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  • Горнолыжный тур на Драгобрат из Харькова поездом

Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv + Hutsul fun

  • Напрямок:
  • Тривалість: 4 дн
  • Ціна: 2,595 грн

Tour dates: 22.02 / 14.03

Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv

Price:  UAH 2595

A ski tour to Dragobrat, combined with Hutsul fun, is a great opportunity to relax in the Carpathians with complete immersion in local culture. Enjoy an active holiday on the slopes of Dragobrat, one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. This tour will offer you an unforgettable vacation full of cultural discoveries and winter fun!

Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv + Hutsul fun



Cost: Tour price: UAH 2595
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Departure dates: 22.02 / 14.03
Departure: Lviv, Prymisky station, str. Horodotska, 177 (800 m from the Main Railway Station);
Ivano-Frankivsk, str. Halytska, 203. “Radiorynok” stop.
Route: Lviv – Ivano-Frankivsk – Pidhirya – Kolomyia – Verkhovyna – Dragobrat – Yaremche – Ivano-Frankivsk – Lviv
Residence: Hutsul estates of green tourism in Verkhovyna
ВВTour code: 85120
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

Tourists not from Lviv are recommended to buy a train ticket in the return direction for after 24:00.

The tour program shows approximate times. The company reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent ones. The company is not responsible for possible road delays and weather conditions.

Pidhirya Earth History Park Underhill / Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv

— departure from Lviv (08:00)


visiting the “UNDERHILL” park

The “Park of the History of the Earth” is open to everyone who wants to get acquainted with the Cenozoic era, which began 66 million years ago and continues to this day. Occupying an area of ​​8 hectares, this entertainment and educational park reveals the history of the origin of life on our planet. Visitors are greeted by impressive statues of a mammoth family, Sid the saber-toothed tiger and other amazing creatures.


lunch, taking pictures near the “Pysanky” museum, visiting the “Hutsulshchyna” museum

Kolomyia, the one of the most charming cities of Galicia, is known for its elegant Art Nouveau architecture in the central part. One of the most important museums of Ukraine is waiting for you in this city – the National Museum of Folk Art of Hutsul region and Pokuttia named after Yosaphat Kobrynskyi. This is the first museum of Ukrainian art in the western Ukrainian lands, where valuable and unique works of folk art of the Hutsuls and Pokutians are collected. The museum is located in the center of Kolomyia, in the historical building of the former People’s House, built at the expense of the Ukrainian public.

Verkhovyna (tasting of live “Verkhovyna” beer, settlement in Hutsul manors).
2-3 DAYS
Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv

— breakfast and departure (08:00)


free day for skiing at Dragobrat resort

Dragobrat is a climatic resort located on the slopes of Svidovets, one of the highest ranges of the Carpathians, at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,700 meters above sea level. Using the chairlift, you can climb Mount Styg (1,707 m), which offers wonderful panoramas of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Glacial Lake Gerashaska (Dogyaska), located in a mountain bowl at an altitude of 1,577 meters, has a special beauty and is considered one of the most picturesque lakes in Ukraine.

Verkhovyna (return to the estate, Hutsul fun).
Verhovyna - Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv

— breakfast and departure (08:00)


tour and photo shoot in Hutsul clothing at the Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors museum and concert tour at the Roman Kumlyk Museum of Folk Instruments

Verhovyna, which is the ethnogeographical center of the Hutsul Region, is located on the banks of the famous Black Cheremosh River. In addition to the charming Carpathian landscapes, there are many attractions for discerning tourists. You will be pleased to be invited to a concert-excursion to the private Hutsul museum of life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk. You can learn about the famous Hutsul love story of Ivan and Marichka, as well as take a photo in Hutsul clothing in the house-museum of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. And in the museum of Polonya life “Hata-Staya” you can try real Hutsul cheese.


lunch, “Dovbusha” trail, view of the rocks, view of the waterfall, purchase of souvenirs

Yaremche is a famous climatic resort located in the picturesque valley of the Prut River, surrounded by picturesque mountains. Flash outcrops on the Prut River near Yaremche create an impressive silhouette of an elephant, where you can take a unique photo. The famous “Dovbusha Trail” is also located here – a great route for a short mountain walk. Fir and beech forests, mossy stones and sandstone rocks with numerous caves and vines await you on the “Dovbush Trail”. According to legends, in one of these caves, the hero of folk tales, Oleksa Dovbush, hid his priceless treasures.

— Lviv (return by 22:00).


Tour price: UAH 2595

Children up to 6 years old (inclusive): free of charge (when accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus and during accommodation)
Children from 7 to 12 years old (inclusive) and persons with disabilities of the I and II groups (with a certificate) : UAH 240/person (from the total cost of the tour)
To the participants of DB/OOS (with ID): 30% discount from the cost of the tour.

