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Carpathians and Rafting on the Cheremosh River | from Lviv

Departure dates: 18.05 / 25.05 / 01.06 / 08.06 / 15.06 / 22.06 / 29.06 / 03.07 / 06.07 / 13.07 / 17.07 / 20.07 / 27.07 / 31.07 / 03.08 / 10.08 / 14.08 / 17.08 / 24.08 / 28.08 / 31.08 / 07.09 / 14.09 / 21.09 / 28.09 / 05.10 / 12.10 / 19.10 / 26.10 …

Rafting on the Chornyy Cheremosh River, Bukovel, Hutsulska zabava, etc.

Price:  1495 UAH

Carpathians and Rafting on the Cheremosh River

Rafting on the Cheremosh River, Bukovel, Hutsul fun and exciting excursions

Ladies and Gentlemen! Have you dreamed of a real vacation in the Carpathians? For you, an excursion tour from Lviv CARPATHIAN AND SPLAV THROUGH CHEREMOSH. Please pay attention to our offer – a unique bus tour to the Carpathians, which combines a rich excursion program with active rest. After visiting our excursion to the Carpathians, you will have the opportunity to enjoy picturesque landscapes and breathe clean air, see centuries-old spruce trees, transparent and clean Carpathian reservoirs and rivers, mesmerizing waterfalls and a real fabulous riot of nature – this is the unsurpassed Carpathian region. And the crown of our interesting excursion program will be rafting on the Black Cheremosh River on catamarans! Hurry up to order a tour! You won’t regret it !!!

Beautiful landscapes, amazing mountains, rich nature – isn’t it a dream?

Carpathians and Rafting on the Cheremosh River

Rafting on the Cheremosh River

Tour price: UAH 1495 /person

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

Departure dates: 18.05 / 25.05 / 01.06 / 08.06 / 15.06 / 22.06 / 29.06 / 03.07 / 06.07 / 13.07 / 17.07 / 20.07 / 27.07 / 31.07 / 03.08 / 10.08 / 14.08 / 17.08 / 24.08 / 28.08 / 31.08 / 07.09 / 14.09 / 21.09 / 28.09 / 05.10 / 12.10 / 19.10 / 26.10 …

Route: Lviv – Halych – Ivano-Frankivsk – Yaremche – Bukovel – Polyanytsia – rafting on the Black Cheremosh River – V. Yaseniv – Verkhovyna – Kryvorivnya – Ivano-Frankivsk – Lviv

Place of departure / return of the bus: city of Lviv, Chornovola Ave., 7, hotel “Lviv” (near the main entrance).

ВВ Tour code: 81577

Questions about the tour: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

 WARNING! In case of unfavorable weather conditions or other reasons, on the second day of the trip, instead of rafting down Cheremosh, you can visit the museums of Verkhovyna-Kryvorivna as part of the tour “Hutsul Carpathians + Bukovel” or climb Hoverla.
 WARNING! During martial law, the “Hutsul Fun” concert and entertainment program is not held!

1 DAY – departure from Lviv (08:00)

– Halych (visiting the Halych NPP, the nature museum and a walk through the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center)

– Ivano-Frankivsk (12:00)

– Yaremche (overview of the waterfall, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, souvenir shopping and lunch)

– Bukovel (ascent by chairlift to the top of Bukovel Mountain and a view of the Carpathian panorama)

– Verkhovyna (settling in Hutsul estates of green tourism at 9:00 p.m.).

2 DAY– breakfast and departure (08:00)

– rafting on the Black Cheremosh River (Dzembronya – Verkhovyna section)

– V. Yaseniv (lunch)

– Kryvorivnia (visiting the tasting museum “Grandfather’s Pharmacy”)

– Ivano-Frankivsk (until 20:00)

– Lviv (return at 22:30).

Excursion objects:

Halytskyi NPP

This reserve is a unique place on the map of Ukraine, with interesting landscapes and the largest species diversity of plants, animals, and birds in Ukraine. You can find out about this in the wonderful museum “Nature of the Galician Land”, and a favorite place for visitors is the Center for the Rehabilitation of Sick and Found Animals. More than 50 species of fauna are cared for here – there are bears, wild sheep, foxes, a raccoon dog, wolves, owls, eagles, herons, ducks, deer, and the Center’s greatest pride is the trio of bison, the largest mammals living in Europe.
The interactive quest program “Visiting Fairy Tales” is especially popular with tourists, during which you can walk along an animal trail through the forest, on which tracks of 14 forest animals are reproduced, and visit Baba Yaga’s hut.


