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If you want to get vivid impressions from life, then various tours from Zhytomyr have been designed for you, which allow you to go on a short trip almost every week. And it’s really real now! All you need is to simply choose a weekend tour from Zhytomyr that you like.

Tours from Zhytomyr | weekend tour from Zhytomyr

Горнолыжные туры в Карпаты / Буковель на вихідні / Буковель на выходные
BUKOVEL FOR THE WEEKEND from Kyiv (3 days of skiing)
5 дн

Departure dates30.11 / 07.12 / 14.12 / 22.12* / 04.01* / 11.01 / 18.01 / 25.01 / 01.02 / 08.02 / 15.02 / 22.02 / 29.02 / 07.03* / 14.03 / 21.03 / 28.03

Regular ski tour to Bukovel for the weekend, departure from Kyiv on Thursdays
Price: from 4850 UAH

тур в Буковель на будние дни / Тур в Буковель на будні дні
Tour to Bukovel for 4 days from Kyiv
6 дн

Departure dates: 03.12 / 10.12 / 17.12 / 24.12 / 07.01 / 14.01 / 21.01 / 28.01 / 04.02 / 11.02 / 18.02 / 25.02 / 03.03 / 10.03 / 17.03 / 24.03 / 31.03

Tour to Bukovel
Tour price5550 UAH

Автобусний маршрут Київ - Даламан - Київ

Route: Kyiv – Zhytomyr – Vinnytsia – Khmelnytskyi – Kamianets-Podilskyi – Chernivtsi – Izmir – Bodrum – Dalaman
Departure from Kyiv: every Wednesday and every Saturday
Departure from Dalaman: every Tuesday and every Saturday
Price: UAH 4300 /person
Dispatcher: +380687221089, etnosvit77@gmail.com

Tours from Zhytomyr, weekend tour from Zhytomyr

Weekend tour from Zhytomyr

Weekend tours from Zhytomyr are short trips that will help you relax from the workday and see the culture of different regions and cities of our country. Such a trip will appeal to those people who like to spend time in a useful and fun way!
For the most part, people can afford a full-fledged vacation only a few times a year. But there is a special romantic nature that is always called by the wind of travels and travels. These people seek to get bright impressions from life, and it is for such romantics that weekend tours were invented, which allow you to go on a short trip from Zhytomyr practically every week.
And it’s really real now!
All you need is to simply choose a tour from Zhytomyr that you like.

Where can you go on weekends from Zhytomyr?

You can spend your day off traveling through our beautiful country. You will be able to choose many wonderful routes, and of course you will be able to learn a lot of new and interesting things.
But in addition to educational excursions, you can devote weekends to normal rest and go for a couple of days to the coast of the Black or Azov Seas, or go to the Carpathian Mountains.
Also on weekends, you can go on a short trip to the most beautiful European capitals. To Paris, Rome, Madrid, Vienna or Prague. Such trips can become romantic and give you many pleasant memories.
Today, weekend tours from Zhytomyr have become quite popular. Many residents of Zhytomyr and the region, tired of daily stress at work, want to go on weekends to rest in places with clean air and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and we are always ready to help all lovers of travel and active recreation. By contacting us, you can order both individual and group weekend tours from Zhytomyr at the most reasonable price.

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Tours to Lviv from Zhytomyr

When traveling to Lviv, you should know that Lviv is a tourist city that is rapidly developing in terms of tourism. Given that the number of Zhytomyr residents who want to visit Lviv has increased dramatically recently, we organize tours to Lviv from Zhytomyr. We conduct bus tours from Zhytomyr, and also welcome those who like to travel by train. We will conduct a high-quality and interesting tour of Lviv! Our sightseeing tours will introduce you to the legendary city of Leva, its history, sights and cultural heritage. Book excursions to Lviv from Zhytomyr in the EtnoSvit company and you will always be satisfied after spending time on interesting trips to Lviv!

Tours to the Carpathians from Zhytomyr tours to Transcarpathia from Zhytomyr

Regular bus sightseeing and ski tours to the Carpathians from Zhytomyr. Travel company EtnoSvit, in addition to a trump holiday and high-quality service, offers its clients the best tourist services, namely a tour to the Carpathians from Zhytomyr and a tour to Transcarpathia from Zhytomyr for every taste! Excursion, active, skiing, relaxation, mushroom, gastronomic, weekend tours and excursions to the Carpathians and Transcarpathia for residents of Zhytomyr are collected on our website.

Tours in Ukraine from Zhytomyr

Excursions in Ukraine will give you a lot of unforgettable experiences. We have prepared for you a large selection of excursions in Ukraine for every taste. The geography of coverage is very large. You can buy weekend tours in Ukraine from Zhytomyr to the Carpathians, in Lviv or throughout Western Ukraine. Weekend tours of Ukraine from Zhytomyr will help you have a really interesting time.

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