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Where to go in the Carpathians? Everyone who has planned their vacation in the Carpathian mountains asks themselves this question. And it is especially difficult to solve this issue for those who are traveling to the Carpathians for the first time. We will try to help you with advice on the selection of tourist locations in the Ukrainian Carpathians. But we assure you that the best tourist expert is you. You just need to love the Carpathians the way we love them)

Where to go in the Carpathians? What to see in the Carpathians? The best places to relax

The Carpathians are a place where the soul rests, where the feeling of freedom overflows, and the clean mountain wind renews your every cell. Time seems to slow down here, and the blue sky inspires deep reflection. They say that if there is still a corner of paradise on Earth, the Carpathians know about it like no one else.

Every morning, the green Carpathian forests come to life under the caress of the sun, the lakes shine like mirrors, reflecting the boundless sky, and in the evening the sky blooms in an enchanting ballet of colors. This is the place where you can touch the wild nature, watching its every breath.

Legends talk about the mysterious spirit of the Carpathians, about monkeys wandering the mountains. Who knows, maybe it’s just a fairy tale? But one thing is certain: there is something magical about these mountains. Small miracles of nature are here in every corner: whether it is a spider web shimmering with dew water under the first rays of the sun, or whether it is the sonorous singing of birds. And I believe that this natural harmony really has the magical power to change the world for the better.

The Carpathians are a vast world, where the sky seems so accessible, as if you could touch the clouds just by stretching out your hand. Here you feel as if you are a part of wild nature, forgetting about ordinary life and diving into the unique rhythm of the mountains.

In this article, we have selected for you several special corners of the Carpathians, where you should definitely visit if you are here for the first time. Of course, it is impossible to do everything in one trip. But with these places you can start your unique Carpathian adventure. Further travels will help to discover more and more wonders of this unique mountainous part of our glorious Ukraine. Let’s not forget that the tourist operator “EtnoSvit” offers exciting tours to the Carpathians with departures from several cities of Ukraine!

The best popular tourist locations of the Carpathians:

Verkhovyna is the capital of Hutsul Oblast

If you are ever asked for advice on where to go on vacation, feel free to recommend Verkhovyna. Because here there is something to see, something to taste, feel and experience. Because Verkhovyna is the capital of Hutsul region! As the residents of the Hutsul capital – Verkhovyna – say YO!

There are dozens of museums, beautiful manors and cottages, ancient churches… And all this in the middle of the mighty Carpathians, mystical forests and streams and rivers as clean as a tear. And this is where the real Hutsuls live. Verkhovyna is undoubtedly the epicenter of museums. There are dozens of them here. But all of them are not the ones we are used to, but with a twist.

Polonyna Borzhava

Polonyna Borzhava – is vast sunny expanses that provide magical reliefs and fabulous landscapes. Stretching for 50 km in length, polony is considered the longest in the Carpathians. Polonyna has an unusual landscape, many peaks with different vegetation and steep slopes compete with each other for supremacy in the mountain composition. It is impossible not to notice the top of Gemba, the famous Plai and Velikiy Verkh, on which a trigonometric geodetic center with a coordinate system is installed. And that’s not all – there is a lot of interesting stuff ahead.

Beech forests and single spruces decorate the already wonderful scenery. In a quiet, flat valley, you can not only organize a picnic, but also have a good rest and drink cold water from mountain springs. Berry glades dilute the emerald landscapes with bright colors.

Tourists love Polonyna Borzhava for its accessible routes, fresh air and fabulous spaces. For the sound of the Borzhava River, which snakes through mountain gorges and flows into the Tisza. “Blackberry Paradise” is another name for the famous Polonyna. Green meadows are densely covered with blueberries, blueberries and lingonberries.

Kamyanka waterfall or Kamyanetska waterfall

Kamianka waterfall is considered the largest and full of water in the Lviv region. The Kamianka waterfall is located near the villages of Kamianka and Dubina within the Skolivski Beskydy massif.

The height of the water fall reaches six meters. In spring and early summer, when the Kamyanka River is full, the waterfall becomes the most spectacular. However, you can come here at any time of the year. Powerful and beautiful, it is divided by a stone block into two streams. Surrounding it is a valley made of crushed stones, brought down by the river from the mountains. Just imagine the power of the water that comes down here with snow or with long summer rains. It is true that you can watch the beautiful flowing water forever.


The city of circles is what its residents sometimes call it. Although no one knows for sure where the name comes from and are sure that the first part of the word is quite likely related to the word “circle”. There are many assumptions why Kolomyia is called that way. One of the most common versions is that at the entrance to the city, the wheels of the wagons on which they traveled were washed. Hence the name – “circle” “washes” – Kolomyia.

