Polonyna Borzhava – a heavenly place that is worth seeing with your own eyes

Polonyna Borzhava is vast sunny spaces that provide magical reliefs and fabulous landscapes. Stretching for 50 km in length, the polony is considered the longest in the Carpathians.

Polonyna Borzhava

The pearl of Borzhava is the green-topped steep mountain Sty

Polonyna has an unusual landscape – many peaks with different vegetation and steep slopes compete with each other for the championship in the mountain composition. One cannot fail to notice the top of Gemba, the famous Plai and Bolshoi Verkh, on which a trigonometric geodetic center with a coordinate system is installed. And that’s not all – there’s a lot of interesting stuff ahead.

Beech forests and single firs adorn the already beautiful views. In a quiet, flat valley, you can not only organize a picnic, but also have a good rest, drinking cold water from mountain springs. Berry glades dilute emerald landscapes with bright colors.

Polonyna Borzhava

Tourists really like Polonyna Borzhava for its accessible routes, fresh air and fabulous spaces. Behind the noisy river Borzhava, which snakes through mountain gorges and flows into the Tisza. “Blackberry Paradise” is another name for the famous Polonyna. Green lawns are densely covered with blueberries, blueberries and lingonberries.

Polonyna Borzhava - Yafina

It is impossible not to say about beautiful waterfalls with transparent ice water. The famous Shipot waterfall has a magical power that attracts travelers from all over the world. Legends are written about the waterfall, its unique landscape became an inspiration for artists.

The famous Shipot waterfall

Dense valleys, powerful ridges and mysterious gorges harmoniously look like a work of art by a talented artist. Gray curly clouds of flocks of sheep move sleepily on a green strand, the melodious sounds of trembits drift by. The non-man-made picture and bright landscape of the meadow amazes every tourist with its uniqueness.

Tourist Carpathians warmly welcome guests, treat them to Hutsul dishes, delicious drinks and give a sea of unforgettable impressions

Nature has given Ukrainians real masterpieces that can be enjoyed endlessly. No matter how much one writes or talks about the natural wonders of the Carpathian valleys, it is impossible to convey all the beauty of this magical land in words. You must see everything with your own eyes. Non-man-made paintings, created by nature, amaze with their uniqueness, flash with different colors and beckon.

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