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Bus tour of Europe from Lviv for 7 days with 2 overnight transfers

Price:  290 €

Bus tour of Europe from Lviv for 7 days with 2 overnight transfers.

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Bus tour of Europe from Lviv


Price: Tour price: 290 €/person
Duration: 7 days / 2 night transfers
Visiting countries: Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic
Route: Lviv – Warsaw – Berlin – Amsterdam – Paris – Rouen – Deauville – Trouville-sur-Mer – Honfleur – Nuremberg – Prague – Brno – Krakow – Lviv (→ map)
Opportunity to join the tour: Lviv, Lublin, Warsaw, Lodz, Poznań, Berlin, Magdeburg, Hanover, Osnabrück
Departure: Lviv, central railway station. (Morning departure from Lviv and night arrival in Lviv (depending on crossing the border))
In the cost of the tour: 4 sightseeing tours: in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague
Accommodation: in hotels with breakfast in Poland, the Netherlands, France and the Czech Republic
Tour code: 78810
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com
  • The tour includes the opportunity to visit Normandy: Rouen, Deauville, Trouville, Honfleur.
  • In this tour we spend 2 unforgettable days in Paris!
  • We invite you to visit:
    Day of the King of the Netherlands – 27.04.23
    Flower parade “Bloemencorso” from 22.04.23 to 23.04.23
    Keukenhof Flower Park from 03/23/23 to 05/14/23

Attention! The cost of the tour may change, check the price with the manager on the day of purchase of the tour!



07:30 – gathering of the group at the Lviv railway station.
08:00 – departure to Poland. Border crossing.

If there is time, we offer the excursion “Flower on the Oder – Wroclaw” (€18)

Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Wrocław is a city that has a magical charm and enchants at first sight. And this is not at all surprising, because here everything looks like in a fairy tale: elegant houses, majestic Gothic churches, ancient mansions of nobles, swans floating on the Odra… Here, every stone testifies to its rich and stormy history. It is also a city of outstanding people who created this city. Wroclaw gnomes – small figurines that have been installed in the city since 2001 – have become a kind of business card of Wroclaw, its chip. Their number is constantly changing, as new ones are regularly installed. Gnomes remain good entertainment for tourists. In the city, you will be offered brochures that contain guides indicating the location of each gnome and the history of its creation. In your free time, it will be very pleasant to walk through the city streets or sit in a cafe, talk with interesting and hospitable local residents who are always happy to welcome tourists.

Moving to a transit hotel. Night at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Berlin.

Sightseeing tour of Berlin (in the price of the tour)

It can be called with confidence one of the most amazing and brightest cities in Europe. Everyone who comes to Berlin, in one way or another, inevitably falls under the magical charm of this city, its lively and relaxed charm. The former capital of Prussia, and today – a city of theaters and museums.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

Bus tour “All about Berlin” (€28/€18)

During this excursion, we will get to know the main symbols of the city: the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Parliament – the Reichstag, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the Victory Column, the Holocaust Memorial, the Embassy Quarter. The route provides an opportunity to get to know the multi-million city and its history.

Berlin Zoo and Aquarium (€15 transfer + entrance ticket)

A top class zoo is waiting for us! Berlin Zoo is not only the oldest and most visited zoo in Germany – no other zoo in the world can compare with it in terms of the number of species of animals, birds and fish. The zoo ranks first in the world in terms of the number of inhabitants – there are about 20,000 of them here. And the Berlin aquarium is one of the most famous and largest aquariums in Europe!

“Evening Berlin” (€20/€15)

modern metropolis, a cosmopolitan city. Getting acquainted with the capital, you can feel for yourself how the past affects the present of Berlin. From the most beautiful square of the city, Gendarmenmarkt, where not one, but two cathedrals and the main Opera House of the city were pompously located, we are heading for history. Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz and Sony Center – a symbol of the city’s modernity, the Berlin Walk of Stars, a theater where the opening and award ceremony of the Berlinale international film festival is held every year, the Eastside Gallery – the most famous section of the Berlin Wall, which became a symbol of the freedom of the united nation.

