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NEW YEARS ZAKARPATIA IN 6 DAYS | New Years tour to Transcarpathia from Lviv

Dates of the tour: 29.12.23 – 03.01.24

New Years tour to Transcarpathia from Lviv. Early booking!

Price: 7295 UAH

New Year’s Transcarpathia in 6 days – New Years tour to Transcarpathia, extensive excursion programs, an atmosphere of coziness and Ukrainian hospitality, excellent conditions, low prices and a bright festive show – New Year’s Fun! Are we going to Transcarpathia for New Year 2024? We invite you to welcome the New Year and feel the spirit of Christmas in Transcarpathia with us! Do not miss the chance to celebrate the New Year 2024 in Transcarpathia!


NEW YEARS TOUR IN TRANSCARPATHIA IN 6 DAYS – New Years tour in Transcarpathia

New Year 2024 in the Carpathians and Transcarpathia | New Years tour to Transcarpathia from Lviv


° Tour price: 7295 UAH/person

° Duration: 6 days

° Dates of the tour: 29.12.23 – 03.01.24

° Place of departure / return of the bus: Primisky station, st. Horodotska, 177 (stop opposite Skryni Shopping Center, 800 m from the Main Railway Station).

° Route: Lviv – Karpaty Sanatorium – Chinadiyevo – Berehovo – Uzhgorod – Barvinok – Kosyno – Mukachevo – Vynogradiv – Velyatino – Iza – Synevyr – Kolochava – Pylypets – Lviv

° Tour code: 74325

° Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

1 DAYNEW YEARS ZAKARPATIA IN 6 DAYS | New Years tour to Transcarpathia from Lviv

– departure from Lviv (09:00)

– Karpaty sanatorium (excursion to Schönborn Palace)

– Chinadievo (lunch and tour of Saint Miklos Castle)

– Berehovo (swimming in the thermal pool)

– Berehiv Volcanic Lowland (wine tasting)

– Berehiv district (check-in at rural tourism estates at 8:30 p.m., dinner).

2 DAYNew Years tour to Transcarpathia

– breakfast and departure (08:00)

– Vynogradov (photo with buffaloes on the farm and cheese tasting)

– Velyatino (swimming in the thermal pool)

– Iza (Highland ranch: swings, dinner, snail tasting, farm),

– Berekhovsky district (return to the homestead, dinner).

3 DAY New Years tour to Transcarpathia from Lviv

– breakfast and departure (08:00)

– Uzhhorod (tour of the city, castle, lunch)

– Periwinkle (swimming in the thermal pool)

– Berehiv district (return to the homestead at 19:00, preparation for the New Year 2023 meeting).


The New Year’s celebration takes place in the “Imperial” restaurant in the village of Matiyovo (Vynogradivskyi district).

Estimated start of the New Year’s program is 21:00. At 24:00 – a meeting of the Ukrainian New Year. 01:00 – meeting of the Transcarpathian New Year.

The guests are entertained by the “Negy reszeges” pop ensemble, and the best dance team of the Berehiv region teaches dances. In the New Year’s program, you will find Dolynian, Hutsul, Hungarian and Gypsy folk dances, and classical dances for special connoisseurs. All those willing will learn to dance Chardash, take part in fun, contests for cleverness and ingenuity, sing along, and try their luck in the lottery.

Festive dinner menu:
– cold snacks: rolls, hams, sausages, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, sour cream, pickled sole, carp fish, sandwiches, cheese assortment from Transcarpathian cheeses, meat assortment;
– salads: French, fur coat, vegetable;
– hot dishes: bograch, potato puree with loci, dumplings with porcini mushroom sauce and Szeged goulash;
– fruits and sweets;
– mineral water, sweet water.
– champagne, Transcarpathian wine, cognac, cheerful Carpathian water, juice, mineral water.


*The format of the celebration can be changed, this applies only to music and dancing, information will be known 1-2 weeks before departure).

**The celebration of the New Year takes place in the restaurant of the village of Matiyovo, and the accommodation is in the village of Bene (15 km between them). Everyone goes to the celebration centrally by bus, and after the celebration they return back at a predetermined time. In order to leave the celebration sooner or later than the set time, you can use a taxi.


– late breakfast and departure (11:00)

– Kosino (swimming in thermal pools, 3.5 hours)

– Mukachevo (lunch, castle and city tour)

– Berehiv district (dinner).

5 DAYNEW YEARS ZAKARPATIA IN 6 DAYS | New Years tour to Transcarpathia from Lviv

– breakfast and departure (08:00)

– Iza (deer farm)

– Lake Synevyr (excursion and lunch, bear shelter)

– Kolochava (review of museums)

– Iza (buying vine products)

– Berehiv district (return to the estates, dinner).


