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Winter vacation in the Carpathians – we offer you to enjoy rest, skiing, snowboarding, sledding and ice skating.



Winter vacation in the Carpathians is great fun for both beginners and experienced skiers. In the winter, the ski resorts of the Carpathians offer a whole range of services for ski lovers – perfectly prepared ski tracks of all levels of difficulty, equipment and ski rental, bars and restaurants, hotels and green tourism estates, all this is for you, dear friends – lovers of winter recreation. And the beautiful view and surrounding nature will accompany you during every day of your vacation in the Carpathians. The Carpathians are a paradise for skiers! The Carpathians know what real winter entertainment is! And we know what a vacation in the Carpathians is like!

In the winter season 2024, regular bus tours for winter vacation in the Carpathians will be held every week on Thursdays and Saturdays. Departures take place in comfortable tourist-class buses. It is possible to pick up tourists along the tracking route. In the Carpathians, we live in hotels and good estates of green tourism. We invite you to take part in ski tours to the Carpathians from the EtnoSvit travel company.

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Vacation in the Carpathians from Kyiv and Lviv:

Тури на Драгобрат з Києва / ДРАГОБРАТ НА ВИХІДНІ
5 дн

Departure dates 2024 22.02 / 29.02 / 07.03 / 14.03 / 21.03 / 28.03...

Regular bus ski tour to the Carpathians for 3 days of skiing
Price: from 6470 UAH

Буковель на вихідні / Буковель на выходные
BUKOVEL FOR THE WEEKEND from Kyiv (3 days of skiing)
5 дн

Departure dates 22.02 / 29.02 / 07.03* / 14.03 / 21.03 / 28.03

Regular ski tour to Bukovel for the weekend, departure from Kyiv on Thursdays
Price: from 4850 UAH

тур в Буковель на будние дни / Тур в Буковель на будні дні
Tour to Bukovel for 4 days from Kyiv
6 дн

Departure dates: 25.02 / 03.03 / 10.03 / 17.03 / 24.03 / 31.03

Tour to Bukovel
Tour price5550 UAH

Горнолыжный тур на Драгобрат из Харькова поездом
Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv + Hutsul fun
4 дн

Tour dates: 22.02 / 14.03

Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv
Price:  UAH 2595

Екскурсійно-лижний тур на Буковель зі Львова / Экскурсионно-лыжный тур на Буковель из Львова
Bukovel: skiing, sledding and Hutsul fun | from Lviv
4 дн

Departures: 22.02 / 14.03

Trip to Bukovel and Hutsul region for 4 days
Price:  UAH 2595

Winter vacation in the Carpathians

We rest with skis in the Carpathians in winter

In total, there are more than 50 places suitable for skiers in Ukraine. Mount Pohar is recommended for freeriding. By the way, experts recommend the Pylypets and Podobovets resorts in the Transcarpathian region for skiing in the forest, off-road. Fans of cross-country skiing will find equipped stadiums in the resorts of Tysovets, Bukovel and Vorokhta. Further, higher and more expensive)…

The highest resort in Ukraine is Dragobrat, located in Transcarpathia. This place is valued for the fact that the snow lies here longer, almost until the middle of May.

Skiers call the Krasiya resort in Zakarpattia relatively calm.

Bukovel resort is considered the most popular, developed and inexpensive. Its assets include 62 slopes, among which there are routes for beginners, amateurs and professionals.

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Indispensable tips for recreation in the Carpathians in winter:

• Do not be stingy and take out an insurance policy in case of injury.
• If you are freeriding, take with you a beeper (a device for determining the location of a person), an avalanche shovel and probe, a special backpack with an air bag.
• Be sure to put alcohol in the first aid kit. It is needed for rubbing in case of frostbite and disinfection. Make sure that there are frostbite creams in the first aid kit.
• Take elastic bandages and warming creams. They will help with sprains. Also, take ordinary bandages and green tea in case you get injured.
• Be sure to bring sunscreen with a high level of protection.
• Buy quality glasses to protect your eyes from the sun.


Ski resort Bukovel

Ski tours in the Carpathians in the largest ski resort of Ukraine. In winter, we offer you to enjoy recreation, skiing, snowboarding, sledding and ice skating. The resort is attractive to both professionals and beginners, the ski tracks will satisfy the most demanding pro-extremists, and the developed infrastructure of the resort will offer a lot of entertainment and pleasure for amateurs. But it should be noted that the cost of such a vacation is above average.

Ski resort Dragobrat

An alternative to Bukovel – Dragobrat. In addition to being the second most important ski resort in the Carpathians, it is also an extremely beautiful place. You will not see such picturesque panoramas of the Ukrainian Carpathians, probably anywhere. One of the features of a winter vacation in the Carpathians on Dragobrata is the ascent to the resort on a special vehicle – you will remember it for a long time. For extreme skiers, Dragobrat is a real paradise – “unrolled” tracks, long difficult descents, wonderful nature, fresh air – what else can you dream of!


A cozy Carpathian village with a permanent population of just over 2,000 people is overrun by tourists in winter: Yablunytsia is located in the immediate vicinity of Bukovel. Quite a popular ski resort. The feature is a very convenient location, there are several tracks of different levels of difficulty. Therefore, both masters and beginners can ride in Yablunytsia. You will find the necessary ski equipment rental points without any problems. The resort has 10 ski lifts.


PylypetsSki resort. Recently, the cozy Transcarpathian village of Pylypets has increasingly attracted the attention of skiers, snowboarders and simply lovers of active recreation. The tendency to modernize the resort is very noticeable. The longest ski tracks in Ukraine are located in Pylypka. And it was here that unofficial freeride and jibing competitions were held for the first time. This famous ski resort is located near the famous natural objects: Shipit waterfall and Borzhava mountain range.