Overnight transfer to Amsterdam.


Morning arrival in Amsterdam.

Sightseeing tour of Amsterdam (in the price of the tour)

Amsterdam – old “curved” buildings, cobblestones, countless canals, embankments that are 3 meters below sea level, wonderful parks and floating flower markets! You will have the opportunity to visit and see the Ladies’ Square and the Royal Palace, the Rijksmuseum and the famous Rembrandt House, the Jewish Quarter and the diamond factory – all this beauty is doubled in a mirror image in the water.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

“Dutch folklore Zaans Schans and Volendam” (€35 / 25€)

In the village of Zaanse Schans, you will be able to see how hard Dutch cheese and the famous wooden clogs are made in cute green country houses, and five ancient windmills decorate the banks of the Zaan River. A mill in the Netherlands is life. One mill saws boards, another churns butter, the third produces the famous Zaan mustard, the fourth makes paints… Next, we will get to know the small fishing village of Volendam. It is here that we will have the opportunity to taste lightly salted herring and extremely tasty smoked eel prepared according to ancient recipes!

A boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam (€23 / 20€)

“Evening Amsterdam” (€25)

Forever young, which attracts and fascinates. The fame of Amsterdam’s lively nightlife attracts party-goers from all over the world. It beckons us, enchants us, reveals its secrets… Today, Amsterdam is the capital of evening entertainment in Western Europe, leaving behind even Milan, Paris and London. As soon as it gets dark, many neon lights are lit, residents of the capital and tourists gather near popular hangouts. The party begins…

Moving to a hotel. Night at the hotel.


Early breakfast. Release of numbers.

We invite you to visit the charming and romantic city built in the shape of a heart, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium – Brussels (adults – 23€, children under 13.99 years – 13€)

A symphony of triumphal brilliance reigns in the European Parliament area with spacious parks and streets, on the square near the Royal Palace, in the City Hall, and also on the most beautiful square in Europe – the Grand Plats. During the day, the square resembles the theater of the flower market, and in the evening – a play of beautiful love and admiration!

Moving to France, to the dream Paris.

Paris is the most elegant capital of the world, unlike the rest of the country. It is sometimes called a “city-state”. The city of all times and peoples, which has preserved not only the signs and traditions of the distant past, but also the romanticism of modern times. There is little that compares to the French capital, because a special spirit reigns here, history itself surrounds you.

We invite you to a sightseeing tour of Paris (included in the price of the tour)

Paris becomes familiar at first sight, from the first step on its worn cobblestones. Paris walks take you to the past, to the memory of the heart, to the secret corners of the soul. Everything we know from luxurious films and books – everything suddenly comes to life and fills the heart with awe! Françoise Sagan, Coco Chanel, Jo Dassen, Brigitte Bordeaux… The city hangs signal flags of other people’s memories, the transience of knowledge and flickering feelings…

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

A walk along the Seine (€20 / 15€)

River excursions on the Seine on pleasure boats are one of the most favorite pastimes of tourists in Paris. And this is not surprising, because a completely different Paris will open before you, which you will never see while walking along the embankments. You will visit the most famous places, but completely different views will open before you! River walking routes pass through the entire central part of the city, past the Cite Island, to the most picturesque corners of Paris. You will be able to see the most famous bridges and hear their history.

“Art of beauty – Louvre” (€30 / 30€+ entrance ticket)

The Louvre is one of the richest museums in the world. Here you can spend hours admiring the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Titian, Raphael… Mona Lisa, Goddess Nika, Venus de Milo.