– breakfast and departure (08:00)

– Pylypets (overview of the Shipit waterfall, lunch, ascent on the chairlift to Mount Hymba, free time for winter entertainment)

– Lviv (return until 22:00).


• Price of the tour: 7295 UAH/person

Discounts for children:
– Children up to 3 years old, accompanied by 2 adults, without a separate seat on the bus and staying – free of charge;
– For children from 3 to 12 years old, a discount from the total cost of the tour – 500 UAH.

The price INCLUDES:
+ Travel on a comfortable bus,
+ Accommodation (5 nights),
+ New Year’s fun (program, food, drinks, including alcoholic drinks),
+ Dinners (5 times), breakfasts (5 times),
+ Accompaniment by a tour guide,
+ Excursion service at tourist sites,
+ Insurance for the period of the trip.

The price does NOT include and will be paid additionally:
– entrance tickets to tourist attractions,
– tastings,
– lunches,
– personal expenses, souvenirs.

The cost of entrance tickets for 1 person:
– Shenborn Palace: adult, pensioner, student – 20 hryvnias, schoolchildren – 15 hryvnias;
– thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Beregov (2 hours): general – UAH 210, pensioners – UAH 160, persons with disabilities of the 1st group, students, children from 120 to 150 cm – UAH 105, children up to 120 cm. – free of charge, locker rental – UAH 30 (children up to 150 cm are allowed in the pool only in swimming armbands);
– wine tasting: UAH 70/person, tour without wine consumption UAH 35/person;
– a visit to the cult restaurant “Detsa u notarya” – UAH 5, children up to 120 cm – free;
– Uzhhorod castle: general (adults, pensioners) – 100 UAH, pensioner – 75 UAH, student – 70 UAH, pupils – 40 UAH;
– “Zolota Gora” thermal pool (2 hours): general, pensioner, student – UAH 300, children up to 150 cm tall – UAH 150, children up to 110 cm tall – free.
– thermal pool “Kosino”: general – 500 UAH, war participants and disabled people of the 1st group – 300 UAH, children up to 150 cm tall – free of charge, locker rental – 50 UAH;
– Mukachevo Castle: adults – UAH 100, students, pensioners – UAH 70, children under 14 – UAH 50;
– tasting of buffalo and sheep types of cheese: general, student, pupil – 75 hryvnias;
– deer farm: general, pensioner and student – 30 hryvnias, schoolchildren – 20 hryvnias;
– lake “Synevyr”: general, pensioners – UAH 30, students and schoolchildren – UAH 15;
– open-air ethnographic museum “Stare Selo” and Museum of Railway History “Kolochavska Narrow-gauge”, Branch of the Forest and Alloy Museum “Kolochavskiy Bokorash”: general – 70 UAH/person, pensioners, students – 50 UAH/person, schoolchildren – 35 UAH/person resident;
– Shipit waterfall: general, pensioner, student – 20 hryvnias, children 7-16 years old – 10 hryvnias; children under 7 years old – free of charge;
– ascent on the chairlift to Mount Hymba (both ways): general – UAH 200; children under 14 years old and participants in the war – UAH 120.

in cozy manors of green tourism in the Berehiv district, rooms: 2- and 3-bed rooms with access to the corridor (for 2-3 rooms).

