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Bus tour to the Netherlands from Lviv for 6 days without overnight transfers

Price: from  315 €

6-day bus tour to the Netherlands without overnight transfers with morning departure from Lviv and return to Lviv at night (depending on crossing the border). As part of the tour, we will visit such exciting cities as Wroclaw and Krakow (Poland), Berlin and Dresden (Germany), as well as Amsterdam, Zansee Schans, Utrecht, Delft and The Hague in the Netherlands.

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Bus tour to the Netherlands from Lviv


Cost: Tour price: from 315 €/person
Duration: 6 days / without overnight transfers
Visiting countries: Poland, Germany, the Netherlands
Route: Lviv – Wroclaw – Berlin – Amsterdam – Zansee Schans – Utrecht – Delft – The Hague – Dresden – Krakow – Lviv (→ map)
Departure: Lviv, central railway station. (Morning departure from Lviv and night arrival in Lviv (depending on crossing the border))
The price of the tour includes: 3 sight-seeing tours: around Berlin, Amsterdam, Dresden
Residence: in hotels with breakfast in Poland, the Netherlands, Germany
Tour code: 80455
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

We invite you to visit:

– King of the Netherlands Day – 27.04.23
– Flower Parade “Bloemencorso” from 22/04/23 to 23/04/23
– Flower Park “Kekenhof” from 23/03/23 to 14/05/23

WARNING! The price of the tour may change, check the price with the manager on the day of purchasing the tour!



07:30 – gathering of the group at the Lviv railway station.
08:00 – departure to Poland. Border crossing.

If there is time, we offer the tour “Flower on the Oder – Wroclaw” (guided tour – €19, only transfer to the city – 11€)

Wroclaw is distinguished by its unparalleled beauty among other Polish cities. This is a place that has incredible charm and impresses from the first moment. This is not surprising, because everything here is like from a fairy tale: elegant houses, huge Gothic churches, ancient landlord mansions, swans swimming on the Odra… Here, every rock tells about the rich and stormy history of the city. Wrocław is also known for its outstanding personalities who contributed to the creation of the city.

The peculiarity of Wrocław lies in its symbol – the Wrocław gnomes, small figurines that have appeared in the city since 2001. Their number is constantly growing, as new ones are added. Gnomes have become a fun attraction for tourists. Brochures can be found throughout the city that provide information on the location of each dwarf and its origin story.

Spending your free time in Wrocław can be very pleasant: strolling through the city streets, visiting cozy cafes, communicating with interesting and hospitable local residents who always welcome tourists.

Moving to a transit hotel. Night at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Berlin.

Sightseeing walking tour of Berlin (in the price of the tour)

Berlin is undoubtedly one of the most amazing and colorful cities in Europe. Every person who visits Berlin cannot fail to feel the magic and unparalleled charm of this city, which is full of life and openness. This city, which was once the capital of Prussia, the “Third Reich”, the GDR, is now the capital of a united Germany, and is famous for its theaters and museums.

Visitors are offered such attractions as: Museum Island, a tour around the main Cathedral, the historical district of the city near the Church of St. Nicholas, the Red Town Hall, the Fountain of Neptune and the Church of St. Mary.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

Excursion “Looking through time” (25€)

During this tour, we will learn about the key symbols of Berlin: the famous Brandenburg Gate, the city’s parliament – the Reichstag, the Victory Column and the huge Berlin Cathedral. This route provides an excellent opportunity to get to know this great city and its multifaceted history in more detail.

“Lunch in a German beer hall” (31€)

What is the perfect way to spend time in Germany? While enjoying beer, of course! Germans have a special beer cult, and this drink is an important element of all festive events. Therefore, we suggest visiting the real Berlin brewery Markus Bräu, where you can try several varieties of the famous drink, accompanied by the most delicious schnapps!

Transfer to the hotel. Night at the hotel.


Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Arrival in Amsterdam, the royal capital of the Netherlands.

Sightseeing tour of Amsterdam (included in the price of the tour)

A magical city of dancing houses, canals and bridges awaits YOU! Let’s walk through the city streets, learn all the secrets of architecture. We will open unique courtyards for ourselves. We learn about the origins of this beautiful place. Let’s look at the main squares of the city – Dam, Mint, Rembrandt and the square with three leading museums. We will visit the world-famous floating flower market, where you will receive advice on the correct selection of the bulbs of the famous Dutch tulips.

Amsterdam can be described in many words, trying to convey its uniqueness. But this city must be seen, felt, immersed in its atmosphere, and looked around. No words can reproduce its beauty, specificity and uniqueness! Amsterdam is different from all other European cities!