“Bohemian Montmartre” (€25 / 10€)

Montmartre is a 130-meter hill in the north of Paris. First of all, it is famous for the Sacre Coeur basilica with a snow-white dome, located on the top of the hill. Its chic cafes, street artists and stunning views of Paris make Montmartre a popular destination for tourists, many of whom climb the stairs to the main square in front of the Basilica. Another, the oldest church on the hill is the Saint-Pierre-de-Montmartre church, where the Jesuit Order was founded. Many famous artists painted here, including Salvador Dali, Amadeo Modigliani, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

Evening program “Lights of Paris at night” (€36 / 20€)

An evening program during which we will be able to enjoy the beauty of Paris in an evening dress… We will be conquered and captivated by: the majestic Arc de Triomphe, the charm of the Mirabeau Bridge, the Champs de Mars, the incomparable Champs Elysees and the Trocadero observation deck, La Des Fanes district, at the end of the tour we will be enchanted by an unparalleled beauty – the shimmering Eiffel Tower.

Moving to a hotel. Night at the hotel.


Breakfast. Release of numbers.
Free day in Paris.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

Bus excursion “Bonjour, Paris” (€30 / 20€)

We will visit the most interesting places in Paris, get to know the main squares and palaces. All of them are not just stories of royal victories and achievements, but also stories of love and court intrigues. We are waiting for the Grand and Small Palaces, the House of Invalids, a photo stop on the Champ de Mars with the best view of the Eiffel Tower, and at the end, we will definitely stop at kilometer zero and walk through the Luxembourg Gardens. Get ready to plunge into the intricacies of fate and the magical atmosphere of Paris!

Montparnasse Tower (€23 / 18€)

The Montparnasse tower stretches far not only into the sky, but also deep underground – several subway lines cross directly under it. The entire structure rests on large concrete piles. Most of the above-ground premises are occupied by offices. There are various cafes and souvenir shops on the upper floors. The high-speed elevator allows you to go up to the 56th floor in just 38 seconds, and further, to the 59th, you will have to go up the stairwell. A unique view of Paris opens from the height.

“Versailles – the splendor of the Sun King” (€35 / 30€+ entrance ticket)

Versailles is undoubtedly one of the most significant and colorful symbols of France and a wonderful palace and park ensemble. Millions of tourists come here to admire the palace, the word park, the fruits of dreams and the imagination of Louis XIV – the most “long-reigning” French king, also known as Louis the Great or the Sun King. It was he who had the idea to move the royal residence from the Louvre to a country palace.

“Journey to Normandy: Rouen, Deauville, Trouville and Honfleur” (€66 / 48€)

Arrival in Rouen – the capital of Normandy. A walking tour of the old city awaits you, a visit to the Old Market Square and the place where Joan of Arc was burned, as well as a visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady, which appeared so often in Monet’s paintings. Next, we will visit the amazing port town of Honfleur, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Normandy. It was founded almost a thousand years ago and was once a very large port and an important transit point on the trade routes from France to England. Today, the amazing medieval architecture of Honfleur reminds us of this. Honfleur has always been a source of inspiration for many artists and artists. That is why there are a huge number of art galleries and shops with original works. We will end our trip on the amazing beaches of the twin resorts of Deauville and Trouville. The resorts gained notoriety thanks to the water hospital opened in Deauville in the 1860s, which began to attract the Parisian elite here. Later, many elegant mansions and villas, casinos, hotels in the Norman style, as well as bars and restaurants appeared here. Wealthy Parisians still love to come here on weekends to relax, play golf, tennis, horse riding and enjoy the endless beaches of Normandy.

“The world of dreams. Disneyland!” (€26 transfer, entrance ticket paid extra)

Not only children, but also adults, having visited this strange place, will never be able to forget it. Strange adventures begin here and miracles are performed. Here everyone finds something exciting for themselves.

Overnight transfer to Prague.


Moving across the territory of Germany.

If you have time, we recommend visiting the “German” city itself – Nuremberg (23€), or a transfer to the city (13€)

The city of fairy tales and beautiful legends, the city of German craftsmen, merchants and inventors invites you for a tour or just a walk. We will learn a lot of interesting things about one of the most beautiful cities in Germany with a fortress wall of the 15th century, a medieval castle, a famous brewery and picturesque streets that keep the secrets of the city.