Yaremche | Ivano-Frankivsk region, Carpathians

Yaremche is a well-known climatic and ski resort of Prykarpattia. This town can be called a green paradise. Rest in Yaremche will give you peace of mind and strengthen your body. Come to this beautiful region, you will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of nature and the inhabitants of the Carpathians.

Kryvorivnia Tasting Museum “Grandfather’s Pharmacy”

Hutsuls have long known a lot about the healing properties of herbs, fruits, and roots, from which they drank tea and made tinctures. In order to acquaint the guests of the Hutsul region with ancient knowledge, the tasting museum “Grandfather’s Pharmacy” was opened next to the famous Frank’s Well, where you can learn about folk medicine and taste healing tea from the cauldron and taste several medicinal tinctures.

Rafting through the Carpathians

Rafting on catamarans will take place along the mountain and flat sections of the Black Cheremosh River from the village of Dzembronya to the village of Verkhovyna. Fabulous mountain landscapes, wooded rocky shores, fun and harmonious teamwork on the water and the most pleasant experiences await the participants of the trip. Splav is an ideal active rest for the soul and body!

Technical information:

– participation in rafting does not require prior training (experience);

– net time of rafting is 2-2.5 hours, depending on the water level;

– the price of rafting includes the instructor’s work, rental of equipment (rafts, paddles, vests, helmets, rubberized suits), transport services to the rafting place;

– before and during rafting, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol;

– the route is designed for an average statistical group of physically healthy people;

– detailed information about clothes, equipment is sent in a separate letter to those who register for the rafting.


The price INCLUDES: The price does NOT include and will be paid additionally:
› travel by a comfortable Euro-class bus,
› residence,
› accompanied by a tour guide,
› excursion service in tourist facilities,
› travel insurance.
– entrance tickets to tourist facilities,
– food,
– participation in Hutsul fun.
– services for the organization of the alloy


– Children up to 6 years old (inclusive), accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus and during accommodation – free of charge;
– Children up to 12 years old (inclusive) get a discount from the total cost of the tour – UAH 100/person.
– For members of the DB/OOS (with ID): 30% discount on the cost of the tour.

Cost of entrance tickets:

Halytskyi NPP: museum and Animal Rehabilitation Center: general, pensioner and student – 70 hryvnias, children – 30 hryvnias.

Cableway to Mount Bukovel (both ways): general – 300 UAH, pensioners and children under 12 years – 210 UAH.

Services for the organization of rafting (Cheremosh): general, pension, student, children – UAH 500;

In the estates of green tourism in the village of Verkhovyna, comfortable 2-, 3-, 4-bed rooms with amenities on the first floor (1 NE for 2-3 rooms)..
Breakfast on the 1st day – You can have breakfast at home, take a snack with you or have breakfast during the bus stop in public catering establishments of your own taste and choice.

Lunch on the 1st day – Takes place in the “Tourist” restaurant in Yaremche and consists of dishes: soup with meatballs, French-style potatoes with meat, “Vegetable” salad, bread, stew. The cost is UAH 200.

Dinner on the 1st day – Held at the hotel during the “Hutsul Fun!” holiday. Offered dishes of Hutsul cuisine: mushroom soup, cabbage rolls with sour cream, sweet treat, bread, stew. The cost is UAH 150.

Breakfast on the 2nd day – Held at the hotel, the proposed menu: scrambled eggs, homemade croissant (2 pieces), cheese, butter, bread, tea. The cost is UAH 100.

Lunch on the 2nd day – It will be held in the restaurant “Zgarda” village. Verkhniy Yaseniv”. Offered menu: vegetable salad, red borscht, sour cream dumplings, bread, tea made from fragrant Carpathian herbs. The cost is UAH 150.


Carpathians and Rafting on the Cheremosh RiverIn order to get to know the Hutsul people, their character, customs, cuisine, we invite you to visit the Hutsul party. During the entertainment, you will be treated to:
– Hutsul cuisine: porcini mushroom soup, banush with cheese, tea made from fragrant healing Carpathian herbs, …
– singing and dancing by the Hutsul band “Dovbushova Taistra”;
– master classes on Hutsul dances: hutsulka, resheto, golubka;
– Hutsul chants, kolomyikas, songs about the Carpathians;
– initiation into Hutsul;
– and dancing, dancing, dancing to fiery Hutsul music.
The cost of the Hutsul dinner and participation in the fun is UAH 215.
The cost of participation in the fun without dinner is UAH 95.
Note: Hutsul fun takes place if there is a group of 35 or more people willing to participate.

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