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  • 5 палаців Львівщини

5 palaces of Lviv region + wine and cheese | from Lviv

  • Напрямок:
  • Тривалість: 1 день
  • Ціна: 495 грн

Departure dates: 18.02…

In the tour: 5 palaces of the Lviv region and cheese and wine tasting

Tour price:  UAH 495

For your attention, a one-day bus excursion “5 palaces of Lviv region + wine and cheese”, in which we will visit the palace and park complexes in Obroshino, Pustomyty, Tulygolovy, Veliky Lubin, and Vyshna. These are little-known, but very interesting tourist locations, especially for connoisseurs of architecture and natural beauty. Wine and cheese tasting is also included in the tour, so gourmets are also advised to join).

One-day bus excursion from Lviv “5 palaces of Lviv region + wine and cheese”

«5 palaces of Lviv region + wine and cheese»


Cost: Tour price: UAH 495 /person
Duration: 1 day
Departure dates: 18.02…
Route: Lviv – Obroshyno – Pustomyty – Tulygolovo – Veliky Lyubyn – Vyshnya – Mylchytsi – Ugry – Lviv (→ map)
Departure: Lviv, Prymisky railway station, str. Horodotska, 177 (800 m from the Main Railway Station)(→ map)
Tour code: 81698
Manager: +380689768840 (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp); etnosvitmanager@gmail.com

The tour program shows approximate times. The company reserves the right to change the number, order and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent ones. The company is not responsible for possible road delays and weather conditions.


Departure from Lviv (08:00)

Obroshino (palace, park and mini-zoo)

The ancient village of Obroshino attracts with its unique palace ensemble in the Rococo style, which belonged to the Roman Catholic archbishop (1730), and is located in a picturesque arboretum planted with unique tree species. This place attracts not only children, but also adults, offering an inspiring walk along a cozy hornbeam alley that leads to a charming mini-zoo where spotted deer live.

Pustomyti (palace, park and hydrogen sulfide spring)

Pustomity – this name is found in ancient records, referring to the village, which has been known since 1417. It was here, among the fragrant apple orchards, that such outstanding people as Metropolitan Volodymyr Sterniuk, poet Volodymyr Oleiko and writer Lyubko Deresh were born. A famous landmark of classicist architecture is a 19th-century palace surrounded by a mysterious park, almost two centuries old, designed in the English style. In its time, there was a famous balneological sanatorium here. Ancient Petrakhiv impressed with its sights: a church, a school built in the spirit of constructivism, boarding houses, villas and landscape park ensembles. And until now, healing water flows picturesquely into the valley, but where did the famous resort go?

Tulygolovo (palace and park)

The famous architects F. Felmer and G. Helmer, creators of the Chernivtsi and Odessa operas, designed the magnificent Neo-Renaissance Bala Palace (1899) here, and the former church of St. Dorothy (1600).

Veliky Lubin (palace, park and lunch)

In the picturesque village of Velikiy Lyubyn, located not far from Lviv, there is a special neo-baroque palace. The history of its founding has been lost in time, but despite numerous reconstructions, it continues to enchant guests with its unique beauty.

Vyshnya (palace, outbuildings and park)

A majestic Neo-Renaissance palace built in 1835. This architectural masterpiece was the property of Oleksandr Fredru, a Polish dramatist-genius and grandfather of the famous Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi. The park surrounding the palace hides an incredible tree – hornbeam oak, whose branches are covered with leaves of both oak and hornbeam. Within the walls of this palace, the museum of the Fredry-Sheptytskyi, which represents historical value, is open.

Mylchytsy (excursion and tasting at the “Pumpkin Paradise” cheese factory)

We invite you to a magical place created by the couple Igor Reva, a dentist, and Solomiya Bratakh, a pianist. They decided to abandon the city bustle of Lviv in favor of a peaceful life in the midst of nature. In the picturesque village of Mylczytsi, they restored an old Austrian school and turned it into the “Pumpkin Paradise” cheese factory. Here you can taste ten types of original cheeses, as well as locally made jams, syrups and sauces, prepared without the use of chemical additives. The hospitable owners will gladly give a tour, show and tell about the process of making, ripening and storing cheeses. They also organize tastings so that everyone can try, enjoy and buy these exquisite products.

Ugry (wine tasting)

Although it may seem incredible, the “Friend’s Winery” is located not far from Lviv. European grape varieties are grown here, from which exceptional wine is created. Its taste characteristics are not inferior to wines made in Transcarpathia or Odesa. For wine connoisseurs with a taste for choosing drinks, red, rosé and white wines from such varieties as Aligote, Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot, Saperavi, Odesa Black and, of course, the local Dublyansky are offered.

Going home.
– Lviv (return at 21:00).


Tour price: UAH 495 /person

– For participants of DB/OOS (with ID): 30% discount from the cost of the tour;
– Children up to 6 years old (inclusive): free of charge (when accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus and during accommodation);
– Children from 7 to 12 years old (inclusive) and persons with disabilities of the I and II groups (with a certificate): UAH 50/person (from the total cost of the tour).
The price of the tour includes:
– travel by comfortable bus;
– escort of a tour guide;
– excursion service in tourist facilities;
– travel insurance.
Additionally paid:
– entrance tickets to tourist facilities;
– nutrition;
– tastings;
– personal expenses and souvenirs.

Cost of entrance tickets:

– Tasting of 6-8 types of cheeses in Mylchytsy: general, pensioner, student – 150 UAH
– Tasting of 5-6 types of wines in Hungary: general, pension, student – 120 UAH, student – 60 UAH. (juice instead of wine).


Lunch takes place in the cafe of the village. Great Love. Menu: signature vegetable soup, mashed potatoes with meat gravy, vinaigrette salad, soup and bread.

One-day bus excursion from Lviv “5 palaces of Lviv region + wine and cheese”


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