Arriving in Prague. Accommodation in a hotel.

Excursion “Streets of Prague” (in the price of the tour)

You will walk through the labyrinths of the streets of the Old Town, and visit the most beautiful and secret places of Prague: Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, Charles Bridge. You will see the famous Orloy – the Prague chimes, the Tyn Cathedral, the house where the writer Franz Kafka was born. On the Charles Bridge, placing your hand on the sculpture of Jan Nepomuksky, you will make a wish, which, according to legends, will surely come true.

In your free time, we offer a walk along the Vltava River (adults – €40, children up to 13.99 years old – €35)

After walking around historical Prague, we will come to the bank of the Vltava, where a comfortable boat with air conditioning will be waiting for you. You will be offered a long-awaited aperitif and a buffet with a wide selection of cold snacks and hot dishes. Under the guide’s interesting stories, you will take a two-hour walk along the Vltava, admiring the incredible beauty of historical monuments and buildings along the banks, such as Rudolfinum, Charles Bridge, the majestic Prague Castle, the National Theater, Vyšehrad, etc.

Night at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Poland.

On the way, we offer a sightseeing excursion in the city of Brno (€19) or a transfer to the center (€11)

Brno is the historical center of Moravia. The second largest city in the country after Prague. It is one of the main economic centers of the Czech Republic.

Moving across the territory of Poland.

We offer a sightseeing tour of the city of Krakow (€19)

Krakow is the former capital of Poland, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is here that the largest number of architectural monuments of the country is located. The historic center of Krakow is included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. During the excursion, you will visit Wawel Hill with the castle and the Cathedral, the medieval Old Town with the main square and the remains of the 15th century fortifications, you will see the building of the Jagiellonian University – one of the largest centers of science and education in Europe, and all roads in Krakow lead to the Market Square , which is surrounded by wonderful tenements and palaces. The main shrine of Krakow, which houses one of the largest and most beautiful Gothic altars in Europe, is St. Mary’s Church.

Departure to Ukraine. Border crossing.
Night arrival to Lviv.


Tour price: 290 €/person.

Attention! The cost of the tour may change, check the price with the manager on the day of the purchase of the tour.

The tour price includes:

+ Travel by Euro-class bus;
+ Support by the group leader;
+ Accommodation along the route: 3* hotel;
+ Meals – breakfasts in hotels;
+ City sightseeing tours: Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Prague;
+ Insurance

The price does not include and is additionally paid for:

– Deposit – 33 € (for the selected amount you need to order optional excursions during the tour)  – not paid during martial law. A deposit is required when booking a tour at a promotional price. If the tour is purchased at the standard price, the deposit is not paid.
– Traveling by public transport
– Optional excursions
– Entrance tickets to sightseeing facilities
– Personal expenses (lunch, dinner, etc.)
– City tax – 2-5 €/day (local tax, paid on the bus to the group leader for hotel requirements)
– Mandatory surcharge for renting a radio receiver with headphones for excursions – 2€/day (paid on the bus to the group leader).

“No-show insurance” service – 6% of the tour cost (This service can be ordered only if the tour is booked no later than 14 days before the departure date)

“Comfortable seat” service – 15€/person (Ordered when booking a tour. Choose a seat from 1 to 12)

“Single accommodation” service – 120€ (surcharge to the cost of the tour)

“Last row” service – €10 discount from the cost of the tour when choosing a seat in the last row of the bus.

Service “For brides and grooms” – a 5% discount on the cost of the tour for those who recently got married (book the tour no later than 30 days from the date of registration).

“Additional free seat near you” service – 75% of the cost of the tour.

Service “Excursion around Lviv” – Do you have time to leave? Walk through Lviv with interesting stories from the guide. Order the “Tour of Lviv” service.

Service “Discounts for organized groups” from 5 to 35 people.

