their age stretches back to 1270. A fascinating story of love and war is connected with the dungeon, which you will be able to learn during our tour.

Underground of the church of the Jesuit fathers

The basement of the church of the Jesuit fathers is nothing more than the remains of the princely walls of the 13th century. There are many interesting exhibits from those times. These are ceramics and frescoes. And also a sarcophagus with carvings by Mykola Vyzhytskyi. A sarcophagus in which no one has ever been buried. This is a mystery that attracts researchers and tourists to the dungeons, and which you and I will try to solve.


This is a unique institution that attracts not only doctors and pharmacists, but also ordinary tourists. The pharmacy-museum not only allows you to buy medicines that are produced today, but also tells about old potions and ancient medical recipes, as exhibited in the museum part of the premises. In addition, every visitor here has a unique opportunity to observe the work of a medieval scientist, whose laboratory is hidden in the basement of the pharmacy-museum.

Coffee mine

If you thought that coffee is grown, then you will have to change your mind. In Lviv, coffee is extracted in a mine. Right in the middle of the city center. And you can see it with your own eyes by visiting the Coffee Mine. At most, you will be offered to taste a fragrant drink, which will be sent from the mine to the surface, roasted and prepared before your eyes. Fantasy? No, Lviv.

The hideout

You can get acquainted with the life of the rebels, taste authentic Ukrainian cuisine and witness a grandiose show of hunting the Muscovy only in Lviv. Kryivka is a colorful restaurant where dishes are served in dishes from which the rebels once ate, where intoxicating tinctures and liqueurs of local production are poured. And where the true Ukrainian spirit always lives. The main thing is not to forget the password, without which you will not be allowed into the hideout. This is the traditional rebel greeting “Glory to Ukraine-Glory to the Heroes!”.


New Year excursion “Elite Lviv”

  • Duration of the excursion: 10:00-12:00
  • beginning of the tour ave. Svobody (opera theater)

There are many buildings and institutions in Lviv, as they tell about the luxurious history of the city. About counts and countesses, about talented craftsmen who turned palaces into artistic masterpieces. About people who created lions and their culture. During this excursion, we will see the Opera House, the House of Scientists, the Potocki Palace and many other interesting architectural monuments that are worth everyone’s attention.

Opera theater

Lviv Opera Theater

Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Solomia Krushelnytska – decoration of central Lviv. Its history began back in 1897, and the author of the project was the famous architect Zygmunt Gorgolevskyi. The theater was built in the Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque style, and each element of the facade has a symbolic meaning. The interior of the theater with sculptures and paintings by famous masters of Ukraine and the world is no less impressive.

House of scientists

The House of Scientists is a former county casino, which was built according to the project of Viennese architects, who are also known for designing the building of the Odessa Opera House. The building is included in the list of architectural monuments. Thanks to its luxurious interiors and aristocratic appearance, the House of Scientists is often used for filming, wedding photo shoots and Lviv balls.

Potsky Palace

The Potocki Palace is located in the very center of the city of Leva. Today, its building belongs to the Lviv Art Gallery. The palace is distinguished by the wealth of interior decoration. Luxurious paintings, gilding, carvings on expensive types of wood, marble and stucco – it is always interesting and fascinating to contemplate the inner halls of the palace. The building is also majestic from the outside. It has the shape of the letter H, and on the back side it is surrounded by a palace park.

Excursion “Hmylnyi Lviv”

  • Duration of the tour: 12:00-14:00

Lviv is not only architecture and heroic history. These are also intoxicating stories of local masters. Intoxicating beer, aromatic liqueurs and other intoxicating drinks according to local recipes with legends and secrets – this is the part of our trip during which the city of Leva will be revealed from an unexpected side.

Pravda Beer Theater

If you have never seen how beer is brewed, visit the Pravda Beer Theater in Lviv. Here you can not only taste delicious beer, which is brewed right in these walls, but also watch the mysterious process of brewing the intoxicating drink. By the way, we guarantee that you have never tasted beer like this one.

Pyana vyshnya

Pyana vyshnya

The best opportunity to inhale the intoxicating aroma of Lviv is to visit the local pub “Drunken Cherry”. This is not an ordinary establishment – but a place where delicious and intoxicating liqueurs are poured. Their aroma and taste make your head spin. And the world around seems no longer so hurried and noisy.

Home of legends

Lviv legends live here – in the House of Legends. This is a seven-story building in the center of Lviv, in which a city secret is hidden behind every door. You can come here just to drink aromatic coffee. Or you can visit to travel up the serpentine stairs to the private roof, from which you can see the neighboring houses and on which you can make wishes, begging for their fulfillment from a capricious soot shaker. Do not doubt – you will not see such an original kneipa anywhere else in the world.


Colorful restaurant-brewery in the center of Lviv “Kumpel” is well known to local residents. This is an establishment that brews author’s beer. The interior is filled with colors and original decorations. And all this is complemented by soft lighting, which adds a special coziness to the atmosphere.

Royal Brewery

In the center of Lviv, this cozy brewery brews five different types of beer. They are exclusive – there are no other establishments like them in Lviv or Ukraine. And to make the beer taste even better, special dishes are prepared. For discerning guests and true gourmets. So that every visitor feels like a king or at least a guest in the kingdom of taste and aroma.

Restaurant-brewery “Starhorod”

Restaurant-brewery Starhorod

One of the most colorful establishments in Lviv is the “Starhorod” restaurant-brewery. Here you will definitely get an enchanting vacation experience. Deliciously. It’s fun. With songs and dances. With colorful characters and an unforgettable show. We will offer you a flyer for free beer, which, by the way, is also brewed here. And if there is a desire, you can stay for the evening celebration with songs on tables and chairs to live music.

Accommodation at the “Herold” hotel

  • Tour price: 3700 UAH/person

INCLUDED in the price:
  • – 1 field trip;
  • – 5 excursions in Lviv;
  • – accommodation in a hotel (double and triple accommodation);
  • – accompanied by a tour guide.

The price is NOT INCLUDED and will be paid additionally:
  • – nutrition;
  • – personal expenses and travel in public transport;
  • – insurance policy (optional);
  • – entrance tickets

The cost of entrance tickets:
Olesky castle — adults/discount/children (up to 6 years) 90/60/20 hryvnias;
Pidhoretsky Castle — adults/discount/children (up to 6 years) 90/60/20 UAH;
Zolochiv castle — adults/discount/children (up to 6 years) 90/60/20 UAH;
House of scientists: adult/child (ages 7-14) — 40/20 hryvnias
Potocki Palace: adult/student/child and pensioners — UAH 90/50/20
Royal palaces: general/discounted/family (2+2) — 50/30/110 UAH
Boim Chapel: adults/discount/children (up to 6 years old) — UAH 50/30/20
Lychakiv cemetery: adult/schoolchildren and students — UAH 50/30, photo and video recording — UAH 10
Museum-pharmacy: adult/discounted/children — 40/30/20 hryvnias
Dungeons of the Dominican monastery: adult/student/schoolchildren — UAH 20/15/10
Dungeon of the Church of the Jesuit Fathers: adult/student/schoolchildren — UAH 30/20/10
in the “Herold” hotel (breakfast is included in the price). Getting to the hotel on your own (not included in the price).

Charming Ukraine. Landmarks of Lviv Oblast

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