Karpatia Water Park is the largest water park in western Ukraine. Enjoy life together with “Karpatiya” – a water park located in the heart of the Carpathians. Exciting attractions, interesting quests, a variety of entertainment for children and adults, a salt room, pools and thermal waters await you here. Experience the mythology of the Carpathians, which is waiting for you!

Karpatia Water Park

• “Karpatia” is the most modern water park in Ukraine, and is one of the largest health and entertainment complexes in the country. Modern attractions, thermal pools, SPA areas and a magical atmosphere are harmoniously combined here. Accommodates up to approximately 1,200 visitors.
• Huge territory of your dream. The scale of the water park “Karpatia” offers unlimited opportunities for active recreation. Whether it’s watching your favorite movies in the amphitheater, or crazy descents from steep slides – the choice of recreation is up to you!
• Our parking provides convenient placement of your car on the territory of the water park, you will not have to worry about the lack of free spaces.

Rest areas:

Water park “Karpatia” offers a large number of locations for active rest and relaxation, intended for visitors of all age categories, both for adults and for children.

Aqua zone

Synevyr wave

The summer outdoor wave pool “Synevyr wave”, located on the territory of the water park, has a unique shape that resembles the famous Lake Synevyr – the pearl of the Carpathians. Thanks to its spacious dimensions – 40×40 meters – it is ideal for swimming in the fresh air in a large company. The wave mechanism of the pool, capable of creating waves up to 65 meters long, provides an unparalleled feeling of relaxation and rest.

Burkut (Thermal pool)

“Burkut”, in Hutsul dialect, symbolizes “boiling spring”. The water flowing between the Carpathian mountains in this area is known for its healing properties. Our recreational pool with the possibility of going outside was named just like that. It provides comfort, pleasure and benefit during bathing not only in summer, but also in winter, thanks to the ability to regulate the water temperature.

Carpathian river

An endless river 200 meters long runs through the entire aqua zone, connecting different locations. With its help, you can easily move between the selected recreation areas, discovering new corners of Carpathia.

Energy source

The largest internal pool of the water park is the one into which the Carpathian River flows. Its depth reaches one and a half meters, and the area is approximately 600 m², which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation and health, without worrying about the availability of free space. There is enough space for everyone!

Yalynsky waterfall

Remembering the magical corners of the Carpathians, it is impossible to ignore the beauty of the roaring Yalyna waterfall. Breathing in his invincible energy, we created a children’s pool with the same name, only 35 cm deep. In its center there is a special tank, from which, like a waterfall, jets of water beat rhythmically, providing refreshing coolness and visual pleasure.


For small visitors to Carpathia, we have equipped a safe pool “Ivor”, named after the picturesque lake located in the heart of the Carpathian mountains. The depth of this pool is only 35 centimeters, which makes it an ideal and safe place for young children to relax.

Swimming pool

The pool is located in the green zone of the water park. Its length is 25 meters, and its depth is 1.55 meters. There is an area for sunbathing and relaxation near the pool.

SPA area

SPA area (open until 20:00). We are convinced that an ideal vacation is a harmonious combination of active entertainment and relaxation. That is why we have created a SPA-relaxation area for our guests, where you can easily restore your strength and recharge your energy. The spa area includes:

Salt room

A salt room is a space where, thanks to the creation of a unique microclimate, you can get the maximum benefit from the trace elements contained in the salt blocks placed inside the room.

Infrared sauna

An infrared sauna is one of the treatment procedures that you can use at the “Karpatia” sanatorium. This unique technology is based on the use of infrared rays, which effectively penetrate into the deep layers of the body, providing a healing effect on various parts of the body.

Jacuzzi with thermal mineral water

Recommended for recovery:

Musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, consequences of bone, muscle and tendon injuries).
Cardiovascular system (hypotension, hypertension of the I-II degree, atherosclerosis, phlebitis).
Nervous system (sciatica, sciatica, neurosis, neurasthenia, migraine, insomnia).

Turkish hammam

Turkish hammam is a special type of bath, where each visit turns into a unique ritual filled with rest, relaxation and a beneficial effect on the body.


For connoisseurs of traditional saunas, our complex has a classic Finnish sauna, which will provide maximum relaxation and benefit your body from every visit.

Lounge area

The lounge area is a space of increased comfort in the open air, ideal for those looking for an exclusive summer vacation.


A location with dozens of deckchairs and beds under the soft rays of the sun, as well as a separate bar where you can enjoy original cocktails.


An open-air swimming pool measuring 14×7 meters. Its name perfectly reflects the essence – the boundless sky is reflected in the water surface of the pool, creating the illusion of endless space.

Aquapark “Karpatia” – the most frequently asked questions:

What services are included in the ticket price?
Use of internal and external aquazone;
Use of attractions;
Shower cabins;
Changing rooms;
Deck chairs;
Is it allowed to bring food into the territory of the entertainment complex?
Visitors are not recommended to bring food (with the exception of baby food) to the water park.
What kind of water is used in your pools, fresh or salt? Is it heated?
All pools in the water park are filled with fresh water, but three of them have thermal water.
What services are included in the SPA area?
Salt room;
Infrared sauna;
Turkish hammam;
Finnish sauna;
Jacuzzi with fresh water;
Jacuzzi with mineral water.
Where can I find out about prices?
You can check the prices in the “Prices” section on our website or at the reception of the “Karpatia” water park.
Where can I find out about the rules of the water park?
The rules of the water park can be found on the website and at the Karpatia reception desk at the entrance to the water park.
Are children allowed to ride adult rides?
This is prohibited in order to avoid injury. Children over 130 cm tall are allowed.