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  • Напрямок:
  • Тривалість: 1 день
  • Ціна: 595 грн

Departure dates 01.10

Pochaiv, the mountain of God and the spring of St. Anna

Price: 595 UAH

Tour to Pochaiv from Lviv from EtnoSvit. We invite you to make an unforgettable sightseeing trip to the Pochaiv Lavra from Lviv. The Pochaiv Lavra is the spiritual center of Orthodox Ukraine. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the land washed by the sun and look at the many shrines kept in the Pochaiv Lavra. On the spot, you will be able to learn more about the history and spiritual culture of Ukraine, deepen your knowledge of Orthodoxy, and enjoy a unique atmosphere of peace and prayer. Our tours with an experienced guide and comfortable transport will make your trip unforgettable and safe. Do not waste time and join our trip to Pochaivska Lavra from Lviv!

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Cost: Tour price: 595 UAH/person
Duration: 1 day
Departure dates:   01.10
Route: Lviv – Holy Spirit Monastery – Saint Pochaiv Lavra – Velyki Berezhtsi – Onyshkivtsi – Lviv
Departure: – Lviv Hotel, Vyacheslava Chornovola Avenue, Lviv – (08:00)
ВВTour code: 79915
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

– departure from Lviv (08:00)

– Sviatoduhivsky hermitage (review)

The Holy Spirit hermitage in Pochaev is the spiritual center of Ukraine, which preserves the rich history and cultural heritage of our country. This is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of Orthodox architecture and feel the mighty power of spirituality. The Holy Spirit Hermitage in Pochaev is one of the largest Orthodox shrines in Ukraine, which preserves a miraculous icon of the Mother of God and many historical and religious treasures.

– Holy Assumption Pochaiv Lavra (excursion, lunch and free time)

There are many churches and monastic buildings on the territory of the Holy Theotokos Pochaiv Lavra, among which the Pechersk Shrine stands out, where there is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which is considered one of the largest religious shrines in Ukraine. You can also see a large number of interesting museums, monastery buildings and various religious exhibits on the territory of the Lavra.

– Velyki Berezhtsi (climbing the mountain of God and visiting the shrines)

Velyki Berezhtsi is a place known throughout Ukraine for its pristine nature and shrines. One of these shrines is the 367-meter-high “Mountain of God,” which belongs to the Kremenets Mountains National Park. This mountain has attracted pilgrims since time immemorial, as it was the site of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and where she left her footprints. The trail that leads to the top of the mountain is called the “Wishing Trail” because people tie ribbons to the branches of the trees in the belief that their wishes will come true. At the top of the mountain there is a holy spring from which you can take water, as well as a cave-chapel from which you can take sand and clay, which are considered healing. Near the church of the Holy Trinity, you can see a cave, along the walls of which flows moisture, which has miraculous and life-giving properties and is called “Tears of the Virgin”.

– Onyshkivtsi (view of temples and bathing)

There is a sacred spring in the village, which is called the font of St. Righteous Anna. It is a place of pilgrimage for people seeking spiritual and physical healing. The temperature of the water in the font always remains at the level of 5 degrees. People believe that if you immerse yourself in this water three times, you can get rid of serious diseases, including infertility.

– Lviv (return at 22:00).


Tour price: 595 UAH/person


  • Children under 6 years old (inclusive): free of charge (when accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus)
  • For children from 7 to 12 years old (inclusive) and persons with disabilities of I and II groups (with a certificate): UAH 50/person (from the total cost of the tour)
  • Participants of DB/OOS (with ID): 30% discount from the tour price
The price of the tour includes:
travel by comfortable bus;
escort of a tour guide;
excursion service in tourist facilities;
travel insurance.
Additionally paid:
entrance tickets to tourist facilities;
personal expenses and souvenirs.

Cost of entrance tickets:

Voluntary donation: in all tourist facilities



Lunch will be held in the refectory of the Pochaiv monastery. Everyone chooses their own dishes and pays for themselves.

Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra / Tour to Pochaiv from Lviv

Bus tour to Pochaiv from Lviv: Holy Spirit Hermitage, Holy Dormition Pochaiv Lavra, God’s Mountain, St. Righteous Anna’s Spring

Join our sightseeing trip to the Pochaiv Lavra from Lviv and experience the spirituality and beauty of this shrine! You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the temples, see the unique architecture and history of this holy place.

Pochaiv Lavra is one of the most famous and most visited places of pilgrimage in Ukraine, which attracts tourists from all over the world. You will see a huge collection of icons dating back to the 16th century, and get to know the history of the Pochaiv Lavra and its spiritual leaders.

We guarantee you a safe and comfortable trip to Pochaivska Lavra and back. Our tour includes a tour program that will help you learn about the history and culture of this holy place, as well as a professional guide who will help you understand every detail and answer all your questions.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the spirituality and beauty of the Pochaiv Lavra. Join our sightseeing trip from Lviv and get unforgettable impressions!


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