тури в карпатитури в закарпаттяавтобусні тури в європуРегулярні автобусні пасажирські перевезення в Європуодноденні екскурсії

Tours to Switzerland from Ukraine – for fastidious tourists. This country has many fascinating places: panoramic platforms with views of the mountains, castles, fortresses, monasteries, old streets and medieval houses. Switzerland has German, Italian and French cantons, whose inhabitants represent the culture of each of these countries and communicate in all three languages ​​quite calmly. During a bus tour in Switzerland, explore the traditions and cultures of different countries: the Italian flavor of Lugano and Locarno, the French charm of Lausanne, Geneva and Lucerne, the German style of Bern, Basel and Zurich and the customs of the Romansh mountain canton of Graubünden. Tours to Switzerland from Ukraine is a calm and comfortable stay. Switzerland is an ideal place where you can forget about everything in the world and just enjoy the tranquility and luxury of the surrounding nature, savoring every moment of life.

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Tours to Switzerland from Ukraine

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Tours to Switzerland from Ukraine combine the following destinations:

ski tourism is the most popular destination, because here the first-class level of service, developed infrastructure and beautiful nature. New Year’s tours to Switzerland are primarily designed for those who like to conquer the alpine slopes on skis and snowboards;

excursion tourism: last-minute tours to Switzerland will take you to the city of flowers and fountains Bern, fabulous Lucerne or the financial center of Europe Zurich, to beautiful Geneva on the lake of the same name;

medical tourism: due to the high level of medicine and the recreational sector, it is also a popular destination. Every vacation in Switzerland is always a recovery for a tired work and daily fuss of the body. At local resorts, it is easy to restore vitality and recharge your batteries for a year!
Tours to Switzerland from Ukraine

Our top five most interesting cities in Switzerland look like this:

Lucerne is adored by tourists for its old town, the azure of Lake Vierwaldstet, wooden bridges with galleries and a beautiful sculpture of a lion on a rock;

Interlaken is a popular ski resort among two lakes in the crown of the Swiss Alps, its atmosphere and climate are unparalleled;

Zurich – the banking capital with medieval houses, a picturesque panorama of the lake and the high Alps;

Bern – the official capital of the Swiss Confederation, the ancient city of diplomats and bankers, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List;

Zug is a pretty town on the shores of the lake of the same name with half-timbered medieval houses and a beautiful Guggi lookout.

Skiing, medical or sightseeing tourism – there are many places for recreation in Switzerland. Agree, this small, but such an interesting state is worth it to come here for at least a few unforgettable days! A bus tour to Switzerland will open to you an unusually beautiful, fascinating and delicious world of the “country of mountains and lakes”.

What are the rules for entering Switzerland?

Switzerland has canceled all the rules regarding entry into the territory of the state for Ukrainian tourists. Now they can travel only with a biometric passport, without vaccination and a negative test. Since April 2022, no quarantine restrictions have been in place in Switzerland, including the wearing of masks in medical facilities.

You can travel to Switzerland from Ukraine all year round without getting tired of the surrounding beauty and perfect service. Winter tours are designed for lovers of active skiing, spring and autumn are the ideal time to explore the cities, and the summer months are best suited for treatment and recovery. So choose the option you like, and go with us to the magical land of high mountains and the highest quality!

Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv / bus tour to Switzerland from Kyiv

Автобусна поїздка в в Європу зі Львова: Італія та Швейцарія
Luxurious duo: Italy and Switzerland | from Lviv
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Trip to Europe for 5 days: Italy and Switzerland
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Тури в Швейцарію з України / Туры в Швейцарию из Украины /
5 дн

Departure dates: 20.09 / 27.09 / 04.10 / 11.10 / 18.10 / 25.10 / 01.11 / 08.11 / 15.11 / 22.11 / 29.11

Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days with 1 night transfer

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