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We offer exciting bus tours to Spain from Ukraine. As you know, the distance between sunny Spain and such cities of Ukraine as Kyiv or Lviv is quite significant. That is why we plan the route so that during the trip you can get to know the culture and beauty of the neighboring countries. Your bus tour to Spain from Kyiv or Lviv will open you to incredible places in Hungary, France, Italy, Austria, Monaco, Slovenia and Poland.

Bus tours to Spain

Why should you buy a bus tour to Spain?

This kingdom, which is located in the southwest of Europe, is a well-known point of attraction not only for beach holidays, but also for excursion tourism. Rich history, fascinating culture and incredible cuisine make this country attractive to travelers. Excursion trips to Spain from Ukraine give tourists the opportunity to visit several countries in a short period of time and get to know sights that they previously only heard about or saw on television.

Bus tours to Spain

For example, by purchasing a bus tour of Spain from us, you will not only get the opportunity to see the sights of bright Barcelona, modern Madrid, romantic Seville or unique Valencia. You can also visit France, Italy and Switzerland. During the trip, a stop is planned in the mountains of Montserrat with the ancient monastery of the Black Virgin Mary, you will see the legendary Arc de Triomphe, the huge Colosseum and many other historical places.

When choosing bus tours to Spain to travel with children, consider an option with a stop in Salou or nearby cities. One of the largest amusement parks in Europe – “Port Aventura” – is located in this charming town of the Tarragona province. The attractions here are divided into different thematic areas. Small children will be delighted with the fairy-tale world of “Sesame”, and adults will feel a rush of adrenaline after visiting the “Wild West” or “Mexico” zones.

An excursion tour in the south of Spain allows you to visit Seville, Valencia, Malaga. Bullfights are held here, so if you wish, you will have the opportunity to witness this exciting fight between man and animal. The south of the country is known for its skilled flamenco dancers. During the trip, the guide can offer you to attend an exciting dance show filled with Spanish passion.

If you want to see proud, independent Catalonia, pay attention to the excursion tour in the north of Spain. In all likelihood, you will remember a walk along the Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, dancing fountains and Park Güell. From the top of Mount Tibidabo you can take impressive panoramic photos of the city.

It is interesting that almost every bus tour with a holiday in Spain includes a stay at sea.

When is the ideal time to go on holiday to Spain?

The clean, warm sea and mild climate of the Spanish coastal zone welcomes vacationers every day of the year. Each region attracts with its resort towns, which have a large selection of comfortable hotels that will satisfy different budgets. Therefore, the prices for tours to Spain will not frighten, but, on the contrary, will pleasantly surprise our travelers. The coastal strip of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is covered with amusement parks, attractions and romantic places for relaxation.

According to reviews on travel portals, you will find many favorite recommendations and descriptions of a pleasant pastime. Always fun in summer and quieter in other seasons, Spanish resorts beckon all year round! It’s no wonder that last minute tours to Spain sell out faster than hot cakes, because they offer excellent value for money! Inexpensive, comfortable and unforgettable!

The price of a bus tour to Spain is determined by several factors: the cost of the selected hotel, the number of excursions on the route and the duration of the trip.

When is the best time to book a tour to Spain?

Opinions are divided here, because those who plan a year ahead buy tours in advance, and emotional and energetic people can organize a family vacation in Spain in a few days. However, we can give you advice tested on our own experience: the best seats on the bus are reserved by the first buyers.