тури в карпатитури в закарпаттяавтобусні тури в європуРегулярні автобусні пасажирські перевезення в Європуодноденні екскурсії



  • Напрямок:
  • Тривалість: 6 дн
  • Початок: 29/12/2022
  • Закінчення: 03/01/2023
  • Ціна: 6,695 грн

Route: Lviv – Pidhirya – Yaremche – Verkhovyna – Bukovel – Verkhovyna – Dilove – Vynohradiv – Kosyno – Karpaty Sanatorium – Mukachevo – Berehovo – Uzhgorod – Barvinok – Lviv
Tour code: 76081
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com
New Years tour to the Carpathians from Lviv – 6 days of fabulous rest in the snowy Carpathians!

New Years tour to the Carpathians – 6 days of fabulous rest in the snowy Carpathians. 6 DAYS IN THE NEW YEAR’S CARPATHIANS – Snowy mountains, games, castles, wines, thermal pools, waterfalls, ancient temples – all the best that is in the winter mountains in 6 days!

6 DAYS IN THE NEW YEAR’S CARPATHIANS | New Years tour to the Carpathians from Lviv

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Price of the tour: 6695 UAH/person

Duration: 6 days

Dates of the tour: 29.12.22 – 03.01.23

Route: Lviv – Pidhirya – Yaremche – Verkhovyna – Bukovel – Verkhovyna – Dilove – Vynohradiv – Kosyno – Karpaty Sanatorium – Mukachevo – Berehovo – Uzhgorod – Barvinok – Lviv

ВВTour code: 76081

Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

In the program of the tour:

– new thermal pool and wine tasting in Berehovo, Kosino thermal pools, center and castle in Uzhgorod, Shenborn Palace, Mukachiv Castle, thermal pool in Velyatino, cheese tasting, Earth History Park Museum, Center of Europe, “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” museums , a cottage and Roman Kumlyk in Verkhovyna, a cottage, a waterfall “Probiy” in Yaremcha, a Bukovel ski resort, “HutsulLand” and incredible New Year’s fun.



– departure from Lviv (08:00)
– Podhirya (visiting the “UNDERHILL” park)
– Yaremche (overview of the waterfall, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, souvenir shopping and lunch)
– Verkhovyna (cheese tasting at the “Cheese Shop”, “Stopor” museum with tasting, accommodation in Hutsul green tourism estates at 20:00, dinner).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Bukovel (ascent to the top of Mount Bukovel by chairlift and viewing the Carpathian panorama, free time for winter entertainment, visiting HutsulLand, lunch)
– Verkhovyna (excursion-concert at the Roman Kumlyk Museum, live beer tasting, return to the manor at 7:30 p.m. and dinner).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Verkhovyna (excursion and photographing in Hutsul clothing in the museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”)
– Business (tour of the center of Europe and lunch)
– Vynohradiv (cheese tasting)
– Berehiv district (check-in at rural tourism estates at 7:30 p.m.).

New Year’s Fun!


– late breakfast and departure (11:00)
— Kosino (swimming in the thermal pool)
– Berehiv Volcanic Lowland (wine tasting)
– Berehiv district (return to the estates at 20:30, dinner).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Sanatorium Karpaty (excursion to Schönborn Palace)
– Mukachevo (excursion to the castle and lunch)
– Berehovo (swimming in the thermal pool)
– Berehiv district (return to the estates at 19:30, dinner).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)
– Uzhhorod (tour of the city, castle and lunch)
– Periwinkle (swimming in the thermal pool)
– Lviv (return at 22:00).


° Tour price: 6695 UAH/person

The price of the tour includes:

+ Travel by a comfortable Euro-class bus according to the program,
+ Accommodation – 5 nights,
+ New Year’s fun (program, food, drinks, including alcoholic drinks),
+ Dinners (5 times), breakfasts (5 times),
+ Accompaniment by a tour guide,
+ Excursion service at tourist sites,
+ Travel insurance.

The price does not include and is paid additionally:

– entrance tickets to sightseeing objects,
– swimming in thermal pools and vats,
– food,
– tastings,
– personal expenses.

