тури в карпатитури в закарпаттяавтобусні тури в європуРегулярні автобусні пасажирські перевезення в Європуодноденні екскурсії

Discover the magical world of the Czech Republic with bus tours from EthnoSvit! Whether it’s a special birthday, a dreamy trip with your loved one, or an adventure with old friends, we’ll make it special. The selection of “tours to the Czech Republic from Ukraine”: from Kyiv, Odessa, Uzhgorod or Lviv to the heart of the Czech Republic is easier than ever on our website. Even more: if you are planning to celebrate the New Year in exciting Prague, choose our special New Year’s offers. And don’t forget to make your warmest wish during the first strikes of the Prague clock!

Tours to the Czech Republic from Ukraine

Автобусний тур до Франції та Нідерландів
Paris and Amsterdam gather friends! | from Lviv
7 дн

Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Czech Republic
Price: from  370 €

Автобусна поїздка в Краків, Прагу, Відень та Будапешт
4 дн

A trip to Kraków, Prague, Vienna and Budapest from Lviv without overnight
Price: from  177 €

Автобусний тур по Європі
7 дн

Bus tour of Europe from Lviv for 7 days with 2 overnight transfers
Price:  290 €

Автобусний тур в Париж з України
6 дн

Bus tour to Paris from Ukraine for 6 days
Price: from  240 €

Тури в Швейцарію з України / Туры в Швейцарию из Украины /
5 дн

Bus tour to Switzerland from Lviv for 5 days with 1 night transfer

Автобусний тур вихідного дня в Прагу зі Львова «ПРАГА - МОЄ УЛЮБЛЕНЕ МІСТО»
4 дн

Departure dates: 23.02 / 01.03 / 08.03 / 15.03 / 22.03 / 26.03 / 29.03 / 05.04 / 12.04 / 19.04 / 26.04

Weekend tour to Prague from Lvov for 4 days with two overnight trips

Tours to the Czech Republic from Ukraine

Cost of a tour to the Czech Republic: what should you know?

Do you believe that an amazing holiday in the Czech Republic can be affordable? Thanks to its geographical proximity and similar standard of living, tours to the Czech Republic will not put a dent in your wallet. Profitable proposition? Of course, this is a hot tour, but remember – there are always plenty of adventurers here! Don’t limit yourself to the excursion program: add museums, historical sites to your itinerary and consider additional costs for entrance fees or resort activities. What could be better than a short-term holiday in the Czech Republic to recharge with energy and new impressions? Please note: unforgettable impressions and joyful moments from the trip cannot be measured in money!

The magic of the Czech Republic: from ancient clocks to local beer.

Imagine yourself on the banks of the Vltava, listening to the sounds of a medieval clock organ, drinking coffee with a view of a dancing house. Is it possible to refuse the opportunity to relax in an old cafe or join a cheerful company of lovers of the legendary Czech beer? Narrow streets, mysterious castles, mysterious caves and legends about ghosts and alchemists await you. Traveling to the Czech Republic by bus from “EthnoMir” can open up these and many other charms to you!

Czech cooking: flavors you should try

A trip to the Czech Republic is not only an opportunity to immerse yourself in culture and history, but also a real culinary delight! Known for its beer, the Czech Republic also boasts numerous dishes that will make your stay unforgettable.

  • Boar’s knee is a truly flavorful and juicy pork shank, often served with sauces and dumplings.
  • Fried cheese (Smažený sýr) – it’s better to try it than to describe it! A large piece of cheese, breaded and fried until golden crisp.
  • Bramboráky are fried potato pancakes, ideal as a snack or side dish.
  • Trdelník is a traditional dessert that is made by spinning dough on a stick and frying it, then dusting it with sugar or cinnamon.
  • Wafers are thin waffles that are usually served with a variety of fillings and coatings.
  • If we talk about drinks, then, of course, we cannot do without mentioning Becherovka. This traditional Czech liqueur combines the best herbal accents and has become a true symbol of the Czech Republic.

When finishing your visit to the Czech Republic, do not forget to purchase a wonderful souvenir in the form of beer-based SPA cosmetics. Such products will not only help maintain your appearance, but also remind you of the time spent in this magical land.

“EtnoSvit” offers you bus tours to the Czech Republic from Ukraine, where you can immerse yourself in the unique world of Czech cuisine and culture. Ready for adventure?

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