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  • 7 ДНЕЙ ЭКСТРИМА | активный отдых в Карпатах


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  • Тривалість: 7 дн
  • Ціна: 12,500 грн

Departure dates:

Active recreation in the Carpathians: 9 attractions (all inclusive)

Price:  UAH 12500

7 DAYS OF EXTREME – 9 ATTRACTIONS (ALL INCLUDED) | Active recreation in the Carpathians: great, fun and interesting. The best vacation for you and your family. With us, you are guaranteed a wonderful weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city and civilization, in an ecologically clean place surrounded by mountains, Carpathian meadows, and enjoying untouched nature. Active recreation in the Carpathians – adrenaline, pleasant fatigue and adventures, memories that you will be happy to share with friends. A week of drive, extreme, adrenaline, crazy energy. You just have to test your strength! The tour is all inclusive!!! The price includes: travel, excursion support, all attractions, three meals a day and accommodation.

Active recreation in the Carpathians – all inclusive!



Cost:Tour price: UAH 12500 /person
Duration:7 days / 6 nights
Departure dates:
Departure:Lviv, square Dvirtseva, 1, Railway station
Residence:1-2 nights: hotel in the village Padlock;
3-6 nights: hotel in the village of Verkhovyna.
Food:3 times (in the price of the tour)
МТTour code:81828
Manager:+380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

The tour program shows approximate times. The company reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent ones. The company is not responsible for possible road delays and weather conditions.

Active recreation in the Carpathians / Tarakaniv Fort / WEEKLY EXTREME TOUR

Tarakaniv Fort

9:00 Lviv (departure from the railway station)
12:00 Dubno (joining the group near Duben Castle)
12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:30-16:30 Tarakaniv Fort. Excursion and quest

This defensive structure was built during the days of imperial Russia to protect the railway connection that stretched from Lviv to Kyiv. However, no large-scale events took place here, since the planning of the fortress was carried out without much thought by the Russian military leadership. Tarakan Fort impresses with its diamond-shaped construction with 6-meter high walls. The length of the defensive walls reaches 240 meters. They are compacted by wide and deep ditches, and the area of the fort itself is 4 hectares.

A walk around Tarakaniv Fort:

Tarakaniv Fort is an excellent place for organizing various competitions and festivals. The unique quest scenario is designed specifically for this tour and has no others. Participants of the extreme route must follow the instructions that will help to avoid accidents. And of course, it’s very easy to get lost in the dark corridors of the fort, so be sure to keep your flashlight handy.

21:30 (approximate) Check-in at the hotel. Dinner.

Mlynky Cave / Active recreation in the Carpathians / WEEKLY EXTREME TOUR

Mlynka cave

9:00 Breakfast

10:00-14:00 Mlynky Caves (excursion and extreme route)

An extreme trip through Western Ukraine is impossible without an excursion to one of the most fascinating caves of our country. The walls of the 40-kilometer underground labyrinths and huge halls covered with multi-colored crystals beckon with their shimmering beauty. Natural holes in the ceiling allow sunlight to penetrate into the depths of the cave. Inside the underground passages, the temperature does not rise above 10°C. If the participants of the extreme tour feel insecure about their abilities, they can use the usual tourist route, and for those who like to overcome difficulties, there is a more challenging option.

15:00-16:00 Lunch

17:00-19:00 SPA in the Orysia complex: Sauna, bathhouse

A visit to the unique hotel and tourist complex “Orisya”. Here you have the opportunity to improve your health with the help of healing water, which is often compared to the mineral waters of the Druskininkai resort located on the Baltic. Mineralized pools in Oryshkivtsi have a positive effect on health in diseases of the thyroid gland, musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as during metabolic problems.

20:00-21:00 Dinner

Rafting on the Dniester / Active recreation in the Carpathians / WEEKLY EXTREME TOUR

Rafting on the Dniester)

9:00 Breakfast

11:00-16:00 Rafting on the Dniester

The canyon of unsurpassed beauty, spread over the borders of four regions of Ukraine, begins in Ivano-Frankivsk and ends in Ternopil region. During the extreme tour, travelers will visit several forgotten villages and towns, where they will be able to see wonderful ancient buildings – castles, temples, mansions of wealthy residents. Thanks to the walls of the canyon, cold air currents do not penetrate inside, creating a unique microclimate. Visitors can enjoy swimming, relaxing in the sun and listening to incredible stories.

16:00-17:00 Lunch
17:00-18:00 Transfer to Verkhovyna. Settlement. Dinner.

Climbing the Pip Ivan mountain / Active recreation in the Carpathians / WEEKLY EXTREME TOUR

Climbing the Pip Ivan mountain

7:00-7:30 Breakfast

8:30-18:00 Climbing the Pip Ivan mountain. Polonaise Smotrych (cheese tasting). Picnic

Pip Ivan is a challenge for true adventure seekers.

A tour along mountain routes will allow participants of an extreme trip to feel their possibilities. The height of this mountain, which is also sometimes called Black Mountain, is impressive — more than 2,000 meters. You can reach the top by different routes, but all of them pass through picturesque meadows, where breathtaking landscapes open up. The hike to Mount Pip Ivan will begin in the village of Dzembronya. This path is recognized as one of the most beautiful – with its own challenges, difficulties and advantages.

Polonyna Smotrych

Polonyna Smotrych is one of the most picturesque places in the Carpathians. Shepherds graze their flocks of sheep here. This is the place where you can see with your own eyes how authentic and extremely tasty cheeses of various varieties are made. The beauty here is simply incredible, because the meadow is at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level.