The cost of entrance tickets for 1 person:

– Earth History Park: adults, pensioners, students – UAH 100, children under 6 years – free;
– cheese tasting in the “Cheese Shop”: adults, pensioners, students and children under 6 years old — UAH 65.
– museum “Sstopora” with wine and liquor tasting: general: 75 UAH.
– excursion-concert in the museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk: general, student and apprentice – UAH 50;
– ascent by chairlift to Mount Bukovel: general – 190 UAH. both ways, pensioners and children up to 11 years old – UAH 130. in both directions;
– ethnopark “HutsulLand”: general – 250 hryvnias, children under 12 years old, pensioners, participants of ATO – 200 hryvnias.
– “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” museum: general, pensioner and student – 40 hryvnias, student – 35 hryvnias/person;
– tasting of three varieties of cheese with wine: general – 85 hryvnias.
– “Kosino” thermal pool: general – UAH 500, children up to 150 cm tall – free of charge;
– wine tasting: UAH 80, tour without wine consumption – UAH 40;
– visiting the iconic restaurant “Detsa u notarya” – 15 hryvnias;
– new thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Beregov (2 hours): general, pensioners, students – UAH 230, children from 120 to 150 cm – UAH 100, children under 120 cm – free, locker rental – UAH 20. ;
– Mukachevo castle: general – 100 UAH, pension, student – 75 UAH, children under 14 years – 50 UAH;
– Shenborn palace: general – 30 hryvnias, schoolchildren – 20 hryvnias.
– Uzhgorod castle: general (adults, pensioners) – 75 UAH, students – 50 UAH, students – 30 UAH, children of preschool age – free;
– thermal pool “Zolota Gora” (2 hours): general, pensioner, student – UAH 300, children up to 150 cm tall – UAH 150, children up to 110 cm tall – free.



1-2 nights: accommodation takes place in cozy Hutsul manors of green tourism in Verkhovyna, rooms: 2-bed and 3-bed with benefits.

3-4-5 night: it takes place in cozy rural tourism estates of the Berehiv district with benefits, rooms: 2-bed and 3-bed.


– Breakfast on the 1st day – you can have breakfast at home or take sandwiches with you to have a snack while the bus is moving or during stops.
– Lunch on the 1st day will be held at the “Tourist” restaurant in the city of Yaremche and consists of dishes: chanakhi with meat, dumplings with sour cream, a sweet treat, bread, uzvar. The cost of lunch is UAH 130/person.
– Dinner on the 1st day will be held in Hutsul homes. Menu: kulesha with Hutsul roast (fresh), daruna with sour cream, cheese, tea from Carpathian herbs.
– Breakfast on the 2nd day – omelette, flatbreads with afenas (blueberries), sandwiches with cheese, tea/coffee.
– Lunch on the 2nd day – according to your taste and choice in cafes and restaurants in Bukovel.
– Dinner on the 2nd day will be held in Hutsul homes. Menu: will be held in Hutsul homes. Offered menu: cabbage salad, potatoes with meat (roasted), pickles, bread, soup.
– Breakfast on the 3rd day – flatbreads with cheese, sliced ​​sausage, cheese, eggs, tea/coffee, bread.
– Lunch on the 3rd day – takes place in the cafe “Palinkashova children”. Menu: cabbage salad, borscht, mashed potatoes with chop, compote, bread. Price: UAH 130/person.
– Dinner on the 3rd day — takes place in the form of a holiday NEW YEAR’S FUN!
– Breakfast on the 4th day – in the New Year for you The first breakfast will consist of special happy dishes that are prepared only for the New Year and those who try them will be healthy and happy in the New Year. Menu: korgellevesh (homemade sausage, sauerkraut with meat, topped with sour cream and red pepper), homemade cucumber with mashed potatoes, cholomad (special New Year’s vegetable salad).
– Lunch on the 4th day will not be organized centrally, because there will be a delicious and hearty late “Happy Breakfast” and wine tasting.
– Dinner on the 4th day – takes place in rural tourism estates after settling in and consists of dishes of Hungarian national cuisine, dinner is extremely hearty and tasty, the housewives cook it from their own natural products. Suggested menu: broth with chiga, Hungarian cabbage rolls, sweets, wine/sorrel, compote.
– Breakfast on the 5th day – takes place in the farmsteads of rural tourism, the proposed menu: sausage, cheese, bundashkenye (similar to croutons), butter, bread, coffee/tea.
– Lunch on the 5th day — takes place in Uzhhorod, KomitatUng restaurant. Menu: cabbage salad, Ukrainian borscht, Transcarpathian rice, cherry poprigash, bread, compote. The cost is UAH 130/person.
– Dinner on the 5th day — takes place in rural tourism estates. Offered menu: bograch-goulash, beef stew with gravy, sweets, wine/palinka, compote.
– Breakfast on the 6th day — takes place in rural tourism estates, typical European.
– Lunch on the 6th day — takes place in the “Weekend” cafe. Menu: “Seasonal” salad (cabbage, cucumber, tomato, oil), bean-levesh, torgonya (specially prepared home-made pasta) with cones, compote, bread. The cost is UAH 130/person.