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

“Dutch folklore Zaans Schans and Volendam” (35€; children under 13.99 years – 25€)

In the picturesque village of Zaanse Schans, you can see how traditional Dutch cheese and famous wooden clogs are made in cozy green country houses. The banks of the Zaan River are decorated with five historic windmills. Mills in the Netherlands are a symbol of life: one saws wood, another makes butter, a third produces the famous Zaan mustard, and a fourth produces paints.

Then we will get to know the charming fishing village of Volendam. It is here that we will be able to try fresh lightly salted herring and unsurpassed smoked eel prepared according to ancient recipes!

A boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam (adults – 23€; children under 13.99 years – 20€)

“Evening Amsterdam” (20€)

Forever young, magnetic and charming. Known for its vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam attracts revelers from all over the world. It seduces, enchants and reveals its secrets… Currently, Amsterdam is considered the capital of night entertainment in Western Europe, surpassing even Milan, Paris and London. As soon as dusk falls, the city comes to life thanks to the many neon lights, and locals and tourists gather around famous entertainment locations.

Transfer to the hotel. Night at the hotel.


Early breakfast. Release of numbers.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

“Royal Flower Park Keukenhof” (18€ transfer + 20€ entrance ticket)

(period of visiting the park 21.03.2024 – 12.05.2024)

Keukenhof is the largest flower park in Europe, located on the territory of 38 hectares. That is why it bears the proud title of “Garden of Europe”. Imagine this exciting sight! Spectacular fields of over 100 varieties of tulips, planted in perfectly even bands of color stretching to the horizon; charming gardens with luxurious flower arrangements of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, freesias, irises and other beautiful spring flowers, located among majestic, branchy oaks and maples, blossoming cherry blossoms, fountains, paved paths, gazebos and benches, manicured lawns and alleys, rivers and ponds inhabited by swans and ducks.

“Cities of fairy tales – Delft + The Hague” (adults – 35€; children under 13.99 years – 25€)

The city of Delft, where the princes lived, has remained as it was four centuries ago. This is a unique city with numerous palaces, majestic buildings, churches located along the canals, the residence of the Dukes of Orange, a factory of blue porcelain, the New Church, where the burial of the Dutch Royal Family is located.

The Hague is the political center of the Netherlands and the residence of Queen Beatrix of Orange-Nassau.

Museum “Corpus” (transfer 15€ + entrance ticket)

We invite you to visit the exhibition, where you can immerse yourself in the inner world of the human body and see how the heart and stomach work, how blood circulates and even watch the birth of a new life. In addition, you will be able to feel what it is like to jump on the tongue and “play” with the human heart. The main goal of “Corpus” is to teach people to listen to their body, take care of it, understand its uniqueness and feel all internal processes. In the Netherlands, it is believed that the understanding and correct attitude towards the body is the key to a long and healthy life.

“Holland in miniature – Madurodam Park” (transfer €15 + entrance ticket)

In the park “Mini Holland” (Madurodam) you can see all the most interesting architectural sights of the country on a scale of 1:25. Experience unforgettable emotions reminiscent of childhood and become Gulliver in the world of Lilliputians. You will have views of Amsterdam houses, ships sailing to the port of Rotterdam, cathedrals with bell towers, spinning mills, high-speed trains on railway tracks and motorways with cars overtaking each other.

Transfer to a transit hotel in Germany.
Overnight stay at the hotel. Night at the hotel.


Breakfast. Release of numbers.
Moving to Dresden.

Dresden is famous for its brilliant Baroque and is often called “Florence on the Elbe”, “Metropolis of the Arts” and “Athens for Artists”. These names may seem loud and pompous, but in fact the city fully justifies them.

Sightseeing tour of Dresden (included in the price of the tour)

During the excursion, we will have the opportunity not only to see numerous monuments of history, architecture and culture, but also to delve into the history of the city, Saxony and Germany. We will be able to get acquainted with interesting characters, and especially with the most popular Saxon of all time – the hero of numerous legends and adventures, the favorite of women, the brilliant Augustus the Strong.

In free time, we offer optional excursions to choose from:

Incredible Saxon Switzerland (adults – €35; children up to 13.99 years – 16€)

This excursion will allow you to get to know the mysterious border region of Bohemia and Saxony, which, thanks to its unique nature, bizarre rocks, waterfalls, rivers, impressive fortresses, observation decks and cozy villages, deservedly received the name Saxon Switzerland.

The amazing medieval town of Meissen (adults – €28; children under 13.99 – €15)

Meissen attracts with its architectural face, which presents many exciting sights. During the excursion, we will visit the majestic Gothic cathedral, see the medieval Albrechtsburg castle, walk through the picturesque market square and visit local souvenir shops.