“Let’s go later…” service (valid only when booking the service in advance)
– if the tourist was diagnosed with COVID-19 before departure, or another disease that prevents him from traveling with us, you have the right to use one replacement of the tour date for free.
Please note that the tour date can be changed only by the tour participant who has documented illness. Other family members or friends who go on a tour change the date of the tour in accordance with the terms of the travel service contract.
– you can additionally order the “Let’s go later” service so that all tour participants can postpone the departure date, and not only those who have documented illness. The cost of the service is €25/person.
This service must be issued for each tour participant.

“Family trip” service – discounts for children* (this service does not apply to booking travel services for organized groups):
This service is valid only for the autumn-winter period (until February 28, 2023)
Discounts for children when booking a family bus tour* including:
– 2 adults + 1 child (up to 13.99 years old) – a discount of 50% of the price of the tour indicated on the website for the selected departure date is given to the child;
– 2 adults + 2 children (up to 13.99 years old) – a 50% discount is given to the first child, a 10% discount is given to the second child from the price of the tour specified on the website for the selected departure date;
– 2 adults + 3 children (up to 13.99 years old) – a 50% discount is given to the first child, a 10% discount is given to the second and third child (for each child) from the cost of the tour specified on the website for the selected departure date.
Discounts for children on optional excursions, if you book travel services for a family* consisting of:
– 2 adults + 1 child (up to 13.99 years old) – the child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions that will be included in the tour;
– 2 adults + 2 children (up to 13.99 years) – one child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions. The second child receives a 50% discount on optional excursions specified in the tour program;
– 2 adults + 3 children (up to 13.99 years) – one child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions. Other children receive a 50% discount (per child) on optional excursions listed in the tour program.
We draw your attention! The discount does not apply to the mandatory excursion and the deposit for the excursion, which are stipulated in the terms of the tour, as well as to the transfer and entrance tickets to the tourist objects visited on the tour.
In the case of visiting children’s amusement parks, the cost of entrance tickets for children and the cost of visiting attractions is paid at full cost according to the tariffs of the amusement park!
*The term “family” means people with any degree of kinship (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunts and other relatives) – for the period of martial law
WARNING! The fee for each child is reduced according to the discount (50% for the first child and 10% for the second and third child)!



Mandatory deposit or must-see tour on promotional tours! A deposit (or tour) is required when booking a special price tour. If the tour is purchased at the standard price, the deposit (or mandatory excursion) is not paid. If the tourist does not use the deposit during the tour period or does not use it in full, the remaining funds are NOT refundable. The deposit CANNOT be used to pay for the boat to Venice (€30 round trip)!

Places on the bus are allocated as applications are received, and are indicated in the information sheet

The tour operator reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent ones.

The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the tour program without changing the total number of services.

The tour program may change on New Year’s, Christmas, May holidays and other holidays.

The cost of electives may vary depending on the number of tourists in the group. The minimum number for optional excursions is 20 people.



• Additional Information:

  1. When booking a tour, we ask you to sign a contract for tourist services. Booking a tour is a confirmation that the tourist is familiar with the tour program, the terms of purchase, cancellation of the tour and payment for the tour.
  2. Cancellation of the tour. In case of cancellation of the tour, the cancellation conditions and penalties are specified in the contract.
  3. Infolist and insurance. After full payment for the tour, each tourist must receive an information letter from the travel company with more detailed information on the tour program and an insurance policy. These documents can be downloaded 2-3 days before departure, in the order view above the online search, under the username and password of the customer’s company.
  4. Hotel accommodation. When booking tourists, in the amount of 1 person, please warn that it is possible to move into a DBL/TRPL/QUAD room. If there is no accommodation on the tour, please warn tourists about the mandatory surcharge for the SNGL number. The price is shown above.
  5. “It’s my birthday.” If a tourist’s birthday falls on the tour, the company gives the opportunity to choose a gift. This can be: 1 free optional excursion on the tour or a service on the tour, such as transfers or others. The gift can be chosen only from the offered services of the company, and not any excursion or service on the tour at the choice of the tourist. The list of excursions or services that can be selected as a gift is provided by the group leader. A gift tour or service does not count when ordering optional excursions for organized groups. You cannot choose a gift from the “It’s my birthday” service if you used the “10% birthday” discount when booking the tour.
  6. Payment terms! 50% after tour confirmation and 50% no later than 14 days before departure. When booking a tour less than 14 days before the date of departure – full payment for the tour on the 2nd day after the confirmation of the tour.
  7. For individual groups. It is possible to calculate the tour for your group individually. Send your request by e-mail. It is possible to order a tour for your group on the desired date of departure.
Bus tour of Europe


