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Tour to Hoverla + Manyava and Bukovel

Tour price:  UAH 1700

Tour to Hoverla from Lviv to the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Also waiting for us: Manyava (waterfall and monastery), Bukovel (lift and Hutsul Land ethnopark). The incredible green-blue mountain ranges will remain in your memory for a long time.


Excursion trip for 2 days from Lviv with the conquest of Hoverla!


° Tour price: UAH 1700 /person

° Duration: 2 days / 1 night

° Departure dates: 22.06 / 29.06 / 06.07 / 13.07 / 20.07 / 27.07 / 03.08 / 10.08 / 17.08 / 24.08 / 31.08 / 07.09 / 14.09 / 21.09 / 28.09 / 05.10 / 12.10 / 19.10 / 26.10…

° Route: Lviv – Manyava – Bukovel – Climbing Hoverla – Lviv

° Place of departure / arrival: city of Lviv, sq. Dvirtseva, 1, Railway station

МТ Tour code: 81673

° Questions about the tour: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com


– 8:00 a.m. Departure from Lviv
– Manyava Hermitage
– Manyava Waterfall
– Bukovel (lift, lake, “Hutsul Land”)
– Check-in at the hotel
– Dinner (with prior reservation).

During the war period, there may be changes in the route on the first day: Halych (visit to the Halych NPP, nature museum and a walk through the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center) – Yaremche (view of the waterfall, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, souvenir market and lunch) – Bukovel.


– Breakfast (if pre-ordered)
– Check-out from the hotel
– Ascent to Hoverla
– Lviv (return to the railway station at 23:30)


° Tour price: UAH1700 /person

° Single accommodation in a room: + UAH 350 to the cost of the tour.

The price of the tour includes:
+ travel by a comfortable bus according to the program,
+ accommodation – 1 night,
+ escort by a tour guide,
+ excursion service at tourist sites,
+ insurance for the duration of the trip.
The price does not include and is paid additionally:
– entrance tickets to excursion sites,
– meals,
– personal expenses and souvenirs.

Cost of entrance tickets for 1 person:
– Access to Manyava Waterfall by additional transport: for a group of 30 people – 120 UAH, for a group of 20 to 29 people – 150 UAH, for a group of 8 to 15 people – 200 UAH, for up to 8 people – 250 UAH.
– Hoverla Nature Reserve: general/children, UAH 80/40.
– Bukovel chair lift: general/children, 300/210 UAH.
Accommodation in hotels in the village of Yasinya
– Dinner – UAH 200;
– Breakfast – 150 UAH.

What to take with you:

– comfortable hiking shoes that don’t get wet
– jacket, preferably windproof with a hood
– warm sweater
– headgear
– raincoat
– bathing suit


Ascent to Hoverla

Hoverla Carpathians / tour to Hoverla from Lviv

Climbing Hoverla will cleanse your body, give you a second breath. By overcoming steep paths, you become more resilient and self-confident. On a several-kilometer road up to the sky, above the clouds, you pass three worlds: conifer and beech reserve forests, a strip of low-growing juniper interspersed with athens (blueberry) bushes, and sprawling meadows. On the way, you come across springs sanctified by molfars and wild rare birds… The climb to Hoverla is an adventure not to be missed!

Conquering the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians – Hoverla, is the dream of almost every connoisseur of mountain recreation. And it is very good that both experienced tourists and novice travelers can do it.

How to conquer Hoverla ? There are several routes for climbing Hoverla, namely:
Blue – a steep climb to Hoverla, which lasts approximately 2.5 hours. However, the time is approximate and depends on the physical fitness of the tourist and his goal. After all, you can move more slowly, enjoying the scenery and making passes. And you can move as fast as possible, dreaming of seeing the beauty already from the top. Marking is white and blue.
Green is the gentlest and relatively easy path. But it will take longer – at least 3 hours. Marking is white and green.
Yellow – the route that leads through Pozhezhevsk and Breskul meadows. This path is special because it is sparsely populated and offers wonderful views of Montenegro.

The most popular choice for tourists is the ascent to Hoverla by the blue route and the descent by the blue route.


Manyavsky hermitage

Manyava monastery

Between the mountain slopes covered with evergreen fir trees, with healing spring water and microclimate, there is a unique wonder of architecture and nature. Manyava Monastery, called the second Athos, is located between the peaks of the Carpathians, not far from the village of Manyava. The territory of the monastery is harmoniously combined with the natural composition. The Orthodox Men’s Manyava Monastery is one of the highlights of the Carpathian region. This is a majestic complex that combines buildings and structures made of stone and wood.

Ancient vestments, crosses, and ancient icons are also kept on the territory of the Manyava hermitage. And the Manyava Monastery is a historical and architectural landmark of Ukraine, which preserves interesting stories about human destinies within its walls. Many historical events took place here, the monastery saw more than one conqueror, listened to the confessions of more than one sinner. And today it continues to work as a shrine for Orthodox believers and as a special spiritual place for pilgrims.

Manyava waterfall

Manyava waterfall is one of the grandest in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The height of its water fall reaches almost 20 meters, and the amazing rocks around give this place a special atmosphere. The foot of the Manyava waterfall is cozy and attractive for recreation. Here you can swim in the Carpathian water and get energized by the mountain nature.

Excursion to Bukovel

Excursion to Bukovel

The Bukovel tourist complex is a unique place that is interesting and attractive not only for skiing and snowboarding, but also for an incredible amount of various entertainment. Bukovel – entertainment for adults and children!

The Bukovel resort has many advantages. In particular, it can be called a one-hundred percent tourist project – before the appearance of the complex, this area was sparsely populated and did not have its own infrastructure. Thanks to the possibility of creating a resort “from scratch” in Bukovel, it was possible to create the most comfortable conditions for recreation, taking into account all the needs of tourists. Visit Bukovel, entertainment awaits you!

“HUTSUL LAND” ethnopark in Bukovel

Ethnopark “Hutsul Land” is fascinating stories about the life and daily life of the highlanders of the Ukrainian Carpathians: Hutsuls, Boyks and Lemks. This is an area that combines various recreation and entertainment areas on the territory of Bukovel, which is located behind the Lake of Youth.

One of the main sites is the Skansen (an open-air ethnographic complex). There is also a territory where a contact zoo is located, where domestic, exotic, wild animals and birds live in natural conditions, which will delight not only children, but also adults. In addition to the already mentioned advantages, this is a creative space – a zone of creative workshops and cognitive master classes. Here you can observe and learn folk crafts and techniques that were popular and are already on the verge of extinction. We also have original and unique photo zones for your social networks. This is the “Skrynia” art gallery, a club of Ukrainian cinema with world names, recreation and entertainment areas. On the territory of the open-air museum there are unique sights of folk wooden architecture of the 19th – early of the 20th century, which were disassembled and transported from the most remote mountainous corners of the Ukrainian Carpathians.


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