Green Vaults Museum – Royal Treasury in Dresden (€18 + entrance ticket)

Discover the royal treasures and jewels found in the treasury of Augustus the Strong. The historic Green Vaults are famous for their reputation as one of the richest treasuries in the world. The museum is located in the premises of the Palace-Residence, built specifically for the preservation of royal treasures. The museum’s collection includes more than 3,000 masterpieces of jewelry, figurines, ivories, amber, precious stones, and Venetian glass.

Gallery of Old Masters or Dresden Art Gallery (€18 + entrance ticket)

The main attraction of Dresden – the art gallery of the city – overshadows all others. Today, the Dresden Art Gallery is famous as one of the most powerful collections of paintings in the world. In addition to works by Raphael and Titian, the gallery has works by Rembrandt, Peter Rubens, Albrecht Dürer, Velázquez, Nicolas Poussin and other outstanding artists. The Dresden Art Gallery’s most famous work is Raphael’s Sistine Madonna, which has been wowing museum visitors for the past 250 years.

Moving to a hotel in Poland.
Night at the hotel.


Check out from the hotel.

“Krakow – the city of kings” (guided tour – 19€, only transfer to the city center – 11€)

Krakow, the former capital of Poland, is one of the most charming cities in Europe, with the largest number of architectural monuments in the country. The historical center of Krakow is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. During the excursion, you will visit the medieval Old Town with its main square and the remains of defensive structures of the 15th century, you will see the building of the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364, which is one of the most famous scientific and educational centers in Europe. All the streets of Krakow lead to the Market Square, surrounded by tenement houses and palaces, as well as former shopping streets (Sukennice).

The main shrine of Krakow is St. Mary’s Church – an architectural monument of the 14th century, which houses one of the largest and most beautiful Gothic altars in Europe. A melody that has become a musical symbol of Krakow sounds every hour from the tower of this church.

In free time we offer lunch with beer tasting (25€)

Departure to Ukraine. Border crossing.
Night arrival to Lviv.


Tour price: from 315 €/person

WARNING! The price of the tour may change, check the price with the manager on the day of purchasing the tour.

The price of the tour includes:

+ Travel by Euro-class bus;
+ Support by the group leader;
+ Accommodation along the route: 3* hotel;
+ Meals – breakfasts in hotels;
+ City tours: Berlin, Amsterdam, Dresden;
+ Insurance

The price does not include and is paid additionally:

– Travel in public transport
– Optional excursions
– Entrance tickets to sightseeing facilities
– Personal expenses (lunch, dinner, etc.)
– City tax – 3-7 €/day (local tax, paid on the bus to the group leader at the request of the hotel)
– Mandatory surcharge for renting a radio receiver with headphones for excursions – 2€/day (paid on the bus to the group leader).

Service “Insurance against no-show” – 6% of the cost of the tour package (This service can be ordered only if the tour is booked no later than 14 days before departure)
Service “Comfortable seat” – 15€/person (Issued when booking the tour. You can choose seat from 1 to 12)
Service “Single room” – 160€ (additional fee to the cost of the tour)
Service “Last row” – a discount of 10€ from the cost of the tour package when choosing a seat at the end of the bus.
Service “For newlyweds” – a 5% discount on the cost of the tour for newly married couples (booking the tour no later than 30 days after the registration of the marriage).
“Additional empty seat next to you” service – 75% additional to the cost of the tour package.
Service “Tour of Lviv” – Is there still time before departure? Visit Lviv with fascinating stories from the guide. Book the “Excursion through Lviv” service.
Service “Discounts for organized groups” from 5 to 35 people: individual request.
“Depart later…” service (available only when pre-booking the service)
if the tourist is diagnosed with COVID-19 or another disease before the start of the trip, which does not allow him to travel with us, he has the right to change the tour date once free of charge.
We would like to note that only the participant who provides documentary proof of his illness can change the tour date. Other family members or friends joining the tour must change the tour date according to the terms of the travel service contract.
additionally, you can order the “Let’s leave later” service so that all tour participants have the opportunity to postpone the departure date, and not only those who have documented illness. The cost of the service is €25/person.
This service must be issued for each tour participant.
“Family vacation” service – discounts for children* (this service does not apply to the booking of tourist services for organized groups): This service is valid
only for the autumn-winter period (until 28.02.2023)
Discounts for children when booking a bus tour for a family* in composition:
– 2 adults + 1 child (up to 13.99 years) – a discount of 50% of the price of the tour specified on the website for the selected departure date is given to the child;
– 2 adults + 2 children (up to 13.99 years old) – the first child receives a 50% discount, the second child receives a 10% discount from the price of the tour specified on the website on the selected departure date;
– 2 adults + 3 children (up to 13.99 years) – the first child receives a 50% discount, the second and third child receives a 10% discount (for each child) from the price of the tour specified on the website for the selected departure date.
Discounts for children on optional excursions, if tourist services are booked for a family* consisting of:
– 2 adults + 1 child (up to 13.99 years old) – the child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions that will be included in the tour;
– 2 adults + 2 children (up to 13.99 years) – one child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions. The second child receives a 50% discount on optional excursions specified in the tour program;
– 2 adults + 3 children (up to 13.99 years) – one child receives a 100% discount on optional excursions. Other children receive a 50% discount (for each child) on optional excursions specified in the tour program.
We draw your attention! The discount does not apply to the mandatory excursion and the deposit for the excursion, which are stipulated in the terms of the tour, as well as to the transfer and entrance tickets to the tourist objects visited on the tour.
In the case of visiting children’s amusement parks, the cost of entrance tickets for children and the cost of visiting attractions is paid at full cost according to the tariffs of the amusement park!
*The term “family” means people with any degree of kinship (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunts and other relatives) – for the period of martial law
WARNING! The fee for each child is reduced according to the discount (by 50% for the first child and by 10% for the second and third child)!