By choosing a bus excursion tour around Europe, you will get an interesting, rich and comfortable vacation abroad. At night on our tours, comfortable European hotels with excellent service and delicious food await you. Of all the tours presented by our company, they are particularly popular. Therefore, when developing excursion tours to Europe, we pay attention to all the little things. You can choose trips that will allow you to get to know the main attractions of this city of romantics. But it is not only the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, amazing cuisine and the Moulin Rouge. These are also sightseeing tours to the sunny French Riviera, Normandy, fragrant vineyards, snow-capped mountains. Very often, French Provence is visited by groups who have booked a room. The charm of this countryside and the taste of Marseille bouillabaisse will forever remain the most pleasant memories of traveling in Europe.

Excursion to Paris

Paris is one of the most visited destinations in the world by foreign tourists, and there is definitely a reason for that. Among its many names are the “city of light”, “the most romantic city”, “the most beautiful city”. It must be said that much of this praise, which sounds far-fetched, is actually quite justified. Paris is one of the few cities in the world where a centuries-long effort has been made to ensure that all buildings and neighborhoods are exceptionally maintained in the same architectural style. Here it is very rare to see a building of the 18th-19th century in a classical style next to a modern one. Even if a new building is being built, then in a classical style, if the surroundings are like that.

Even if you are not a fan of beautiful architecture on the streets of the French capital, you will find all kinds of attractions in the field of art, science, modern technology, music and more. The city is one of the largest cultural and business centers of Europe with an extremely diverse and colorful population.


The capital of France is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Locals say that they pay for air here. This is due to the fact that the interest of tourists from all over the world is extremely high. Excursions are cheapest in low periods – July and August and January, February and March. It is worth bearing in mind that even during these periods there are exhibitions, so it is possible that on some days the prices of accommodation and flights will be high. The city is most visited in May, September and during Easter.

A trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist centers in Europe. It is located at the mouth of the Amstel River, which flows through the city. Today’s name of the city comes from Amstellerdam (Amstellerdam), which means “Amstel dam”, and originated as a small fishing village at the end of the 12th century. The tributaries of the river with numerous canals and bridges make the atmosphere of the city unique.

Normandy in our tour of Europe

A millennium ago, there was the Duchy of Normandy – a country founded by Vikings, with whom the kings in Paris could not cope. And at the beginning of the 10th century, in order to achieve reconciliation, they gave the Norman leader a ducal title. Today, for Parisians, Normandy with its picturesque farms, many of which have been converted into guest houses, with blooming gardens and fertile fields, is a symbol of country recreation. Long beaches with fine sand and rocky shores with white canaries overhanging the blue sea alternate here. The tradition of going on holiday to Normandy dates back to the 19th century, and the Normandy coast has earned the name “flowering coast”. Writers, intellectuals, families of industrialists and aristocrats came here to spend the summer. And let’s not forget the artists who are called the later Impressionists, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the lush greenery of the Normandy countryside and the unique beauty of sunrises along the Normandy coast. Normandy is a place for relaxation, where you can relax in the harmony of the surrounding landscape, among picturesque towns and villages shrouded in legends, and above all this is watched by the mystical silhouette of Mont-Saint-Michel – one of the most visited sights in France.

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