Rafting on Cheremosh / Active recreation in the Carpathians / ТИЖНЕВИЙ ЕКСТРИМ ТУР

Rafting on Cheremosh

9:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00-14:30 Rafting on Cheremosh

A steep and unpredictable mountain river traveling along the eastern slopes of the Carpathians promises to give the participants of this trip unforgettable impressions. It is here that you can feel the stormy energy and whirlwind of emotions. Rafting down the Black Cheremosh is a great challenge to the physical endurance and courage of the participants of the week-long extreme tour. An unparalleled feeling of adrenaline release and unique ecstasy from facing the natural elements are guaranteed. During your extreme vacation in the Carpathians, a wild mountain stream, green slopes, majestic rocks and crystal clear air await you.

15:30-16:30 Trout fishing at the trout farm


18:00-19:00 Museum of Hutsul magic

The Verkhovyn museum of Hutsul magic is a place full of unusualness and atmosphere. Here you can immerse yourself in unique stories about natural spirits and their specific coexistence with people. You can discover the secrets of understanding magical symbols and signs. And maybe even begin to believe in the existence of people with supernatural abilities. Here you will also find numerous fascinating artifacts and unusual exhibits. It is not without reason that the museum of Hutsul magic was included in the top ten most unique and most mysterious places in Ukraine.


Active recreation in the Carpathians / WEEKLY EXTREME TOUR / Carpathian horse trek

Carpathian horse trek

8:00-9:00 Breakfast

10:00-16:00 Horseback riding and trekking along the “Dovbush Barns” mountain range

Horseback trip to the meadow

This region is famous for its unique rocks, which once served as a place for ancient magical rites. Ukrainian rebels led by Oleksa Dovbush actively used these rocks as a shelter. Horseback riding will give you the opportunity to quench your thirst for the beauty of mountain forests and feel like a real traveler. In addition, participants of the extreme tour will be able to enjoy communication with horses.

Trekking along the “Dovbushevi komory” ridge

The famous Oleksa Dovbush and his friends hid here. The place is shrouded in mysticism and legends, with a bitter aftertaste of love for the native Motherland, and an endless fighting spirit. The impenetrable fog will envelop you in a thin veil of mystery, through which only a few mysterious rays will show you the right way to the hiding places of the sprays. Huge stone blocks will hang over anyone who stumbles here, warning of danger, and a dark green carpet of moss can at any moment open its arms into a deep abyss.



Cycling trip

8:00-8:30 Breakfast

10:30-15:30 Bike tour “Yablunytske vidnokolo

Are you ready to cover 24 kilometers on a two-wheeled horse? No, this is not a competition! This is an exciting, but not too easy excursion, which summarizes a week-long extreme tour of the unforgettable corners of Western Ukraine.

This lively bike tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking mountain views and capture them in photos. The cycling route runs along mountain and paved roads, so you will have to cover a considerable distance. Dense Carpathian forests, crystal clear lakes and rivers, magical trails and Hutsul manors await you.

15:30-16:30 Lunch
21:00 Lviv (return to the railway station)

Tour price: UAH 12500 /person
The price of the tour includes:
– 3 meals a day;
– accommodation;
– travel by a comfortable Euro-class bus;
– escort of a tour guide;
– group insurance;
– excursion service in museums;
– entrance tickets;
– all attractions.
Additionally paid:
– personal expenses and souvenirs;
– Surcharge for single accommodation: UAH 1,500.


Food during the tour: breakfasts and dinners at the hotel, and we organize lunches during the excursion program in local and proven food establishments.


2 nights — hotels in the village Podzamochok (Ternopil Region) and 4 nights — a hotel-type manor in Verkhovyna.

What to take with you on a week-long extreme tour?

– Comfortable hiking shoes;
– a jacket (preferably a windbreaker);
– the sweater is warm;
– hat;
– raincoat;
– swimming suit;
– gloves for alloying;
– water shoes (flip-flops, corals);
– A small backpack for hiking (for drinking water and sandwiches).

Will you have time to rest after the excursions as part of the Extreme tour? What entertainment alternatives can there be besides scheduled excursions?

Extreme tour is a more relaxing type of travel, in which we have carefully taken into account the need for a few hours every day for additional activities or simply for relaxation. For example, as part of our trips, the participants went trout fishing, used the services of bathing in tanks, made additional visits to the museum of the Hutsul region, and in almost every stop there were initiatives to spend time in the hotel – for example, picnics with barbecues.

Active recreation in the Carpathians – adrenaline trips

7 DAYS OF EXTREME | active recreation in the Carpathians

Active tours occupy one of the leading positions among the preferences of lovers of mountain nature and those who like a dose of adrenaline. You don’t have to choose a rafting tour on a mountain river or get behind the wheel of an ATV for the first time – sometimes it’s enough to go on a horseback trip along picturesque trails to fully restore your strength. But if you are one of those who are attracted by intrigue and risk, the Carpathians are real gold for you! Rafting on Black Cheremosh, for example. Or can you leave the usual hiking treks and try extreme bike rides? Thus, rest among the Carpathian landscapes will turn into an unforgettable adventure.

Are you tired of the everyday rhythm and dream of how to throw away all the fatigue and city hustle and bustle? Then you should come to us!

We are waiting for a week full of adventures and colorful impressions, a rush of adrenaline, a pleasant company of friends, as well as a 100% rest charge! Spend your summer in the unsurpassed Carpathians, traveling through raging mountain streams, riding horses, using bicycles to conquer mountain peaks, and exploring ancient fortress ruins and descending into caves. You can feel all these charms during a week-long extreme tour in the Carpathians.

Get an adrenaline rush from a rapid rafting, enjoy a fabulous trip to the Polony Mountains, conquer the glorious Hoverla, hear the singing of mountain streams and waterfalls, experience the magic of mountain climbing in the mountain meadows and taste the Carpathian delicacies – all this will immerse you in the world of relaxation, help you gain health and energy and bright emotions for the whole next year!

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