The price of the tour includes:
+ travel by comfortable bus,
+ accommodation for 3 nights,
+ excursion escort,
+ insurance for the duration of the trip.
Additionally paid:
– entrance tickets to sightseeing objects,
– participation in Hutsul fun;
– meals,
– ski equipment rental,
– personal expenses and souvenirs.
Cost of entrance tickets for 1 person:

Underhill Earth History Park: general, pensioners and students – UAH 220, children (6-12 years) – UAH 150;

Hutsul wedding: The cost of the Hutsul dinner and participation in the fun is UAH 300/person. The cost of participation in the fun without dinner is UAH 150/person.

National Museum of Folk Art of Hutsul region and Pokuttia named after J. Kobrynskyi: general – UAH 40, student and pensioner – UAH 20, apprentice – UAH 15;

Yasinya-Dragobrat-Gerashaska transfer by GAZ-ZIL cars: (both ways) – UAH 270-300.

Museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk, Verkhovyna: general, pension, student, apprentice – UAH 50;

“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” Museum, Verkhovyna: general, pensioner and student – 50 UAH, student – 40 UAH.

In the estates of green tourism in the village of Verkhovyna, comfortable 2-, 3-, 4-bed rooms with amenities on the first floor.


1st day

Breakfast – you can have breakfast at home, take a snack with you or have breakfast during the bus stop in catering establishments of your own taste and choice.

Lunch will be held in the “Nadia” cafe in Kolomyia. The estimated cost is UAH 180.

The dinner takes place in Verkhovyna estates. The proposed menu: kulesha with Hutsul roast (fresh), daruna with sour cream, cheese, tea from Carpathian herbs. The cost is UAH 150.

2nd day

Breakfast takes place in the manors, the proposed menu: omelette, flatbreads with afenas (blueberries), canapés with cheese, tea/coffee. The cost is UAH 100.

Lunch takes place independently at the ski resorts of Bukovel or Dragobrat – according to the taste and choice of tourists.

The dinner takes place during the “Hutsul wedding” holiday, offered dishes of Hutsul cuisine: kulesha with mushrooms, Hutsul knyshi, budz (Hutsul cheese), sliced ​​vegetables, bread, tea from Carpathian herbs, cheerful Carpathian water. The cost is UAH 140.

3rd day

Breakfast takes place in Hutsul estates. Offered menu: cheesecakes with sour cream and jam, sandwiches, boiled eggs, tea, bread. The cost is UAH 100.

Lunch takes place independently at the ski resorts of Bukovel or Dragobrat – according to the taste and choice of tourists.

The dinner takes place in Verkhovyna estates. Offered menu: mushroom soup, roast (potatoes stewed with meat), tea/coffee, bread. The cost is UAH 150.

4th day

Breakfast takes place in Hutsul homes. Menu: flatbreads with cheese, sliced ​​sausage, cheese, eggs, tea/coffee, bread. The cost is UAH 100/person.

Lunch takes place in the restaurant “Tourist” in Yaremche and consists of dishes: soup with meatballs, potatoes in the peasant style with meat in the French style, “Vegetable” salad, bread, stew. The price is UAH 180.

Верховина - столиця Гуцульщини

Verkhovyna is the capital of Hutsul Oblast, Carpathians

Ancient, authentic, honorable and beautiful Verkhovyna. There are dozens of museums, beautiful manors and cottages, ancient churches… And all in the middle of the mighty Carpathians, mystical forests and streams and rivers as clean as a tear. And this is where the real Hutsuls live. Verkhovyna is undoubtedly the epicenter of museums. There are dozens of them here. But all of them are not the ones we are used to, but with a twist. If you are ever asked for advice on where to go on vacation, feel free to recommend Verkhovyna. Because here there is something to see, something to taste, feel and experience. As the residents of the Hutsul capital say, Verkhovyna is YO!


Yaremche | Ivano-Frankivsk region, Carpathians

Yaremche is a well-known climatic and ski resort of Prykarpattia. This town can be called a green paradise. Rest in Yaremche will give you peace of mind and strengthen your body. Come to this beautiful region, you will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of nature and the inhabitants of the Carpathians.

Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv with Hutsul fun: Winter Tale in the Carpathians

Get ready for an unforgettable winter adventure with a ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv, complemented by exciting Hutsul fun. This magical tour promises not only an active vacation in the snow, but also a deep immersion in the unique Hutsul culture.

Ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv

Dragobrat ski slopes

Starting from Lviv, you will go to Dragobrat, the highest ski resort in Ukraine. Ski trails of different levels of difficulty are waiting for you here, ideal for both experienced skiers and beginners. Clean mountain air, spectacular views and perfectly prepared tracks will provide you with maximum pleasure from skiing.

Hutsul fun

After an active day on the slopes, you can visit the Hutsul parties, where a real holiday awaits you with folk music, dancing, singing and traditional dishes. This is a unique experience that will allow you to better understand and feel the richness of Hutsul culture.

Excursion program

The tour includes visits to local attractions, including Hutsul temples and museums, where you can learn more about the history and customs of this unique region.

Souvenirs and crafts

Don’t forget about the exhibition and sale of handicrafts made by folk craftsmen of Hutsul Region. You can buy unique souvenirs and gifts made by local artisans.

This ski tour to Dragobrat from Lviv will be an unforgettable vacation for you, where every moment is filled with joy, new experiences and real winter magic.

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