Dinners and breakfasts: in cozy estates of green tourism of the Berehiv district

– Lunch on the 1st day — takes place in the “Weekend” cafe. Menu: cabbage salad, Transcarpathian dip, mashed potatoes with goulash, compote, bread. The cost is UAH 120/person.
– Dinner on the 1st day – takes place in rural tourism estates after settling in and consists of dishes of Hungarian national cuisine, dinner is extremely hearty and tasty, the housewives cook from their own natural products. Offered menu: bograch goulash, Hungarian cabbage rolls, wine, mineral water, dessert.
– Breakfast on the 2nd day – takes place in rural tourism estates, the proposed menu: cold cuts, scrambled eggs, tea, coffee.
– Lunch on the 2nd day — takes place in Uzhhorod at the “Chester” cafe. Menu: bean-levesh, rice with vegetables, baked loci, “Poloninsky” salad (tomato, cucumber, cabbage), compote, bread. The price is UAH 120/person.
– Dinner on the 2nd day — takes place in the form of a “NEW YEAR’S FUN” holiday!
– Breakfast on the 3rd day – In the New Year, the first breakfast for you will consist of special happy dishes that are prepared only for the New Year and those who try them will be healthy and happy in the New Year. Menu: korgellevsh (homemade sausage, sauerkraut with meat, topped with sour cream and red pepper), homemade cucumber and homemade sausage with mashed potatoes, cholomada (special New Year’s vegetable salad).
– Lunch on the 3rd day — takes place in the city of Mukachevo at the Zakarpattia Credence cafe. Menu: beetroot salad, bean-levesh soup, torgonya (specially prepared home-made pasta) with cones in mushroom-cream sauce, tea, bread. The cost is UAH 120/person.
– Dinner on the 3rd day — takes place in the farmsteads of rural tourism, the proposed menu: chicken broth with chiga, torgonya with gravy, Hungarian sweets and wine.
– Lunch on the 4th day – will not be organized centrally, because there will be a tasty and hearty late breakfast.
– Dinner on the 4th day — takes place in the estates. Menu: soup with meatballs, kremzliks (deruns) with mushroom gravy, sweets, tea, wine.
– Breakfast on the 5th day – takes place in the estates. Menu: dumplings with sour cream, sliced ​​cheese, sausages, tea/coffee.
– Lunch on the 5th day — takes place near Lake Synevyr in the hut “on Detsu do Tsimbor”. Menu: mushroom soup, banoche with bread and crackers, beetroot salad, bread, tea. The cost is UAH 130/person.
– Dinner on the 5th day — takes place in the estates. Offered menu: vegetable soup, potatoes with meat (fried), bread, compote, wine.
– Breakfast on the 6th day — takes place in the estates. Menu: cheesecakes with sour cream, sliced ​​sausage, cheese, eggs, tea/coffee, bread.
– Lunch on the 6th day — will be held on Pylypka at the “Shepit Carpathian” restaurant. Menu: “Mix” salad, Ukrainian borscht, baked potato with cutlet, compote, tea. The cost is UAH 140/person.

New Years tour to Transcarpathia from Lviv

Touristic objects:

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Near Uzhgorod, surrounded by the Carpathians, thermal waters rise from the heart of the earth and bring health and joy to the guests of the “Zolota Gora” recreation complex. Four modern thermal pools with water temperatures of 29 and 39 degrees indoors and outdoors await you. The water is extremely useful and its composition is similar to the thermal waters of the best resorts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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Here, among the picturesque volcanic mountains, springs of thermal water have been bubbling for a long time, on the basis of which the modern and comfortable tourist complex “Warm Waters” operates year-round. The local water rises from a depth of 1,000 meters, has a temperature of over 36 degrees, 33 times higher mineralization than seawater and is famous for its high content of iodine and bromine. 3 thermal, 2 mineral and 5 freshwater pools are waiting for you, where, in addition to health, you can get a great charge of positivity and pleasure.


The capital of wicker weaving of Ukraine, passing through the village you can buy a variety of souvenirs made of vines, from simple utilitarian items to real works of art. You should also visit the deer farm, where more than a hundred spotted deer live and bring great joy to visitors.

Iza is a snail farm

We invite you to visit the “Highland” ranch, which is famous for its snail farm. The meat of these animals is not only tasty, but also very useful, because it does not contain cholesterol and has many trace elements. There will be an opportunity to taste these aphrodisiacs, which are stuffed with various sauces and wine. There are also other animals on the farm: Scottish cows and ponies, Cameroonian sheep, Nubian and Alpine goats, peacocks, swans and nutria.

Озеро Синевир, Закарпатье

Lake Synevyr, Transcarpathia

Lake Synevyr (another name is Morske Oko) is the largest and most beautiful lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is spread between the mountains, among the spruce forest at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. It is located in the Mizhhirsky district of the Transcarpathian region, in the mountain massif of the Inner Gorgans. Synevyr Lake is considered the pearl of the Carpathians and is the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Park. Its water surface has an area of 4-5 hectares, the average depth ranges from 8 to 10 meters, and the maximum reaches 24 meters.

Водопад Шипіт, Закарпаття

Shipit waterfall, Pylypets, Transcarpathia

Shipit waterfall is located in a fabulously beautiful place. It is surrounded by a fragrant coniferous forest, silence and coolness. While walking in this beautiful place, you will hear the magical singing of birds, immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of the forest kingdom and suddenly hear the growing hum. This is the noise of Shipit waterfall. Its water jets burst from a 14-meter height, forming several magnificent cascades and dispersing the spray with a cloud of transparent drops. The views of tourists are truly fascinated by this unusual natural wonder.

Berehiv Volcanic Lowland

The surroundings of Berehova have long been famous throughout the world for their wines, which have a wonderful aroma and a great wealth of taste properties. This is thanks to the volcanic rocks on which the grapes grow and the energy of the sun, because this is where the most sunny days in Transcarpathia are.

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