The only Easter egg museum in the world, the city hall, a unique yew reserve, horseback riding, delicious shurpa on the fire, hundred meter bread and real Viennese strudel… And all this in the Hutsul town on the banks of the Prut River – Kolomyia, which is located in Western Ukraine in the Carpathian region. Kolomyia is one of the best cities in the territory of Prykarpattia and Pokuttia. A very ancient city, rich in its traditions, culture, architecture, unique cuisine, which was left as a legacy from previous generations. Kolomyia was first mentioned in 1241 in the Galician-Volyn Chronicle.

Manyava waterfall

One of the brightest natural treasures of Manyava is the Manyava Waterfall , the highest waterfall of the Ukrainian Carpathians and certainly one of the most picturesque. For all connoisseurs of majestic natural landscapes, a trip to this landmark of the village will be an interesting experience that will leave a lot of positive impressions.

You can admire the waterfall both from below, watching how the stormy waters fall from a great height, foaming and bubbling, crashing on the sharp rocky ledges of the cliff, and from above. From the top of the waterfall to the bottom, there are small paths for descent. The power of the falling stream charges with amazing energy, leaves unforgettable impressions. It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most picturesque Carpathian waterfalls – this picture is definitely worth seeing with your own eyes. Near the place of its fall, Manyavka water forms a small lake, in the cold waters of which many people who come here to see this natural attraction seek to bathe.

The Manyava hermitage is the Ukrainian Athos

The Manyava monastery is called the Ukrainian Athos. It is visited by famous and ordinary people, praised by writers and poets. For many centuries since its foundation, the Manyava hermitage has remained one of the most famous abodes in Ukraine, its visit will impress everyone who is interested in ancient holy places.

The servants are always welcome to guests and willingly talk about the history of the monastery, conduct tours of the monastery, so visiting this attraction of Ukraine will not cause any difficulties. A trip to this holy place, a walk through its ancient underground corridors, viewing the frescoes restored on the walls of the towers in the Church Slavonic language will leave the deepest impression and an unforgettable memory of the Manyava Hermitage.

Lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr (another name is Morske Oko) is the largest and most beautiful lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is spread between the mountains, among the spruce forest at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. It is located in the Mizhhirsky district of the Transcarpathian region, in the mountain massif of the Inner Gorgans. Synevyr Lake is considered the pearl of the Carpathians and is the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Park. Its water surface has an area of ​​4-5 hectares, the average depth ranges from 8 to 10 meters, and the maximum reaches 24 meters.


The Bukovel tourist complex is a unique place that is interesting and attractive not only for skiing and snowboarding, but also for an incredible amount of various entertainment. Literary entertainment for adults and children!

Bukovel resort has many advantages. In particular, it can be called a one-hundred percent tourist project – before the appearance of the complex, this area was sparsely populated and did not have its own infrastructure. Thanks to the possibility of creating a resort “from scratch” in Bukovel, it was possible to create the most comfortable conditions for recreation, taking into account all the needs of tourists. Visit Bukovel entertainment is waiting for you!

Dovbusha rocks

DOVBUSHA ROCKS Bubnyshche – (Bubnyske rocks) is the largest rock massif in the Carpathians, lying at an altitude of 668 meters above sea level. These places are declared protected and hunting is prohibited here. Today, Dovbusha rocks are a well-promoted brand. Every year, thousands of tourists come here, who are amazed by the beauty of nature.

Every year, thousands of tourists come here, who are amazed by the beauty of nature. You can also ride horses, take photos with a falcon, or buy souvenirs here. An interesting trip to the Carpathians from EtnoSvit will help you see these rock creations of nature with an interesting history and walk along the legendary path of the national hero.


Hoverla is the highest point of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Ukraine and the Black Mountain Range. Hoverla is located on the border of Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. The distance to Romania is 17 km. The height of the mountain is 2061 m above sea level. The mountain has a regular pyramidal shape.

It is believed that the name Hoverla means “snowy mountain” (Hovar) in Hungarian. Hoverla is located in the middle part of the Chornohirsky ridge, the highest ridge of the Ukrainian Carpathians. This range is the most studied in the Ukrainian Carpathians by various scientists (botany, zoology, geology, etc.). Several hospitals of Lviv and other universities were established here. One of the sources of the largest river of Ukraine and Moldova – the Prut – begins from Hoverla. This river flows into the Danube near the Black Sea. In the saddle of Hoverla, Breskula, this river forms a very picturesque waterfall.


Mount Dragobrat is part of the Urdu-Flavantuch mountain range, located in the Carpathians. After visiting Dragobrat , you will find yourself on the Svidovets massif , where this incredible place is located, which is so attractive to lovers of skiing. The name Dragobrat from the dictionary of Carpathian names means a place where a forest has been cut down, or it is literally translated as felling.

It is here, in the Svidovets Protected Massif, which is part of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, that you can find not only incredibly beautiful nature and wonderful recreation, but also hear fascinating legends and tales that in their own way describe the origin of the names of the mountains located in the vicinity of Dragobrat. Our tours to Dragobrat will definitely help you immerse yourself not only in the whirlwind of winter vacation, but also feel the mysterious and romantic atmosphere of this place.

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