The New Year’s celebration takes place in the “Imperial” restaurant in the village of Matiyovo (Vynogradivskyi district).
Estimated start of the New Year’s program is 21:00.
The “Bokorash” variety orchestra entertains the guests, and the best dance group of the Berehiv district teaches dances.

The New Year’s program awaits you:

Transcarpathian folk dances, Hungarian and Gypsy dances, for special connoisseurs classical and sports dances. All those willing will learn to dance chardash, take part in entertainment, contests for wit and ingenuity, sing along, try their luck in the lottery draw.

Festive dinner menu:

– cold appetizers: rolls, hams, sausages, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, sour cream, jellied tongue, carp fish, sandwiches, cheese assortment from Transcarpathian cheeses, meat assortment;
– salads: French, fur coat, vegetable;
– hot dishes: bograch, potato puree with loci, dumplings with porcini mushroom sauce and Szeged goulash;
– fruits and sweets;
– mineral water, sweet water.

New Years tour to the Carpathians – 6 days of fabulous rest in the snowy Carpathians!



The “Park of the History of the Earth” opens its doors to everyone who wants to learn about the Cenozoic era, which began 66 million years ago and continues today. The entertainment and educational park stretched over 8 hectares. The museum will tell about the history of the creation and origin of life on Earth. You will be greeted by huge statues of the mammoth family, saber-toothed tiger Sid and more.


Yaremche | Ivano-Frankivsk region, Carpathians

Yaremche is a well-known climatic and ski resort of Prykarpattia. This town can be called a green paradise. Rest in Yaremche will give you peace of mind and strengthen your body. Come to this beautiful region, you will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of nature and the inhabitants of the Carpathians.


The ethno-geographical center of the Hutsul Region, the former Zhabye, spread out on the banks of the glorious Black Cheremosh River, besides the picturesque Carpathian panoramas, has many other charms for discerning tourists. Here you are hospitably invited to a concert-excursion to the private Hutsul museum of life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk. You can learn about the great Hutsul love of Ivan and Marichka, as well as take a photo in Hutsul clothes in the house-museum of the movie “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. You can experience the taste of Hutsul cheese in the Khata-staya museum of Polonsky life, here we will visit the Stopora museum and taste real Carpathian cheeses in the cheese shop.

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We welcome you to the business center of Europe. Business, because business people live here, and the center, because a stone sign has been installed here, which reads: “Permanent, exact, eternal place. Very precisely, with a special device made in Austria-Hungary, the center of Europe was established according to the scale of meridians and parallels. Year 1887”.

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Near Uzhgorod, surrounded by the Carpathians, thermal waters rise from the heart of the earth and bring health and joy to the guests of the “Zolota Gora” recreation complex. Modern thermal pools with water temperatures of 29 and 39 degrees in the open space await you. The water is extremely useful and its composition is similar to the thermal waters of the best resorts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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