Mandatory deposit or forced excursion in special tour packages!
A deposit (or excursion) is required when booking a tour at a promotional price. If the tour is purchased at the standard price, the deposit (or compulsory tour) is not paid.
If the tourist did not use the deposit during the tour or did not use it in full, the remaining funds are NOT refunded.
Seats on the bus are assigned in the order of receipt of applications and are indicated in the information letter.
The tour operator has the right to change the number, sequence and time of excursions or replace them with equivalent ones.
The tour operator has the right to make changes to the tour program without changing the total number of services provided.
The tour program can be changed for New Year holidays, Christmas, May holidays and other festive dates.
The cost of additional excursions may vary depending on the number of tourists in the group. The minimum number of participants for additional excursions is 20 people.

• Additional Information:

When booking a tour, please familiarize yourself with the public offer agreement or sign the travel service contract in person or with the help of EDP (electronic digital signature).
The application for booking a tour, sent to the Tour Operator through the Travel Agent, confirms that the Tourist is familiar with the tour program, terms of payment for tourist services, terms of cancellation of tourist services and agrees to the terms of provision, payment and cancellation of tourist services of the tour operator.
Tour cancellation. When canceling a tour, cancellation conditions and penalties can be viewed in the travel service contract or public offering agreement, as well as in the travel service cancellation conditions section.
Information sheet and insurance. After full payment of the tour, each tourist should receive an information letter from the travel agency with more detailed information about the tour program and insurance policy. These documents can be received 1-2 days before departure.
Hotel accommodation. When booking tourists consisting of one person, please inform about the possibility of accommodation in a DBL/TRPL/QUAD room. If there is no accommodation for the tour, please inform the tourists about the mandatory surcharge for the SNGL number. The price is indicated above.
“My birthday”. If your birthday happens during the tour, the tour company gives you the opportunity to choose a gift. It can be: 1 free additional excursion during the tour or a service such as a transfer or other. The gift can be selected only from the services offered by the company, and not any excursion or service of the tourist’s choice. A list of excursions or services that can be selected as a gift is provided by the group leader. A gift excursion or service is not taken into account when ordering mandatory additional excursions for organized groups. You cannot choose a gift from the My Birthday service if you used the 10% birthday discount when booking the tour.

Terms of payment! 50% after confirmation of the tour and 50% no later than 14 days before departure. When booking a tour less than 14 days before the departure date, full payment for the tour is due on the second day after the tour is confirmed.

For individual groups. It is possible to develop an individual program or use one of our developed programs with an individual calculation for your group on a date convenient for you.

Bus tour to the Netherlands from Lviv

Bus tour to the Netherlands – MY DEAR AMSTERDAM

Dear friends!

We are pleased to present you an exciting bus tour from Ukraine to the Netherlands, including visits to Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans and Keukenhof.

Here is a brief description of our trip:

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, known for its canals, historic buildings and rich cultural life. We will visit the most famous sights of the city, such as the famous Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, as well as cozy streets and bridges.

Zaanse Schans is a picturesque recreated Dutch open-air museum located near Amsterdam. Here you will see traditional wooden houses, nativity scenes and a familiar barn. We will visit a workshop for the production of clogs – traditional Dutch footwear.

Keukenhof is one of the largest and most beautiful flower parks in the world. Located close to Amsterdam, it offers unparalleled views and seasonal tulip displays. We will spend time enjoying the variety of flowers and taking pictures in this wonderful place.

The tour program includes a comfortable bus, high-quality hotel accommodation and the support of an experienced guide.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of the Netherlands with us!

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