Volovets ski resort

Winter vacation in the Carpathians. If you have just started to master winter skiing for yourself and do not feel like a master and a cool skier, then the Volovets ski resort will suit you perfectly. The prices here are very reasonable and there is only one lift. This village is an ideal place if you want to visit as many sights as possible in the Carpathians. The village of Volovets is a cozy ski resort surrounded by picturesque mountain slopes.


 The ski resort has been known since Soviet times. The special feature of the resort is large differences in altitude, steepness of slopes (in some areas up to 45°), difficult ski tracks. This attracts extremes here – masters of freeride, mogul, ski tour.


Mountain skiing paradise – ski tracks for every taste, developed infrastructure, steep slopes for professional athletes and amateurs, unique opportunities for freeriding. It is not for nothing that the national team trains here. However, this famous Ukrainian ski resort is worth visiting not only in winter, but also in summer – the picturesque nature is mesmerizing.

Zhdeniyevo ski resort

The beautiful winter nature of Zhdeniyevo will not leave anyone indifferent. The Carpathian resort of Zhdeniyevo is an ideal place for winter recreation for snowboarders and mountain skiers. Beginners will find it convenient to learn the basics of winter sports here. There is only one track for skiing, but there is a cozy European hotel and several holiday complexes. Very modern, comfortable, convenient and inexpensive.


The ski resort in the village of Vyshka is one of the most popular in Transcarpathia, a cozy place for a winter vacation. It has sufficiently high technical support and the longest ski track in Ukraine. Krasia is a Carpathian ski resort for beginners, here is a real vacation in the Carpathians.

Zakhar Berkut ski resort, village Volosianka

Ski resort “Zakhar Berkut” is actively developing and is located near Slavsky. And it’s very, very beautiful here! There are recreation areas for children.

Winter vacation in the Carpathians at ski resorts

Відпочинок в Карпатах/ ЯремчеFor those who like to enjoy their winter vacation, we suggest visiting the ski resorts of Ukraine. For connoisseurs of domestic tourism, we offer vacations in the Carpathians at Ukrainian ski resorts. Tourist trips in Ukraine in winter, organized by us, are mainly ski tours to Bukovel, Dragobrat and other ski resorts of the Carpathians. The advantage of such tours is a relatively inexpensive vacation. For the convenience of tourists, our tours are divided into: skiing on weekends, skiing on weekdays, and weekly tour. Departures are carried out from Kyiv and Lviv, as well as from cities located along the route – Zhytomyr, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, etc.

Tourists are offered a wide choice of accommodation: from economy options in private cottages to deluxe rooms in the best hotels. Tour programs include a wide variety of thematic excursions, in them you will find answers to many questions: vacation in the Carpathians for the New Year, children’s winter vacation in the Carpathians, vacation in the Carpathians cottages, spa vacation in the Carpathians, vacation in the Carpathians for the weekend, vip vacation in the Carpathians , hot tickets, tours to Bukovel from Kyiv, tours and rest in Transcarpathia, etc. Our company’s pricing policy is one of the most democratic in the domestic tourism market. We suggest that you see for yourself by visiting one of our tours.


Advantages of winter vacation

In its essence, a winter vacation in the Carpathians is a stay in a fairly comfortable hotel, cottage or boarding house in places with beautiful clean mountain air. You will have the opportunity to admire beautiful winter landscapes, and active movement in the fresh air will significantly strengthen your health and add a great charge of positive emotions. At any ski resort, there are tracks not only for professionals and big fans of skiing and snowboarding, but also for those who decided to do it for the first time in their life. Most importantly, do not forget to obey the instructor. The most important plus is the sharpness of sensations that you get when you rush down the mountain at high speed.

But ski resorts, of course, are not limited to just skiing. There is always a great opportunity to remember your childhood and go sledding and skating, or do you prefer snowmobiles? If there is a reservoir near the resort, then winter fishing enthusiasts will always find something to do. Dog sledding will be especially interesting for vacationers, and some may be interested in mountaineering. On the territory of any resort there are many small cozy restaurants, bars, pubs, where you can spend long winter evenings in a pleasant company while drinking hot mulled wine. And, of course, night clubs, for those who still have energy left after the day’s entertainment.

When choosing housing:

keep in mind that it will be the most expensive near the tracks and lifts. Although remote housing also has its advantages – you will have a unique opportunity to walk through the winter forest, because most resorts are located in the forest zone, and accommodation will be cheaper. At any ski resort, tourists will also be offered many excursions to nearby cities. You should definitely take advantage of this while there is no exhausting summer heat, when all you want is to hide in the shade and it is no longer time to see the sights.

Inexpensive winter vacation in the Carpathians

Another rather big advantage of a winter vacation in the Carpathians is saving money on a trip. This happens because, as a rule, the winter period includes the largest number of favorable offers, all kinds of discounts and promotions in all travel agencies that offer tickets to ski resorts. And most importantly, returning to work after a great winter vacation is much easier than after a hot summer vacation, at least, psychologists say.

Active recreation in the Carpathians

Зимовий відпочинок в КарпатахWe decided to check for ourselves what it is – a real active winter vacation in the Carpathians. Going to Bukovel, a well-known, as it is now fashionable to say, already popular mountain and ski resort of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. But experienced tourists advised: believe me, good people, fortunately, Bukovel is not the only one alive today, this blessed land. There are many equally interesting places on the map of the Carpathian region, where you can also have a good rest… Read the article “Winter vacation in the Carpathians” in full →

Family winter vacation in the Carpathians

How and where to relax in the Carpathians during the winter holidays with the whole family? The main attractions of winter resorts and the advantages of active winter recreation in the Carpathians – all this can be seen and heard by visiting our relaxing winter tours to the Carpathians!


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