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Imagine: it’s morning, Lviv wakes up, and you’re already on your way, somewhere far away, where new discoveries and adventures await. Weekend tours from Lviv to Europe are your ticket to the world of unforgettable experiences, stories and cultures intertwined in every city, in every castle, on every street.

Weekend tours from Lviv to Europe from a tour operator

Weekend tour abroad

Автобусний тур до Румунії зі Львова на 4 дні ВІКЕНД В ТРАНСІЛЬВАНІЮ
4 дн

Bus tour to Romania from Lviv for 4 days with 2 night transfers
Price:  97 €

Автобусний тур вихідного дня в Прагу зі Львова «ПРАГА - МОЄ УЛЮБЛЕНЕ МІСТО»
4 дн

Weekend tour to Prague from Lvov for 4 days with two overnight trips

A weekend trip from “EtnoSvit” offers a round-trip bus transfer, accommodation in a hotel with breakfast and basic excursions that will reveal to you all the charms of the chosen city and country in just 48 hours or a little more. You have a chance to walk along ancient streets, see exquisite castles, enjoy the magical flora and fauna, relax in cozy cafes, if you book a bus tour to Europe for the weekend from “EtnoSvit”.

Can’t decide which country to visit? We will gladly help you! On the “EtnoSvit” website you will find up-to-date information about each state: only the most interesting facts, the best locations and the most important tips!

Traveling abroad every two months will significantly increase your productivity and keep you in a good mood even during the most difficult deadlines. It’s definitely worth it!

the main features of bus tours to Europe for the weekend

Here are the main features of bus tours to Europe for the weekend:

  1. You don’t need to take a full vacation – such tours usually last 2-5 days. Accordingly, you can take Friday, Monday and Tuesday off and go on a trip. After work, it’s time for adventure!
  2. Reasonable price – the cost of a weekend tour is always more affordable. For example, a four-day tour to Istanbul from “EthnoSvit” costs from €136, and to Romania – from €85.
  3. Travel without large suitcases – for a short trip, it is enough to take only a backpack.
  4. Visiting the best places in a short time – sightseeing tours are optimized to show only the highlights.
  5. Speed ​​of booking – a weekend bus tour can be booked a few days before the start of the trip. Sometimes spontaneity is better than long-term planning.
  6. New impressions – even neighboring countries, such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, can surprise you with their cultural features, cozy streets of the capitals and delicious cuisine. For example, a weekend tour to Budapest can include a unique evening cruise on the Danube with a glass of champagne.

What destinations and locations are our priorities when planning weekend tours from Lviv to Europe?

Weekend tour abroad
Prague Whispering Stories: Feel how each cobblestone on the streets of Prague tells its own story. The castle towering above the city seems like a wizard guarding ancient secrets, and the narrow streets seem to lead you to another world, where every house has its own legend.

Krakow, where the Spirit of Time Lives: Krakow is not just a city, it is a book waiting for you to read it. Its Old Town, like a mosaic, consists of historical monuments, each of which plays its role in the great history of Poland.

Budapest, the City of Legend: When you visit Budapest, you will find yourself in a place where the Danube is not just a river, but living water that connects two shores, two worlds – Buda and Pest. Every corner of this city is full of history and culture, and its baths are a gateway to the world of relaxation and peace.

Vienna, The Melody That Will Not Shut Up: Vienna is not just the capital of Austria, it is the musical center of Europe, where the melodies of Mozart and Strauss still blow through the air. Stroll through its streets to feel like part of a great symphony.

Bratislava, City at the Crossroads of Worlds: When you visit Bratislava, you will find yourself in a place where history and modernity meet at every turn. Here, every stone speaks of the past, and modern art galleries and cafes breathe youth and novelty.

Hungary with its Warmth: On the way, you can visit the charming cities of Hungary, where ancient castles mingle with lively streets, and baths invite you to enjoy peace and relaxation.

Slovakia, Country of Mountains: Slovakia will welcome you with its mountains and nature reserves. Here you can breathe in the freshness of the mountain air and enjoy the incredible scenery.

The Fairytale World of the Czech Republic: And, of course, you can’t miss the Czech Republic with its fairy-tale cities and castles, where every stone seems to tell its own story.

Every bus trip from Lviv for the weekend to Europe is not just a transfer from point A to point B, it is a journey through time and space, where each stop opens up a new world.

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