Slavske is one of the most popular ski resorts in Ukraine. It is located in the Lviv region, in a picturesque place on the slopes of Mount Trostyan. The resort offers more than 50 km of tracks of various levels of difficulty, as well as developed infrastructure. Ski resort Slavske is an ideal place for winter sports lovers. There are tracks for beginners, experienced skiers and snowboarders, as well as tracks for freeride and snow parks.

Ski resort Slavske: skiing, tracks, recreation, prices

The village of Slavske, located in the picturesque Skoliv district in the Lviv region, rises 590 meters above sea level. In the first decades of the 20th century, this place was actively visited by tourists, in addition, additional trains, known as “ski-bridge”, were specially launched there. However, the events of wartime and the complex politics of the Soviet Union influenced its development. But since the 1980s, the resort “Slavske” again began to gain popularity among skiers and snowboarders of various levels. The reason for this was its advantageous location, the presence of numerous ski slopes and the breathtaking landscapes of the Beskids and Gorgan, which are covered with forests.

Ski resort Slavske

During your vacation at Slavske resort, you can enjoy local gastronomic delicacies, drink aromatic tea made from mountain herbs or taste mulled wine with spices. In addition, thanks to the constantly operating rescue services, recreation in Slavsky is not only pleasant, but also safe.

Ski resort Slavske – Tracks and lifts:

At the resort “Slavske” you will find a wide selection of ski trails, which are spread over several mountain slopes.

Mount Trostyan

Mount Trostyan, located 2 km from the center of Slavske village, has a height of 1235 meters and is home to 11 ski runs with a total length of 22 kilometers. More than half of them have received certification from the International Skiing Federation (FIS), which indicates a high level of complexity and service sufficient for holding international competitions. On the upper part of the mountain there are tracks for experienced skiers, while on the lower part there are routes for beginners. The steep slopes (40−50°) at the top are classified as intermediate to high difficulty trails, while the gentler trails (30−40°) at an altitude of 1,050 meters are intended for beginners and amateurs.

Mount Trostyan, Ski resort Slavske

FIS certified tracks include:

  • 2 slalom tracks,
  • 2 tracks for super slalom,
  • 2 tracks for super-giant slalom.

The following ski lifts operate on Mount Trostyan:

  • chairlift – 2750 meters,
  • bugelny (Central 1) – 1100 meters,
  • bugelny (Central 2) – 1150 meters,
  • Bugelny (Northern) – 1300 meters,
  • Bugelny (Upper Western) – 900 meters,
  • bugelny (Midwestern) – 1000 meters,
  • Bugelny (Nizhny Zahidny) – 700 meters.

Mount Pohar

The peak of Pohar, which is the second most popular mountain of the ski resort “Slavske”, is located not far from the center of the village. Its height is 875 meters. There are 3 ski tracks classified as medium and high difficulty leading from it. Snow cannons are installed on Mount Pohar and snow plows are in operation, tamping snow in the morning and in the evening. In addition, there is lighting on the “KarpatLyzhSport” track, which makes night skiing possible, but it is activated if there is a sufficient number of skiers. Both beginners and experienced skiers can find a track here, as well as slalom and giant slalom competitions.

Mount Pohar Ski resort Slavske

The following lifts operate on Mount Pohar:

  • armchair – 1060 meters,
  • steeplechase – 700 meters,
  • multilift – 100 meters.

Mountain Kremin

For beginners, the ski resort “Slavske” offers Mount Kremin. There are 2 lifts on it: the shorter “Polytechnic” (from the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”) and the longer “FMI” (from the Institute of Physics and Mechanics). The tracks here are soft and do not have sharp descents, their length varies from 600 to 1000 meters, which makes them ideal for beginner skiers.

Lifts on Mount Kremin:

  • bugle (Polytechnic) – 600 meters,
  • bugelny (FMI) – 1000 meters.

Mountain Menchul

Mount Menchul (also known as Warsaw) is located near the village of Grabowiec, which is only 8 km from Slavsko, and has a height of 1072 meters. The tracks on this mountain are designed mainly for experienced skiers due to hilly descents and frequent sharp turns. Menchul is an excellent choice for those who find the tracks “Polytech” and “FMI” too easy, but are not yet ready for the challenges of Trostyan. There are 4 tracks here: 3 of them are of medium difficulty and are located in Grabowka, while 1 highly difficult track is located in Warsaw. Although the mountain is far from the main base of the “Slavske” ski resort, this is compensated by shorter lines to the lifts.

Lifts on Mount Menchul:

  • steeplechase – 850 meters,
  • steeplechase – 1000 meters.

Vysoky Verkh

For the “Slavske” resort, Vysoky Verkh mountain (also known as Zakhar Berkut with the hotel of the same name) is a kind of compromise. Its height is 1245 m, and there are 9 tracks with a length of 700 to 1800 meters on its slopes. The mountain is located not far from Slavsky, about 5 km from the village. Here are tracks for skiers and snowboarders of all levels: from gentle for beginners to difficult for experienced. It should be noted that strong winds often blow on the top of Vysokye Verkh due to the lack of forest cover.

Zakhar Berkut Vysoky Verkh Ski resort Slavske

The following lifts operate on the mountain:

  • chairlift – 2710 meters,
  • steeplechase No. 1 – 700 meters,
  • bugelny №2 – 750 meters,
  • steeplechase №3 – 800 meters,
  • multilift – 250 meters.

Queues for lifts on weekdays are approximately 15 minutes, and on weekends – up to 40 minutes. Schedule of work of lifts: from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Slavsko rest

Ski resort “Slavske” offers not only skiing, but also a wide selection of other winter entertainment. You can enjoy walking on snowmobiles, try your hand at speed-writing, ride a sleigh or steamboat, as well as use the services of a local “taxi” on horses. Billiards, bowling, darts and discos are usually available in hotels. You will also find stalls with local drinks, herbal teas, Carpathian souvenirs and much more.

After an active day on “Slavsky” you can find accommodation for every taste and budget: hotels, cottages, private houses, among which the popular ones are “Aura Karpat”, “Bürger Trostyan”, “Zolota Pidkova”, “Pearl of Karpat”, complex ” Enchanted Carpathians” and others. The resort is complemented by the “Solodka Myt” spa salon, the “Maxim” training ground, equipment rental points, and a parking lot.

For those who want a change of scenery, you can visit Pysan Krynytsia – a cave with legends about Oleksa Dovbush, as well as the Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Park. The nature of the Carpathians and “Slavsky” radically changes from season to season, so it is worth visiting these places at least twice to appreciate their diversity.

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