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Departure datesevery saturday

One-day excursion from Uzhhorod

Price: 750 UAH

An excursion to Synevyr PEARLS MIZHHIRYA will reveal to you the magical world of nature of the Carpathian Mountains. You will visit the high mountain lake Synevyr, which is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. The fascinating Carpathian waterfall Shipit, the water from which falls from a height of fifteen meters, awaits your enthusiastic contemplation. You can reach the top of the Gimba mountain by cable car, which offers a grand panorama of the Borzhavsky Highlands from a height of 1,300 meters. In the bear rehabilitation center, you will get to know the owner of the Carpathian Mountains, represented on the coat of arms of Transcarpathia – the brown bear. As part of an excursion to Synevyr, you will immerse yourself in the world of culture and history of Transcarpathian Hutsuls, whose colorfulness and originality will take your breath away. → all tours from Uzhhorod

Excursion to Synevyr from Uzhhorod «PEARLS MIZHHIRYA»



Cost: Tour price: UAH 750 /person
Duration: 1 day (08:00 – 22:00)
Departure dates: 08.07 / 15.07 / 22.07 / 29.07 / 05.08 / 12.08 / 19.08 / 26.08 / 02.09 / 09.09 / 16.09 / 23.09 / 30.09…
Group meeting: Uzhhorod, in the square in front of the UzhNU Chemical Engineering Faculty, str. Pidhirna, 46 (city center)
Mukachevo, near the Mukachevo State University, Uzhgorodska St., 26
Route: Uzhgorod – Mukachevo – Volovetsky Pass – Synevyrska Polyana village – Pylypets village – Mukachevo – Uzhhorod
ПКTour code: 82427
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

The tour program shows approximate times. The company reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent ones. The company is not responsible for possible road delays and weather conditions.


08:00 – departure from Uzhgorod, gathering of the group in the square in front of the chemical engineering faculty of UzhNU, str. Podhirna, 46 (city center).
08:45 – departure from Mukachevo, gathering of the group near the Mukachevo State University, 26 Uzhhorodska St.

We are heading to the amazing mountainous region of Transcarpathia – Mizhhirshchyna. And on the way, we will pass through four legendary and stunning districts of the Transcarpathian region: Mukachivskyi, Svalyavskyi, Volovetskyi and Mizhhirskyi. A stop awaits you in Synevyrska Polyana on the territory of the Synevyr National Park, where we will visit Lake Synevyr and the rehabilitation center for bears.

Rehabilitation center for bears

The coat of arms of Transcarpathia depicts a brown bear, which has been the owner of the throne of the Carpathian mountains since time immemorial. More than 10 peaceful bears, wandering behind a small metal grid, have quietly settled in the shelter, which is spread over a green area of ​​12 hectares. This territory is reliably guarded by an electric shepherd. In Ukraine, this complex is a pioneer and still remains the only one of its kind, which guarantees an influx of new residents.

bus excursion to Synevyr

Lake Synevyr

Your attention will be captured by the magical high-altitude lake Synevyr, spread among ancient Carpathian spruces. Located at an altitude of 989 meters, the lake rightly ranks among the seven wonders of Ukraine. The depth of the reservoir reaches 24 meters, and the water area occupies 4-5 hectares. The name of the lake emerged from the depth of the amazing legend about the love of Sina and Vir, in honor of whom two huge carved figures stand majestically near the lake. Human wisdom says: if two people met and fell in love on Lake Synevyr, they will have an inseparable and unbreakable love for the rest of their lives.

After enjoying the unsurpassed beauty, it’s time to strengthen your strength! A delicious lunch is waiting for you in a Hutsul house, where guests are fed with authentic Transcarpathian national cuisine!

Shipit waterfall

Your next discovery is the high-altitude Shipit waterfall, whose magical panoramic sight will leave no one indifferent. The waterfall is mesmerizing, when from a height of 15 meters, water cascades crash against the rock ledges with a rumbling noise. Fans of souvenirs will also find their joy here, because there is a bazaar nearby, where they sell a wide range of gifts from the Carpathian Mountains (herbal teas, tinctures, blueberry wine, mountain honey, dried porcini mushrooms and much more).

Climbing Makovitsa mountain

The excursion tour ends with an exciting ascent to the Makovitsa mountain, from a height of 750 meters, from where a majestic view of Mizhhirya and the amazing expanses of meadows can be seen. You will be taken to the top of the mountain by a chairlift, which will take 15-20 minutes to climb. At the very top, you will be greeted by a cozy cafe and an observation deck. Vivid emotions await you surrounded by boundless expanses of mountains, where the sky becomes closer, and the wind, smelling of mountain herbs, blows in your face.

Then we will return to Uzhhorod, a city that impresses with its charm and age-old history.

Return home (Mukachevo 21:15, Uzhgorod 22:00).

Tour price: UAH 750 /person
The price of the tour includes:
– travel by comfortable bus;
– escort of a tour guide;
– group insurance;
– excursion service at tourist facilities;
Additionally paid:
– Entrance tickets;
– lunch – or. UAH 150/person;
– lift on the cable car – 150 hryvnias/person;
– personal expenses and souvenirs;
Cost of entrance tickets:
– to the lake (60 hryvnias/person);
– waterfall (20 hryvnias/person);
– to a shelter for bears (60 hryvnias/person).
Borzhava polony

Polonyna Borzhava

Polonyna Borzhava is a heavenly place that should be seen with your own eyes. Polonyna Borzhava is vast sunny expanses that provide magical reliefs and fabulous landscapes. Polonyna has an unusual landscape – many peaks with different vegetation and steep slopes compete with each other for supremacy in the mountain composition. It is impossible not to notice the top of Gemba, the famous Plai and Velikiy Verkh, on which a trigonometric geodetic center with a coordinate system is installed.

Озеро Синевир, Закарпатье

Lake Synevyr, Transcarpathia

Lake Synevyr (another name is Morske Oko) is the largest and most beautiful lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is spread between the mountains, among the spruce forest at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. It is located in the Mizhhirsky district of the Transcarpathian region, in the mountain massif of the Inner Gorgans. Synevyr Lake is considered the pearl of the Carpathians and is the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Park. Its water surface has an area of 4-5 hectares, the average depth ranges from 8 to 10 meters, and the maximum reaches 24 meters.

Водопад Шипот, Закарпатье

Shipit waterfall, Pylypets, Transcarpathia

Shipit waterfall is located in a fabulously beautiful place. It is surrounded by a fragrant coniferous forest, silence and coolness. While walking in this beautiful place, you will hear the magical singing of birds, immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of the forest kingdom and suddenly hear the growing hum. This is the noise of Shipit waterfall. Its water jets burst from a 14-meter height, forming several magnificent cascades and dispersing the spray with a cloud of transparent drops. The views of tourists are truly fascinated by this unusual natural wonder.